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CertainTeed MI Window Prices & Costs For Installation And Supply

Our CertainTeed MI Window Prices guide provides a thorough review of Prices & Costs for all CertainTeed window series. You’ll also find an overview of the company and its history.

The CertainTeed MI Window Company

CertainTeed is respected in the industry for making some of the highest quality and top rated products. This includes high marks in the prestigious JD Power and Associates reviews. The company was founded in 1904 but only began making vinyl windows and patio doors in the 1980s. The name CertainTeed comes from the original company slogan: “Quality made certain. Satisfaction guaranteed.

In 2008, CertainTeed partnered with MI Windows to make the CertainTeed brand and distribute it throughout North America. Recently, MI Windows dropped the CertainTeed brand name from its products saying on the site, “While you will no longer find CertainTeed labels on our products, we have never stopped holding ourselves to delivering the high-quality, high-performing, trouble-free experience that one expects of a CertainTeed-branded product.”

CertainTeed MI Window Prices

All CertainTeed MI Windows are vinyl. The brand doesn’t make wood, fiberglass or composite windows.

The MI CertainTeed windows lineup has been totally revised. Gone are place names like BrynMawr and New Castle, replaced with numerical series names. For example:

  • BrynMawr is now the 1600 Series
  • New Castle is now the 1500 Series
  • Devon is now part of the 1600 Series
  • New Bridge single-hung window is now the 4300
  • New Bridge sliding window is now the 3580

But that’s just the beginning. As you’ll see below, MI Windows makes an enormous range of windows comparable to Ply Gem. And, frankly, MI Windows doesn’t do a good job differentiating one line from another. See the reviews of each of the MI Windows Series following the CertainTeed MI Window Prices table below.

Each series is available in a wide range of standard sizes to meet the requirements of most applications. Replacement windows can be ordered in custom sizes.

The window prices listed below are standard prices for the windows only. The prices do not reflect removal of old windows, installation costs, any optional extras you may choose or specialty finishes available on some windows. To find the exact costs for your window project, get a quick free estimate without any obligation.

Price Disclaimer: Note that many window companies supply their products through third party retailers and so the prices shown below may vary greatly from retailer to retailer and contractor to contractor. There are also many other factors which can affect window installation / replacement. We therefore recommend you use our system to find a contractor in your local area, who can give you a free accurate and personalized quotation.


In the table, “New” means the window is suitable for new construction projects.

MI Window Prices for All Series

CertainTeed MI Window Prices By Window Series
EnergyCore (EC) New & Replacement Vinyl Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
EC140 Awning Windows $360 – $675 High
EC147 Casement Windows $375 – $800 High
EC150 Single-hung Windows $320 – $795 High
EC155 Picture Windows $290 – $1,000 High
EC160 Single Slider Windows $335 – $850 High
HomeMaker (HM) New & Replacement Vinyl Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
HM140 Awning Windows $335 – $650 Med-High
HM147 Casement Windows $345 – $750 Med-High
HM150 Single-hung Windows $300 – $680 Med-High
HM155 Picture Windows $270 – $935 Med-High
HM160 Single Slider Windows $310 – $800 Med-High
1200 Vinyl Replacement Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
1255 Single-hung Windows $215 – $495 Low
1255 Picture Windows $190 – $515 Low
1280 Single Slider Windows $220 – $465 Low
1300 Vinyl Replacement Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
1355 Picture Windows $225 – $750 Low-Med
1355 Single-hung Windows $240 – $600 Low-Med
1500 Vinyl New & Replacement Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
1555 Double-hung Replacement Windows $400 – $650 Medium
1556 Double-hung New Construction Windows $400 – $650 Medium
1556 Picture New Construction Windows $335 – $825 Medium
1600 Vinyl New Construction & Replacement Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
1620 Single-hung Windows $330 – $600 Medium
1630 Single Slider Windows $335 – $590 Medium
1650 Double-hung Replacement Windows $390 – $735 Medium
1650 Extreme Double-hung Replacement Windows $440 – $815 Medium
1650 Picture Replacement Windows $350 – $865 Medium
1665 Awning Replacement Windows $425 – $750 Medium
1675 Casement Replacement Windows $440 – $695 Medium
1685 Double Slider Replacement Windows $440 – $800 Medium
1695 Basement Windows $315 – $510 Medium
3500 Vinyl New Construction & Replacement Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
3500 Picture Windows $395 – $900 Medium
3500 Single-hung Windows $335 – $780 Medium
3540 Picture Windows $415 – $935 Medium
3540 Single-hung Windows $360 – $715 Medium
3580 Single Slider Windows $350 – $710 Medium
4300 Vinyl New Construction & Replacement Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
4300 Picture Windows $450 – $1,000 Med-High
4300 Single-hung Windows $375 – $825 Med-High
4340 Picture Windows $490 – $1,075 Med-High
4340 Single-hung Windows $390 – $750 Med-High
Pro 5000 New Construction & Replacement Vinyl Windows Installed Cost Budget Level
Pro 5500 Single-hung Windows $445 – $900 Med-High
Pro 5610 Picture Windows $420 – $1,150 Med-High
Pro 5800 Single Slider Windows $450 – 815 Med-High
9000 Vinyl New Construction Windows Unit Price (Supply Only) Budget Level
9660 Awning Windows $490 – $875 High
9770 Awning Windows $515 – $925 High

CertainTeed MI Windows Price Lists

Here is a detailed breakdown of the various windows by type – Casement, awning, double-hung, etc. Average Prices are Used. See Complete Price Ranges Above.

Material/Series Window Price
Installed price
Casement Windows
EC147 $480 $625
HM147 $445 $600
1675 $400 $550
Single Hung Windows
1255 $315 $455
1355 $330 $560
1620 $355 $585
3500 $390 $600
3540 $430 $615
4300 $425 $625
4340 $450 $635
Pro 5500 $425 $650
EC150 $460 $675
HM150 $445 $700
Double Hung Windows
1555 $445 $580
1556 $445 $590
1650 $475 $625
1650 Extreme $530 $685
Sliding Windows
1280 Single $310 $450
1630 Single $365 $525
1685 Double $535 $700
3580 Single $380 $535
Pro 5800 Single $400 $555
EC160 Single $440 $600
HM160 Single $425 $560
Picture/Fixed Windows
1255 $350 $475
1355 $365 $500
1556 $415 $520
1620 $440 $565
1650 $450 $590
3500 $510 $635
3540 $545 $680
4300 $580 $715
4340 $625 $770
Pro 5610 $660 $795
EC155 $645 $815
HM155 $600 $790
Awning Windows
1665 $390
9660 $465
9770 $480
EC140 $455
HM140 $430

Notes: These prices are for the average/medium size window. Not all window types are available in each series.

New Construction vs Replacement Windows

MI makes both – some lines are specifically new construction and others replacement, but many of the lines feature windows designed for either.

In new homes and additions, the window frame has a nailing flange that is fastened to the outside of the home – the home’s sheathing – using screws or nails. The advantage is that the window takes up less of the opening, so you have more glass area for more natural light and a better view.

Replacement windows fit into the existing opening, so the siding on the home doesn’t have to be disturbed. The frame takes up a little more of the space, slightly reducing light and the view.

New construction windows is the obvious choice if you are building new or if you are doing a complete makeover of the outside of your home.

More Information on the (formerly) CertainTeed MI Windows Product Range

Here is a short overview of the various series in what were until recently CertainTeed windows. Your window style options are listed for each. Whether they are new construction or replacement windows, or both, is mentioned in the heading for each.

Note that most series are Energy Star certified in three or all four US regions.

1200 Vinyl Replacement Windows

Options: Single-hung, Single slider and Picture windows

These affordable vinyl windows feature welded corners and beveled exterior edges to give you the largest view possible. There are several grille/grid patterns available in the 1200 Series. The picture windows are offered in a range of attractive sizes and shapes. The windows meet Energy Star requirements in most regions.

The 1200 vinyl windows are available in 3 interior and a dozen exterior colors – quite an excellent choice for an affordable vinyl window series.

1300 Vinyl Replacement Windows

Options: Single-hung and Picture windows

The color choices are more limited in this line – White and almond interiors and black matte and bronze exteriors. The windows in the 1300 Series are Energy Star rated in most regions. Choose the right glass for your climate or purpose – Low-E, HP Low-E, Tempered, Obscure and Argon-filled.

1500 Vinyl New & Replacement Windows

Options: Double-hung for either replacement or new construction and Picture windows for new construction

One of MI’s best-selling windows, it is Energy Star rated in all regions of the US. The warm-edge spacer boosts energy efficiency and improves the seal. Choose from a complete range of glass options including Low-E, Argon-filled and Tempered glass.

Two interior colors and 10 exterior tones are produced.

1600 Vinyl New Construction and Replacement Windows

Options: Single-hung, Single slider, Double-hung, Extreme Double-hung, Picture, Casement, Awning, Double slider and Basement.

MI’s largest collection of windows is a top seller too. Matching single-sliding and double-sliding doors are produced to complete the package.

The 1600 vinyl windows are manufactured in seven interior and 11 exterior colors, and the exterior beveled edge boosts the aesthetics of these midrange vinyl windows. The MI 1600 windows are Energy Star certified in all four regions of the United States.

3500 Vinyl New Construction and Replacement Windows

Options: Single-hung, Single slider and Picture windows

These are one of the brand’s highest performing windows. They offer excellent durability backed by a lifetime warranty. The construction features narrow frames for a better view and to allow in more natural light. The MI 3500 windows are certified Energy Star in all regions of the US.

Select from three interior and 11 exterior colors and a good range of energy efficient and high-performance glass packages. The windows come with your choice of six grid patterns, mostly between-the-glass options for true divided light.

4300 Vinyl New Construction and Replacement Windows

Options: 2 Single-hung styles and 2 Picture window styles.

These windows are a step up from typical builder-grade vinyl windows. They’re mid-priced and one of MI’s top selling windows to both homeowners and contractors.

The 4300 Series vinyl windows are Energy Star certified in all but the coldest climates. Three interior colors (white, almond and clay) complement five exterior colors (the same as the interior plus black matte and bronze). Choose from six glass options including Argon-filled, Low-E and Tempered.

Pro5000 New Construction and Replacement Vinyl Windows

Options: Single-hung, Single slider and Picture windows

Energy Star certified in all but the North region of the US, the Pro5000 MI vinyl windows are reinforced with metal throughout the frame for extra strength and durability.

Your color choices are limited to white and adobe, but these windows give you one of the selections of energy efficient glass packages including Argon, Low-E and LoE-340.

9000 Vinyl New Construction Windows

Options: 2 styles of Awning windows

These awning windows complement many other MI Windows series to enhance your ventilation options. The 9770 awning windows are Energy Star rated for all regions.

Five interior colors and a dozen exterior colors give you great options to customize the appearance of your windows. The hardware finish is color-matched to the frames you select.

EnergyCore Vinyl New Construction and Replacement Windows

Options: Single-hung, Single slider, Casement, Awning and Picture windows

While there is no double-hung window in this series, you still have plenty of options for putting together an attractive, high-performance window package. They are available for all new construction and replacement applications.

Energy Star rated for all regions, the EC or EnergyCore windows feature maximum insulation, enhanced seal, perimeter weatherstripping on the outside and a dual-compression bulb for an excellent seal against the elements.

Color options are white and adobe inside and out plus bronze as an exterior option. An EnergyCore multi-slide door is available too.

HomeMaker Vinyl New Construction and Replacement Windows

Options: Single-hung, Single-slide, Casement, Awning and Picture windows

The HomeMaker Series offers an affordable alternative to the EnergyCore windows from MI Windows. They are certified Energy Star in all but the North region.

The HM window series is available in white, adobe, almond and a few specialty colors like bronze and silver exteriors. Six glass options including Tempered and several energy efficient choices are available.

Visitor Submitted Prices For CertainTeed MI Windows

We are always collecting and collating our reader submissions, showing what our consumers have paid to have their CertainTeed windows supplied and installed into their home. Please be certain that any personal information which you submit to us will be removed before displaying it publicly here. Along with the project price paid we give you an idea of the geographical location, the type and number of windows as well as whether installation was included or if it was a supply only project.

Location / Year No Type Series Installed? Amount Average Per Window
Des Moines, IA – 2012 1 MWD Replacement Bay BrynMawr III Yes $2,350 $2,350
Baltimore, MD 9 Casement Unknown Yes $3,600 $400