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Window World Prices & Cost for Windows Installed


This Window World Window Price Guide includes pricing, installation costs, window types and options and additional information for researching this window brand.

Window World window prices for the most popular windows are $535 – $1,125, with an installed average of about $800 per window.

Window World Prices for Main Window Series
Series Installed Cost Budget Level
Window World 2000 Series $480 – $950 Low
Window World 4000 Series $525 – $1,100 Medium
Window World 6000 Series (1) $655 – $1,290 High
Window World Garden $1,700 – $3,500 Medium-High
Window World Picture $350 – $1,285 Medium-High
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(1) 6000 Series Windows: These windows are identical to the 4000 Series windows with one exception – They are built with triple pane glass. 6000 Series windows are sold only in double-hung style and are chosen when Energy Star efficiency is desired and/or you wish to reduce noise transmission from outside. 6000 Series are not available everywhere. They might be offered near you if your winters are extremely cold.

Top Rated Windows

Consumer information research company J.D. Power gave Window World windows its second-place rating in 2020, the report released in early 2022. Andersen Renewal received a score of 890 followed by Window World with 883.

window world top rated

Update: In 2022, JD Power awarded Window World third place in the Retail sector behind Renewal by Andersen (876 points), Home Depot (876). Window World just missed tying for first with 874 points. 

In the 2018 study, J.D. Power said, “Window World ranks highest in customer satisfaction among window and patio door retailers and performs particularly well in price.”

In 2018, the Window World windows brand ranked ahead of Pella, the third-highest rated brand. Down the list were Marvin, standard Andersen windows, Milgard, Simonton, Jeld-Wen and all other brands.

An Overview of the Window World Window Company

There are two important points to be aware of when considering Window World windows. The only option is vinyl replacement windows:

window world HQ

Vinyl Only – Vinyl windows are the most popular and affordable. They offer excellent value – good performance and durability for the money spent. Window World windows are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Replacement Only – Window World does not make windows for new construction, per se. However, replacement windows can be used in new construction. The opposite is not true – new construction windows cannot be used in simple window replacement. The outside sheathing of the house must be free of siding to install new construction windows, since they are nailed to the sheathing.

Comprehensive Overview of Window World Window Prices

Window World makes a decent selection of window types, but a limited number of styles and series.

2000 Series Windows are affordable vinyl used by builders and homeowners on a budget. This series is only made in double-hung style.

40000 Series windows are Window World’s main series of windows. They are offered in one of the best ranges of colors of any vinyl window – Around 12 interior colors including woodgrain finishes and up to 20 exterior colors depending on the specific window type.

6000 Series windows are double-hung windows identical to the 4000 Series windows but with triple-pane glass that improves energy efficiency and better reduces sound transmission from outside.

Picture/fixed-frame, garden and bay/bow windows are not part of any series but stylistically go with either the 2000 Series or 4000 Series frames.

Window World prices vary slightly from place to place due to differences in the cost of living. For example, the cost of living is lower in rural Butler, PA than it is in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, so the franchise in Texas has higher prices than the franchise in Pennsylvania.

Below is a table with itemized Window World window prices. However, as noted earlier, Window World sells its windows as a package.

  1. They are available only from a Window World window and door franchise
  2. Customers buy the windows and installation in a package. Window World won’t sell you the windows for DIY installation. At least they are not supposed to, but there might be exceptions from franchise to franchise.

This table uses pricing from the most popular window sizes.

Window World Window Prices by Type
Double-Hung Unit Price (1) Installed
2000 Series $300 – $700 $440 – $875
4000 Series $390 – $925 $535 – $1,075
6000 Series $480 – $1,100 $615 – $1,290
Sliding Unit Price (1) Installed
4000 Sliding $390 – $740 $535 – $900
Casement Unit Price (1) Installed
4000 Casement $450 – $880 $590 – $1,025
Awning Unit Price (1) Installed
4000 Awning $380 – $810 $515 – $990
Individual Window Styles Unit Price (1) Installed
Picture/Shapes/Fixed $195 – $780 $330 – $925
Garden $725 – $1,745 $975 – $2,100
Bay/Bow $1,525 – $2,695 $1,900 – $3,400
(1) Window World windows are not sold separately. They are sold as a package with installation. We’ve broken it down for informational purposes.

(2) These windows are offered in the 4000 Series only

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The Window World Lines in Detail – Best Selling Lines

These highly rated windows are available in 3 double-hung series: 2000 ($), 4000 ($-$$) and 6000 ($$-$$$).

However, casement, awning and sliding types are only offered in the 4000 Series of mid-range windows. It is the most popular series because it gives customers the opportunity to choose multiple window types for their homes.

Here’s an overview chart. Details follow.

Series (1) Types (2)
2000 Series D
4000 Series D, C, A, SL
6000 Series D

(1) You might find other Series mentioned when researching online. However, these are the only current Series being sold and installed.

(2) Types: D=Double-hung, C=Casement, SL=Sliding, A=Awning, P=Picture, B=Bay/Bow

Window World Windows – The Details

There are three series. All have double-hung windows. Only the mid-range series includes other types.

Window World 2000 Series Replacement Windows

These vinyl windows are double-hung windows with basic good looks.

Types: Picture windows and architectural shaped fixed windows are also available.

Style: White and Almond frames are available. The windows are designed with clean lines that allow maximum light to enter.

Cost: These are entry-level windows with very competitive pricing.

Insulated and non-insulated options are available. Upgrading to an insulated frame costs $40-$70 per window. The upgrade is recommended for warm and cold climates. Since windows are the single largest cause of winter heat loss and summer heat gain, the insulation will pay for itself over time.

Options: In addition to standard low-E double-pane windows, Window World offers two Energy Star glazing packages. SolarZone is designed for Northern climates. It allows sunlight to warm the home while limiting heat loss from inside the house to the outside.

SolarZone Elite is designed for any zone. The double-pane glass has a high-performance Low-E coating on the inside of the second pane to reduce heat penetration.

Both windows feature argon gas between the panes, which are ¾” apart. This provides an excellent air gap for insulation.

Window World 4000 Series Windows

These mid-level vinyl windows are the most popular and give you the most options.

Types: Window World makes this series in double-hung, casement, awning, sliding and picture/shape windows.

Style: There’s plenty of flexibility in putting together a stylish package of windows. As noted, you have more than a dozen color options for both the interior and exterior of the frames. These include several oak-like laminate grains, maple and cherry.

Cost: These are midrange in cost. See the tables above.

Options: The same glass options are available as in the 2000 Series – SolarZone and SolarZone Elite.

Window World has three grid types – simulated divided light and two genuine divided light options with grids between windowpanes. There are four grid styles including Colonial and 6-lite perimeter grids.

Window World 6000 Series Windows

Window World uses the 4000 Series vinyl frame for 6000 Series windows. The insulated frame has an R-5 insulating value. What’s different is the use of triple-pane insulating and sound-dampening glass.

Type: These are double-hung vinyl windows.

Style: Beefy frames give the window substance. The solid-vinyl, multi-chambered frames filled with foam improve insulation.

Cost: This is Window World’s premium window. As such, cost is the highest among the series.

Options: The Window World 6000 Series windows have the same interior and exterior color choices as the 4000 Series windows.

Triple-pane glass is standard on this series. In fact, it is the only difference between these and the 4000 Series. Window World calls it the SolarZone TG2 Elite package. It meets Energy Star certification in all zones. Both air gaps are filled with argon gas, and low-E coatings are used on the interior and exterior panes.

Simulated divided-light interior grids and genuine divided-light grids between windowpanes are offered. You have a choice of four grid styles.

DIY Isn’t an Option – Window World Windows Plus Installation

Window World, like Champion windows and Renewal by Andersen, sell their window products as a whole product supply and installation package, this means that you will not be able to buy custom made windows directly to install yourself. Therefore, you will need to obtain estimates for your job or get a rough idea of cost using our free window price calculator.

Main Reasons to Choose Window World Windows

There are a couple of reasons to work with this brand – A very good window installed by experts that provide exceptional service before and after the sale.

The brand is a recognized leader in both areas, as has been mentioned above where its awards from JD Power are discussed.

There are Window World windows pros and cons.

Considering the Pro’s of Window World Windows:

  • Good and Best windows on par with the better lines from Ply Gem, Jeld-Wen, Simonton and Milgard
  • Competitive pricing (as long as you want the windows installed too vs DIY)
  • Low-pressure salesforce
  • Showrooms to view the windows
  • Good customer service before and after the sale – on par with Renewal by Andersen which makes Fibrex windows
  • Double-hung, awning, casement, picture and garden windows

Considering the Con’s of Window World Windows:

  • A limited selection of windows – vinyl replacement windows only, so the brand doesn’t compare with Ply Gem, Simonton or Milgard in terms of selection.
  • Only 2 window styles are produced, the 2000 & 4000 Series (the 6000 is the 4000 with triple panes)
  • No DIY option – customers buy the whole package of windows and installation
  • Triple pane windows aren’t available in all locations – Mostly cold climates, but some homeowners in warmer climates like them for sound reduction
  • Window World is a franchise business, so quality of service might vary – check Google or Yelp reviews for your local franchise
  • This brand isn’t sold in as many locations as Jeld-Wen, Pella, Andersen and the top-selling window brands
  • 6000 Series are not available everywhere. They might be offered near you if your winters are extremely cold.

Compare Window World Windows to Alside Windows, Renewal by Andersen and Other Brands

We compare Window World to Alside and Renewal by Andersen for this reason: These brands are all sold as a package that includes the windows and installation. There is no DIY installation option or the choice to hire your own pro installer.

That’s fine for homeowners who prefer to have the windows professionally installed – and specifically installed by contractors who install that brand of window every day of the week. That’s a definite advantage for installation quality control.

Most other brands can be purchased and installed by the homeowner or property owner or an installer of your choice.

Window World vs Alside Windows

window world vs alside windows

These are two of the most popular turn-key vinyl window brands. Both produce vinyl windows only and are installed by local franchisees of these brands or, in Alside’s case, licensed contractors that have an account at a local distributor offering the Alside brand. Most installers have factory training to ensure consistently good-quality installation.

Window World has consistently been rated among the best brands for quality and customer service by JD Power. That hasn’t been true of Alside, even though Alside gets consistently high ratings from homeowners.

Where you might prefer Alside is that there are 7 series of windows available in the Eastern US and 3 series in the West. Window World makes only 2 window lines. In short, you have more choice of style and cost with Alside.

Window World vs Renewal By Andersen


Renewal by Andersen has also received high marks from JD Power – and as recently as 2022.

Where the brands differ is in the material used. While Window World windows are vinyl, Renewal by Andersen windows are made with Andersen’s proprietary wood/fiberglass composite material called Fibrex.

Fibrex is stronger than vinyl – though vinyl windows rarely break or warp. And it has the appearance of painted wood while vinyl looks like plastic.

Window World vs Other Brands

The package deal – windows and installation together – has been covered.

When compared to other brands, the key issue is that most manufacturers make more series of windows than Window World’s two series.

Consider calling your local Window World franchise for a window estimate. A representative will come to your home, show you the two window series choices and give you pricing on windows for your home.

Also get estimates from several other local window contractors who sell other leading brands of vinyl windows like Simonton, Ply Gem, Pella, Champion and Milgard windows.

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Learn More About Window World Windows from the Web

If you’re looking for more information on Window World, their products or their Warranties then we have provided some useful links below:

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