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Welcome to our house window prices comparison website with comprehensive window cost and price lists for popular brands, materials and types of new and replacement window.

We have also recently begun developing a section specifically for siding prices and door prices, including patio, sliding, hinged, French and bifold doors. We collect, filter and display the pricing information you see on this website from prices obtained from our loyal reader project submissions and from various sources around the internet.

We also help you decide which are the best vinyl windows, best wood windows and best window brands, as well as helping you to learn all you need to know about window replacement.

Our online resource provides detailed price guide which allow customers to gain an overview and basic estimate of the likely cost of their new windows. In particular our guides give a breakdown of the costs and prices for new & replacement windows of all major types, including those through supply only and through supply & installation. Furthermore, we have estimated supplied and installed prices for many of the leading brands including Andersen, CertainTeed (now MI Windows), Pella, Marvin, Milgard and many more.

You can also explore prices, materials and brands for window types including single hung, double hung, casement, bow, bay and basement windows.

We have also created a simple window installation cost calculator to help you estimate the price of windows for your home. However, if it’s repair you’re looking for, then we also have a dedicated section for window repair cost factors for many types of repair jobs, which may be of interest to you.

We also offer a range of articles providing advice, topical news and guides, all found within the Window Price Guide Blog.

With the above said, welcome to the “Window Price Guide”, a comprehensive online resource helping you understand the costs & prices involved in window replacement.

Window Prices & Costs by Window Type

Windows are produced in many types or operational styles. And the differences are more than cosmetic. Each type functions uniquely in terms of ventilation and practical use.

Here are a few examples. A double-hung window’s upper sash can be slightly lowered at the top to exhaust warm air. The lower sash can be lifted a bit to allow in cool air. This functionality provides better ventilation than a single-hung or casement window. And casement windows are stylish but aren’t a good fit for use adjoining a deck or patio because they open outward. Awning windows allow you to keep the window open on warm, rainy days. Fixed windows are ideal for allowing in natural light at any level, especially high on a tall wall where opening the window isn’t realistic due to height.

You get the point. Each window type serves a purpose.

Windows By Type – We have price lists and complete project prices / estimates and breakdowns for all major types of windows.

So, whether you’re planning to buy the windows and install them on your own or hire a window contractor for the entire project, you’ll have complete, up-to-date and accurate price information. The cost of the window and the complete installed cost are usually given.

Here is the first example of the Window Price Guide tables of information outlining the estimated prices for the window only and installed cost of windows.

The prices are for the windows only. Installation labor for most windows except bay/bow and garden windows costs between $150 and $400 per window. Bay, bow and garden windows can cost $700 to $1,1500 or more for installation of the entire assembly. Basement window installation can cost as much if the window hole has to be cut into concrete block or a poured foundation wall.

*The standard window prices in the list below cover all quality levels, all materials, all sizes and all potential accessories such as grilles, exterior cladding, upgraded moldings, etc. Super-premium custom wood windows will cost more.

The Average (Ave. $) Price is for the most popular sizes in premium vinyl or midrange wood windows.

Window Prices by Window Types
Window Types Window Price Range (Ave. $)
Single-Hung Windows $165 – $1,500 (Ave. $835)
Double-Hung Windows $325 – $2,100 (Ave. $1,050)
Casement Windows $315 – $1,750 (Ave. $965)
Awning Windows $345 – $1,875 (Ave. $795)
Sliding & Gliding Windows $340 – $1,850 (Ave. $875)
Fixed-Frame Windows $340 – $1,875 (Ave. $950)
Bay Windows $1530 – $4,000 (Ave. $2,700)
Bow Windows $1540 – $4,150 (Ave. $2,825)
Basement Windows $220 – $1,525 (Ave. $975)
Garden Windows $770 – $2,900 (Ave. $2,250)
Basement Egress Windows $2,350 – $4,400 (Ave. $2,750)
Hurricane Windows $675 – $2,275 (Ave. $1,450)
Storm Windows $220 – $550 (Ave. $415)

Notes on Window Prices Table above:

*Storm Windows refers to a separate framed panel that inserts over an existing window to provide an extra pane of protection during normal winter weather.

*Hurricane Windows are full windows in a range of styles, new and replacement windows, that feature frames and impact-resistant glass designed for high-velocity wind zones like those found in Coastal regions subject to hurricanes.

*Fixed-window prices can be very high because fixed-windows with shapes and decorative wood frames and grilles are expensive.

Window Prices & Costs by Popular Brands

What are the best window brands?

The best window manufacturers include Andersen, Pella, Marvin and Harvey, brands that make the finest wood windows. Ply Gem, Simonton, Pella, Milgard, Window World and Champion make outstanding vinyl windows.

Jeld-Wen produces a little of everything from good to premium lines of vinyl and wood windows. Several brands including Andersen, Pella, Jeld-Wen, Milgard and Marvin offer all-fiberglass or fiberglass blend frames that are in some ways preferred to vinyl.

The Window Price Guide has window reviews of all those brands and many more – covering all major brands and many of smaller brands that are worth considering, if they are available in your area.

Windows By Brand – Our price lists and estimate tables outline complete project prices / estimates and breakdowns for windows from particular brands, manufacturers or companies. These prices include information showing the estimated prices for installation of main window types from each major brand.

If you’re ready to browse new construction and replacement windows from the best brands available, these links are a good place to start. Below them, you’ll also find links to comparison articles putting some of the top brands side-by-side for your consideration.

Window Prices by Window Brands
Andersen Windows Pella Windows Marvin Windows
Milgard Windows Simonton Windows CertainTeed MI Windows
Harvey Windows Window World Windows Ply Gem Windows
Champion Windows Jeld-Wen Windows Alside Windows
PGT Windows

What brand should we review next? Contact us with your suggestion!

Window Price Comparisons

Window Price Comparisons by Brands – Is Andersen better than Pella? Yes, when it comes to premium wood windows, though the Pella Reserve custom wood series is gorgeous and certainly worth a look. Pella makes a broader range of windows, if you want greater selection including vinyl and fiberglass.

That’s a snapshot of the window brand comparisons that go into far greater detail about window series, materials and, of course, prices for Andersen vs Pella windows and other comparisons.

This table provides links to window price comparisons of major window brands such as Andersen, Marvin, Pella, Jeld-Wen and more.

We are always adding to this list so be sure to check back often. Let us know what brands you would like to see compared! 

Window Price Comparisons by Brand
Andersen vs Pella Andersen vs Jeld Wen Marvin vs Andersen
Pella vs Marvin

Window Prices & Costs by Window Material

What kind of windows are you interested in?

Vinyl windows are the most popular windows in most neighborhoods. Wood windows are still considered the most premium option in any home. Fiberglass windows combine strength with the look of painted wood. Andersen makes an interesting composite called Fibrex. A few other brands, like Marvin Ultrex, have a proprietary blend too.

Aluminum windows are most common in coastal areas where lightweight strength is desired – and aluminum is not susceptible to coastal salt spray because it won’t corrode.

Use our Guides below to research and compare/contrast the window materials you are considering for your home remodeling or new construction project.

Windows By Material – Our latest price lists and tables provide an outline of house window prices by material, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, composite and metal window prices. We have provided detail cost breakdowns for all main manufacturers including Andersen, Marvin and more.

Window Prices by Material
Window Material Window Price Range (Ave. $)
Vinyl WindowsBest Vinyl Windows $465 – $1,450 (Ave. $825)
Wood WindowsBest Wood Windows $550 – $3,100 (Ave. $1,465)
Aluminum Windows $335 – $1,350 (Ave. $730)
Fiberglass Windows $525 – $1,975 (Ave. $890)
Fibrex Windows $450 – $2,165 (Ave. $965)

*Bay, bow, garden and basement egress windows cost more than the prices on the table.

*Installation is Extra ($150 to $400 for most window types).

Window Installation Guide – Our Installation Price List and Guide discusses the “in’s” and “out’s” of window installation. This includes providing average window installation costs for replacement and new construction windows. You will also find information on the factors affecting cost plus guidance on how to choose your window contractor.

Window Repair Prices by Repair Job Type

Can double hung windows be repaired? Yes, most can be. That’s true for casement, fixed and most other window types.

Are house windows worth repairing? Yes, if the windows are in good working condition and need minor repairs, then repair is a cost-effective approach vs window replacement.

These and similar questions are why we’ve prepared a Guide to House Window Repairs with the cost of common repairs.

Window Repairs – Our price list provides you with an overview for common window repair jobs. Window repairs include windowpane, sash and seal replacement.

Check out our full window repair cost guide for a breakdown of tips, DIY costs and cost factors likely to affect the cost of the work. It might help you decide whether to repair your existing windows or choose to have your windows replaced.

Here are common window repairs and their costs.

Window Repair Costs (Pro) by Repair Job
Repair Pro Cost
Pane Replacement $115 – $600
Replace Window Locks $75 – $200
Repairing Window Seal $50 – $150
Replacing 2-pane Assembly $135 – $350+
Replacing Window Sash $250 – $500+
Installing Sash Kit $225 – $400+
For DIY prices, see the full window repair cost guide.

Patio, Hinged, French, Sliding and Bifold Door Prices & Costs by Popular Brands

Did you know that many window manufacturers make matching doors for their premium window lines? Andersen Doors, for example, are produced in French/Hinged doors, traditional Sliding/Gliding doors and impressive door walls that can be folded and moved to the side.

Pella and Marvin also manufacture a selection of beautiful doors in a range of styles to complement their windows.

Door Prices by Brand – This pricing table is one of the newest additions to our website, it includes price lists for sliding, patio, hinged, French and bifold doors for the most popular brands on the market today. The pages give you essential information regarding each brand including the door series, door materials and types, as well as providing comprehensive cost breakdowns for each.

Door Prices and Costs By Brand
Marvin Doors Pella Doors Andersen Doors

Latest Window Project Submissions with Prices

Below are our latest prices provided by user submissions, view more project price submissions on each section of our price guide. Submit your project to the list.

User Submitted Window Prices – Most Recent Listed First
Location No Co. Series / Type Installed? Amount
Maryland 14 Andersen Fibrex Casement Yes $37,000
Toms River, NJ 1 Simonton 6500 Yes $4,812
Additional Notes:  6500 Bow Window-108″ across
Spokane Valley 7 Pella Impervia Yes $24,530
Winston Salem, NC 10 Pella 250 Yes $11,890
Additional Notes: Supply and installation of 10 x Pella 250 windows.
Houston, TX 1 Marvin Elevate Yes $6,500
Additional Notes:  2 double-hung bay ends ($1,150) and 1 bay center ($960) plus additional costs of the frame assembly ($1,800), extras ($590) and installation ($2,000). Sizes – Double-hung: 20″ W x 51″ H; Bay center: 70″ W x 51″ H.
Princeton, MA 8 Pella Pella Lifestyle Yes $17,500
Additional Details: 1 Sliding, 1 Casement, 6 Double-Hung. Glass type – Insulated low-E advanced low-E insulating glass argon non high altitude. Window Screens – Full screen in brown. Hardware Options: Cam-action lock, champagne, no limited opening hardware. Grille options – no grilles. Sizes – Double-hung: 21″ – 24″ W x 48″ – 62″ H; Casement: 105″ W x 62″ H; Sliding – 48″ W x 30″ H.
Independance, MO 19 Andersen Renewal By Andersen Yes $42,000
Additional Details: 18 windows and 1 patio door. Including 13 double-hung windows, 1 gliding window, 1 patio door and 4 casement windows. Glass type – Windows with high performance sun glass. Grille options – no grilles. Window Screens – TruScene full screen. Hardware – stone hardware. Sizes – Double-hung: 28″ – 40″ W x 65″ H; Casement: 22″ W x 70″ H; Gliding: 70″ W x 79″ H.
Munster, IN 15 Marvin Ultimate Yes $16,404
Additional Details: Marvin Ultimate casement (clad) windows, 15 windows with installation included.
Bloomington, IN 17 Marvin Infinity Yes $58,000
Additional Details: 8 casements (2 double casements, 1 single casement, 1 triple window {L&R casement with center fixed glass}), and 9 double hung (3 double window units, 3 single window units). Price was for factory color both interior and exterior (white interior, light tan color exterior, white hardware, and the i89 glass {top end}, no window dividers or other options.
Grand Forks, ND 7 Pella 200 / Casement, double-hung, other Yes $24,570
Additional Details: Large living room casement window, large casement kitchen window, 2 larger bedroom double hung windows, 3 other windows. $20,035 supply, $4535 installation.
Indiana, IL 11 Pella 850 Architectural Yes $21,999.53
San Diego, CA 15 Milgard Tuscany Slider, Picture and Doors Yes $11,000
Walnut, CA 22 Renewal by Andersen Unknown Yes $50,000
Baltimore, MD 9 CertainTeed MI Casement Yes $3,600
MI 17 Ply Gem Double Hung, Casement Yes $8,500
Boston, MA 17 Harvey Tribute Yes $5,950
Sacramento 9 Simonton Single Hung Yes $6,800
Sacramento 9 Milgard Single Hung Yes $5800
Chicago, IL 11 Window World Double Hung Yes $4,620
Nappanee, IN 23 Window World Double Hung Vinyl Replacement, 4000 Series Yes $4,025
Evansville, IN 25 Window World Unknown Yes $7,429
1 Unknown Egress Window Yes $4,500
New England 15 Harvey Slimline Yes $6,700
Portland, ME 19 Pella Designer Yes $49,676
Seattle 3 Milgard Tuscany Yes $12,000
Rochester, NY 9 Andersen Renewal Yes $19,000
Indiana, IL 15 Marvin Ultimate Casement Clad Yes $14,000
Indiana, IL 2 Marvin Infinity Sliding Doors Yes $12,600
Indiana, IL 17 Marvin Infinity Yes $58,000.00
Petaluma, CA 5 Marvin Integrity & Ultimate No $5071.39
Rochester Hills, MI 21 Andersen 100 No $6,911.24
Elizabeth, NJ 1 Andersen Double-Hung Window Yes $1,437
Detroit, MO
4 Marvin Not Submitted Yes $12,700
Cottage Grove, MN 7 Marvin Wood Ultimate Glider Yes $10,000
Fermont, Ca 2 Marvin Integrity No $2,198
 Charlotte, NC 11 Pella Casement Yes $22,000
Fermont, Ca 2 Marvin Integrity No $2,198
 Westchester, NY 22 Marvin Ultimate Yes $35,200
Charlotte, NC 5 Andersen Double Hung Yes $7,700
 Phoenix, AZ 3 Andersen 200 Yes $2,104
 Newark, NJ  20  Marvin  Infinity  Yes $26,000
Sacramento 9 Alside 700 Yes $5,200

Within all of the main sections of the Window Price Guide website you will find prices for window replacements which have been submitted by users from around the United States, this includes prices ranging from small projects all the way up to complete home window replacements. The user submitted information contains information detailing the project price, brand of windows used, date completed and any other information which may be useful. We encourage all of our readers to submit their own project details using our quick submit form, so that it can be shared with future visitors to our website.

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