Best Vinyl Windows, Replacement & New Construction Manufacturers in 2020

Who makes the best vinyl windows for the money, in 2020?

Vinyl windows remain the most popular type of window material in North America. The brands that offer you the best quality and selection are reviewed below.

Most make a selection of both new construction and replacement vinyl windows.

The best vinyl window manufacturers are:

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Some readers might wonder why Andersen isn’t on our list. Andersen makes wood windows and wood/fiberglass composite windows, but no vinyl windows.

What Makes a Good Vinyl Window?

Whether you’re shopping for the best new or best vinyl replacement windows, quality at a fair cost is the definition of a good value.

Each of these brands makes several series of vinyl windows. Sometimes the distinction is in quality – basic, better and best vinyl window series.

Often, style is the distinction.

The brands in this list also offer good selection of colors and options plus they offer solid vinyl window warranties.

The Best Vinyl Window Brands

We’ve produced full reviews of most of the brands on our list. We’ll link to them as we go.

Simonton Vinyl Windows

In business since the 1940s and now a Ply Gem brand, Simonton makes 10 vinyl window series.

See our Simonton Windows Review for full details. The brand adds and subtracts lines and rename them occasionally, so the website and our list might be slightly different. Also, several Simonton lines like Verona and Madeira are only sold in the Western US.

The best Simonton windows depends on what you’re looking for. Here are our recommendations:

Best Value: Simonton Asure Windows

These vinyl windows are available in double-hung, sliding and a variety of fixed window styles. White and Almond interiors/exteriors are offered. The accessory range, 3 hardware colors and 6 grid styles, for example, is somewhat limited, but you’ll be able to find something you like.

Most Popular/Midgrade: Simonton Impressions Window

These windows are offered in double-hung, 2 casement styles, awning, bay/bow and fixed options. You’ve got plenty of choices for color such as 10 exterior choices and gorgeous laminate interiors that use a photographic image of wood, just like laminate flooring.

Standard and premium hardware finishes, multiple grid designs and styles round give you the opportunity to customize your windows with your favorite options.

Premium: Simonton ProFinish Brickmould Windows

These are new construction windows designed to upgrade the appearance of any home. They’re installed in new construction and if you’re giving your home a complete exterior makeover including new siding. Popular styles are double-hung, casement in 2 styles, awning and several fixed window types.

Ply Gem Vinyl Windows

Ply Gem is an enormous player in the new and replacement windows industry. Among its 15+ series are 10 vinyl window lines. Here are the best Ply Gem vinyl windows in 3 categories.

Best Value: Ply Gem 400 Series Vinyl Windows

These aren’t the cheapest, but they are the best combination of low price and good quality. Both new construction and replacement 400 Series windows are produced. Single-hung, sliding and fixed windows plus geometric shapes are offered in 3 interior/exterior colors. 6 hardware color/style options are available, quite good for a “best value” vinyl window.

Popular/Midgrade: Ply Gem 2000 Series

The 2000 Series are replacement windows in double-hung, sliding, picture and geometric shape windows. White and Beige are offered. Glass options include Energy Star triple-pane glass sure to lower energy bills and insulating Low-E glass too. Seven grill options but just two hardware choices are available.

Premium: Ply Gem Premium Series

These are also are replacement windows. Five interior color choices three options with the appearance of genuine wood. Ten exterior colors and a good selection of grills and hardware styles/finishes complete an impressive collection of Ply Gem vinyl windows.

Pella Vinyl Windows

Pella windows are best sellers in part because they are heavily marketed. They’re very much on par with the other brands in quality – better than many, but the price might be higher. Encompass is the exception. It’s a very good value. There are full details in our Pella Window Review.

That’s why we recommend getting estimates from several window installers who can price 2-4 brands for you. As a consumer, options are good.

Best Value: Encompass by Pella Vinyl Windows

You’ll find Encompass windows sold off the shelf in home improvement stores at very competitive costs. If you order them from a local window company, your options increase. Single-hung, double-hung and sliding windows are produced in three colors and a handful of hardware/grill options.

Popular/Midgrade: Pella 250 Series

These are available in double-pane and triple-pane/Energy Star options.  Choose single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning and bay/bow windows. There are three interior colors and nine exterior colors, and you can choose different colors inside and outside.

Premium: Pella 350 Series

The best Pella vinyl windows are the most energy efficient windows Pella makes. They are offered in new construction and replacement windows. Pella 350 vinyl window styles are single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning and sliding windows.

Solid-color and dual-color frames are offered with 11 total colors available. Energy Star glass and the best selection of grills and hardware are part of the Pella 350 windows.

Milgard Vinyl Windows

Milgard doesn’t make cheap windows. They are all high-quality and midrange to expensive in cost. All Milgard vinyl windows are backed by a full lifetime warranty.

For all Milgard series, choose from 3 standard interior/exterior colors and 8 more premium exterior colors.

Best Value: Milgard Style Line Series

Milgard calls these windows “an affordable window solution with slim stylings and clean lines. You have a good selection of styles – single-hung, sliding, casement, awning and fixed rectangular and half-round.

Popular/Midgrade: Milgard Trinsic Vinyl Windows

This is a new line from Milgard, but already a top seller. Frames are narrower than average to improve the view. Single-hung, sliding and double-sliding (both sashes move), casement, awning and fixed/picture windows complete the series.

Premium: Milgard Tuscany Windows

Milgard’s top of the line vinyl window is produced in all standard styles. Energy Star glass packages are available. The windows feature Milgard’s SmartTouch locking, easy-to-open latches. These windows are designed for replacement and complete exterior makeover projects.

Window World Vinyl Windows

These might be the best vinyl windows you’ve never heard of. They’re highly rated for customer satisfaction – homeowners love them. We review them here.

All Window World windows are replacement vinyl windows, though they can be used in new construction.

The windows have a lifetime warranty that can be transferred once if you sell the home.

Best Value: Window World 2000 Series

These are available as double-hung windows only. They’re made in the US and backed by a lifetime warranty. They’re offered in White and Almond and a handful of grid options.

Popular/Midgrade: Window World 4000 Series

These top sellers are available in the most styles – double-hung, casement, awning and sliding. Your color choices expand to include interior woodgrain laminate finishes that look exactly like wood. There are four grid options including between-the-glass grids.

Premium: Window World 6000 Series

These are double-hung, slider, casement, awning and fixed/picture windows. Energy Star SolarZone glass makes them quite energy efficient.

A dozen-plus interior colors are offered including genuine wood looks. There are more than 20 exterior color choices.

Jeld-Wen Vinyl Windows

Jeld-Wen was once known as a cheap window brand. But it has improved both quality and selection. Here are the best Jeld-Wen display.

Best Value: Jeld-Wen Builders Vinyl V-2500 Windows

These come in single-hung, double-hung, sliding, bay/bow and fixed-shape styles. White is the only color option, and hardware/grid options are limited. While affordable, these windows have a lifetime warranty.

Popular/Midgrade: Jeld-Wen Brickmould Vinyl

These are actually premium windows in style, quality and cost. But we highlight them here because Jeld-Wen doesn’t make a huge number of series.

The frames on these windows are beefier than average to create a substantive, classic look. They are available in most window styles including double-hung and casement with two interior and four exterior color choices.

Premium: Jeld-Wen Premium Atlantic

As the name implies, these windows are designed “to stand up to harsh coastal climates with beauty and dependable performance.”

Choose from single-hung, casement, awning, sliding and several fixed styles. Two interior and three exterior colors including dark bronze are offered.

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