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Fixed Frame Windows Cost for Install & Replacement

Fixed-frame window prices are determined by the size of the window, its materials and accessories. All these details are discussed here to assist you in selecting fixed windows as part of a complete window package for your project. The fixed window price table below makes it easy to compare window costs with other popular types like Casement Windows, Double-hung Windows and Sliding/Gliding Windows.

Fixed Frame Window Features and Options

What is a fixed-frame window? As the name indicates, these windows don’t open. As you shop for fixed-frame windows, you’ll see them called fixed windows and picture windows. These are larger windows used by themselves or in a bay or bow window grouping. Accent windows and shaped windows are smaller windows that work well by themselves, like in a wall peak, or over other windows. For example, a half-round fixed window over a picture window of the same width is an attractive use of them.  You have two basic buying options when shopping for fixed windows.

Standard fixed or picture windows are pre-made and stocked for sale online and by home improvement stores. They’re available in a limited range of sizes, shapes and options such as color or finish and glass type.

Custom fixed-frame windows aren’t built until ordered by the customer, and wait-time on them ranges from three to ten weeks. Ordering custom windows allows you to select from a wider range of materials and options. The cost is slightly higher, but customizing your windows to fit your home’s décor and design is the advantage. When selecting fixed-frame windows, your options include:

  • Materials – Window frame choices are vinyl ($-$$$), wood composite ($$-$$$), fiberglass ($$-$$$) wood in several species ($$-$$$$) and wood with aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad exteriors ($$-$$$$).
  • Shape – Square windows and other rectangles are common, some with rounded tops, but fixed windows, especially accent windows, can be round, half-round, hexagonal and octagonal. Some have even more elaborate shapes such as quatrefoil.
  • Color and Finish – Vinyl and fiberglass are available in a limited range of frame colors; Wood offers more finish choices, and exterior cladding for wood frames is produced in many colors.
  • Glass, Grilles and Screens – Glass, called glazing, can be standard or insulated, tinted or textured for privacy or artistically designed. A selection of grilles is available to complete your custom picture window.

Custom windows can be built in larger sizes than these, but the most common fixed-frame window sizes are made in these ranges:

  • Height: 10” to 72”
  • Width: 10” to 72”

The ranges are the same, because fixed windows can be installed in either direction.

Pros and Cons of Fixed and Picture Windows

Fixed-frame windows (though not accent windows) cost less than those with sashes, especially rectangular windows with the same glass. Not having moving parts means they don’t wear out. These windows are a cost-effective way to increase natural lighting, and they are often used high on walls, in hallways or in a stairwell for this purpose. Picture windows are frequently included in bay window and bow window assemblies, often flanked by casement or double-hung windows. Accent windows with unique frame and window design are beautiful additions to any part of the home.

As fixed windows, they’re not a substitute for windows that open to allow ventilation and egress. Picture and accent window prices can be quite high for elaborate frames or artistic glass, and odd shapes will cost more to install if additional bracing is required.

Picture Window Prices and Accent Window Prices for 2019/2020

In this table, accent windows are priced separately because they are often costlier due to their artistic frames and glass

Fixed Frame Window Prices and Costs
Window Type Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Standard Vinyl $75-$400 $125-$650
Custom Vinyl $135-$550 $185-$800
Custom Fiberglass $225-$725 $275-$975
Standard Wood $150-$675 $200-$875
Custom Wood $225-$900 $275-$1,150
Standard Accent $125-$800 $250-$1,550
Custom Accent $175-$3,500 $300-$4,500
Notes: Some window materials are sold in custom-made lines only.

Factors that Affect Fixed-frame Window Cost

Replacement windows cost more to install than windows in new construction. There are two additional factors that impact fixed and picture window prices: Time of year and who you hire for the work.

In most regions of the country, there is a slow time of the year for window installers, and they often offer discounts during that time. In climates where it is too cold to install windows during the winter months, early spring and late fall can be times when installers are hungry for work. In warmer climates, the winter months can be slow. If you can plan your window installation for one of these times of the year, you might save on both windows and on installation. Be sure to get estimates up to 10 weeks ahead of time.

For installation, you have three general options:

  • A handyman service
  • A window company you hire
  • A window company hired by a general contractor you’re using as part of home remodeling

You’ll pay less for a handyman, but the quality of the installation might suffer, and it’s important that whoever you hire be licensed and insured. If a general contractor coordinates the installation, you will be charged a premium for the service. The most cost-effective strategy for getting quality installation at the best price is to request estimates from three window companies and let them know they’re competing for the work. This gives you a chance to learn about the companies’ track records for quality installation and ensures that you’ll receive a competitive estimate for installation.