Wood Windows Prices – Itemized Window and Installation Cost


Average installed wood window cost is $250 to more than $2,500 based on many factors discussed below. They include window type and size, brand, extras and who installs the window.

This table shows wood window prices for the most common window types. It is itemized for just the windows and the installed cost.

Window Type Standard Custom (1) Installed Cost Ave. Installed Cost (2)
Single-Hung $185-$950 $325-$2,800 $310-$3,300 $650 per window
Double-Hung $240-$1,150 $400-$3,000 $315-$3,800 $735 per window
Casement $290-$950 $450-$2,000 $440-$2,300 $875 per window
Awning $265-$875 $400-$1,850 $420-$2,185 $830 per window
Sliding/Gliding $225-$1,000 $350-$2,750 $300-$3,250 $685 per window
Fixed $150-$675 $225-$900 $200-$1,150 $525 per window
Bay/Bow $800-$2,650 $1,100-$4,000 $1,125-$5,400 $2,225 per window
(1) Custom windows are rarely needed. See Cost Factors below for an explanation.
(2) Average installed cost is for standard windows. For custom windows installed, add $125 to $300 per window to the cost range in the Custom column.
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A table showing cost of wooden windows by brand is found below.

Wood Window Cost Factors

Cost factors fall into window factors, accessory factors and installation factors.

Window Factors

  • Quality of the Brand and Series: Most wood windows are considered good to premium in quality. However, large brands make several window series in basic/better/best fashion. For example, Andersen makes the 100 Series (basic), 400 Series (better) and Architectural Series (best). See the Wood Window Prices by Brand table below.
  • Window Size: Each window type comes in a wide range of sizes. For example, you can choose casement windows from about 13.5” to 36” wide and from about 18” to 72” in height. Single-hung and double-hung windows range from about 24” to 38” wide and 35” to 72” tall.
  • Window Type: The amount of wood, hardware and construction labor that goes into a window determines its cost. That is why fixed windows are the most affordable and casement wood windows are the costliest apart from bay/bow wood windows. If you’d like more details on a particular window type, hover over the Compare Window Prices tab, and click or tap your window selection.
  • Wood Species: Pine windows are the most affordable wood windows. Price varies by manufacturer for other popular options including Douglas fir, maple, white or red oak, hickory, walnut and mahogany. In some window series, pine is your only option. The most wood options are available in premium wood window series.
  • Finished/Unfinished/Primed: You can save money by finishing your own windows. Your options are to choose bare wood to stain or prime & paint or primed wood to paint. Not all window series offer all finish options. Finishing your own windows is recommended only for homeowners with experience in staining painting. Note: If you intend to hire a professional painter to finish your windows, you’ll pay quite a bit more in total costs for the windows and finishing than if you have the windows stained or painted at the factory.
  • Glazing/glass package: The glass you choose for your wood windows will have a major impact on cost. Simple low-E, double pane glazing is the base option in most window lines (avoid single pane glass) and costs the least. From there, you have glazing options that include glass coated specifically for your climate – to keep heat inside in cold climates or to reflect heat in warm climates. Triple pane is another option. Specialty glass such as tempered glass, shatter-proof glass and many tinted and/or obscured glass designs are available too.
  • Standard or Custom window sizes: Every brand makes windows in standard sizes. Basic and Better lines are often sold in home improvement stores in a limited range of options. Better and Best lines can also be ordered in standard sizes, which gives you the freedom to choose the wood species, finish, hardware, glazing and extras you want. In that respect, these windows can also be called semi-custom windows. There are three times to use custom size windows. First, if your window dimensions are non-standard. Secondly, if the height and width of the openings varies from top to bottom and/or side to side. These situations almost always apply to very old homes. A third reason for custom windows is that you want something very unusual for your windows. Custom windows cost 50% to more than 100% more than standard windows, as the table shows.
  • New vs Replacement windows: If you’re installing windows in new construction or replacing the siding on your home as part of a major remodel, then new windows cost less than replacement windows for the whole package – windows plus installation. When replacing existing windows without replacing siding, then replacement windows cost less.

Window Extras Factors

  • Hardware: Window companies offer two to ten or more hardware options depending on the window series. Some of the hardware choices are premium options with a higher cost. A rubbed bronze finish might cost more than white vinyl-coated hardware, for example. Some latch styles are upgrades too and cost more.
  • Cladding: Wood windows with vinyl or aluminum cladding cost 15% to 40% more depending on the window series. However, they will last much longer, so choosing wood windows with exterior cladding is a decision with good return on value.
  • Grilles: Your grille options range from just a few on basic window series to eight or more plus custom-made grilles on high-end lines.
  • Low-visibility Screens: These are available on a limited number of premium wood window series.
  • Enhanced Exterior Trim Profile (not available on all wood window series): Adding a trim profile will raise cost based on the profile you choose. The Andersen 400 Series, for example, gives the option of basic profile or seven enhanced profiles.
  • Blinds: Some premium series offer the option of including blinds or shades, some between glass panes, which never need dusting. However, they do raise cost.
  • Security Features: Andersen and Pella are among the brands that offer integrated security features such as sensors that work with smart home technology.

Window Installation Cost Factors

  • DIY or Pro Installation: You can save labor cost, $125 to $225 per window for most windows, by installing them yourself. If you do it right, you’ve earned the money you save. If installation is faulty, and the windows leak water or air or don’t operate properly, then DIY installation might be a costly mistake. It’s also possible that faulty installation will void the window warranty.
  • Your options for DIY vs Pro installation can be seen in Pella Windows. The company sells windows through home improvement stores, and many of those windows are installed by homeowners. Pella also has a network of authorized dealers and installers. Here is some perspective from Pella on DIY vs. Pro window installation.
  • Who You Hire: For pro installation, you have two main options. The more expensive choice is to contract with a home remodeling company or window specialty company for the windows and installation. The second option is to buy the windows yourself from a home improvement store and hire a handyman service or general contractor to install them. Hiring a window specialist or home remodel is often costlier, but you are more likely to have the windows properly installed than if you hire a handyman that might not have the same level of window installation experience.

Wood Window Cost by Brands

This table shows window costs for the leading wood window brands.

Prices are for the windows only, not installation. For all brands, installation costs $125-$225 for most windows. Bay and bow window installation costs up to $1,000 depending on the window combination and design.

Wood Window Andersen Marvin Milgard Pella
Single-hung $200-$725 $160-$695 $200-$350 N/A
Double-hung $225-$800 $290-$680 $240-$390 $130-$1,000
Casement $300-$1,000 $300-$720 $235-$360 $200-$1,600
Awning $325-$425 $220-$500 $175-$240 $100-$760
Sliding/Gliding $250-$925 $200-$775 $185-$310 N/A
Fixed $160-$500 $135-$615 $150-$250 $115-$900
Bay/Bow $1,565-$2,035 $1,400-$1,950 $1,125-$1,695 $1,500-$2,200
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Summary window cost tables for these and other brands is found on our Pricing page.

It Pays to Shop Around

Getting estimates from multiple companies is the best way to save money.

To show how prices for the same windows can differ, this table shows actual costs paid by homeowners and submitted for the benefit of our readers.

User Submitted Wood Window Costs
Example 1 Windows # of Windows Total Cost
Cost per Window
Homeowner 1 Andersen 200 3 double-hung $2,104 $701
Homeowner 2 Andersen 200 12 various $10,800 $900
Example 2 Windows # of Windows Total Cost
Cost per Window
Homeowner 1 Andersen 400 18 various $16,200 $900
Homeowner 2 Andersen 400 18 various $18,900 $1,100
Homeowner 3 Andersen 400 25 various $13,600 $544
Example 3 Windows # of Windows Total Cost
Cost per Window
Homeowner 1 Marvin Ultimate 22 various $35,200 $1,600
Homeowner 2 Marvin Ultimate 25 various $27,500 $1,100
Homeowner 3 Marvin Ultimate 15 various $8,550 $570
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Window sizes are unknown and probably account for some of the difference, but the main difference is in the contractors used to install the windows.

Using the option on this page to Request Estimates guarantees you’ll get estimates from licensed and experienced window contractors in your area. The contractors know that other companies are also providing estimates for the work, so the estimates you receive will be very competitive. The service is free to use, and there is no obligation to accept any of the bids you receive.

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