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Simonton Window Prices & Costs for Installation and Supply

Simonton window series, prices and costs

Our Simonton Window Price Guide is fully updated with accurate, current pricing on all Simonton vinyl window lines.

If you’re new to Simonton windows, this info isn’t relevant. But those familiar with this major window brand might be interested to know that:

  • The East Region / West Region divide has been eliminated for new construction windows.
  • Some replacement window lines are West Cost only Verona, Madeira, Daylight Max and ClearValue lines are only sold “out West.” On the Simonton site, you can provide your zip code to see which Simonton Replacement Window lines are sold where you live.
  • Some lines have been added: Premium, Pro, 6100, ClearValue (West only) replacement window lines are all new for 2023.
  • Some names are changed: “ProFinish,” “Reflections” and “Impressions” have been dropped. For example, Impression 9800 windows are now just 9800 windows. And ProFinish Brickmould 600 windows are now Brickmould 600.

The information gives you the opportunity to review your options from this brand and compare them with other leading manufacturers of vinyl windows like Jeld Wen (which also makes wood and aluminum windows) and Simonton’s parent company, Ply Gem.  Simonton is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and offers, perhaps, the industry’s widest range of vinyl windows – however, vinyl is the only material available from Simonton. If you’d like to view a brand comparison with a wider range of materials, consider Andersen (wood and proprietary Fibrex), Pella (wood, vinyl, fiberglass) or Jeld Wen.

This Simonton product lineup gives you as a consumer more choices, so you’ll find the window package that has the look, performance and price range that is right for you.

An Introduction to the Simonton Window Company

In 1946, in rural Pennsboro, West Virginia, the Simonton family started the Pen Vent Awning Company that quickly developed into a large manufacturer of quality aluminum windows.

In the 1980s, production switched from aluminum to vinyl windows and doors, which were relatively new at the time.

In 2007, the company was sold to Fortune Brands, and in 2014 building materials giant Ply Gem bought Simonton. Ply Gem has continued to produce Simonton windows based on the brand’s core values and product offerings. Simonton window prices have remained very competitive.

Comprehensive Overview of Simonton Window Prices by Region

Simonton window prices for the most popular styles ranges from $480-$2,400 installed. These include inexpensive, small, fixed windows in a variety of shapes to all your favorite styles: Single-hung, double-hung, casement, sliding and more. Large bay/bow windows start at about $3,600 installed because they’re only available in mid-range to premium window lines.

USA region map

Simonton windows are manufactured in 9 series of replacement windows: Pro, 5500, 5050, StormBreaker Plus, Asure, Premium, 6100, 6500 and 9800.

You have 4 new construction Simonton window series: Builder, Contractor, Brickmould 300 and Brickmould 600. 

In this Simonton windows price guide, we provide an overview of each series, so you’ll know which ones might meet your needs. Discuss those series with your window contractor and get a specific set of prices for the packages you’d like to consider.

Simonton Replacement Windows – East Region

A replacement window fits into the opening vacated by the window that has been removed. They are secured to the window frame, not to the outside of the house.

Replacement windows outsell new construction windows by a wide margin, as you might expect.

*Prices Do Not Include Bay and Bow Windows. See prices for those windows further down the page where window prices by type and series are provided. Note that many window companies supply their products through third party retailers and so the prices shown below may vary from retailer to retailer and contractor to contractor. There are also many other factors which can affect window installation / replacement. We therefore recommend you use our system to find a contractor in your local area, who can give you a free accurate and personalized quotation.

Simonton Window Price Ranges for Replacement Windows
Window Series Price Range (Installed Cost) Budget Level
Pro – Only Sold at Home Depot $415 – $1,175 Low
Asure $440 – $1,250 Low-Medium
5050 $435 – $1,315 Low-Medium
5500 $480 – $1,475 Medium
6100 $500 – $1,565 Medium
Premium – Sold at Home Depot $585 – $1,650 Medium-High
6500 – Sold at Home Depot $635 – $1,825 High
9800 $650 – $1,935 High
StormBreaker Plus $695 – $2,075 High

Simonton Replacement Windows – West Region

These window lines are primarily available in the Southwest and on the West Coast.

Simonton Window Price Ranges for Replacement Windows
Window Series Price Range (Installed Cost) Budget Level
ClearValue $395 – $1,050 Budget/Low
Verona $425 – $1,250 Low
6200 $475 – $1,465 Medium
Daylight Max $535 – $1,795 Medium-High
Madeira $630 – $2,100 High

Simonton New Construction Windows

New construction windows are the right choice for new homes and additions. Also, if you’re doing a complete exterior renovation of your home and the siding is being replaced, then new construction windows are an option. They have a nailing flange that is secured to the home’s sheathing.

Simonton Window Price Ranges for New Construction Windows
Window Series Price Range (Installed Cost) Budget Level
Builder $380 – $985 Budget/Low
Contractor $440 – $1,350 Medium
Brickmould 300 $485 – $1,445 Medium
Brickmould 600 $560 – $1,625 Medium-High

Get Prices and Installation Quotes from Local Pro’s

Simonton Window prices are extremely variable, so we update these tables as we learn about price changes. We recommend you consult with a local contractor for current pricing. We also have a very useful “Completed Project Prices” table, check it out to get an idea of what others in your area have paid on their Simonton window project.

Had a set of Simonton windows? Tell us the details so we can update our prices.

Summary for Simonton Window Prices by Window Type

The Prices in the Tables reflect the Average prices for the most popular size windows from Simonton. Very large custom sizes might exceed these ranges.

 Simonton Window Prices by Window Type
Casement Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
Contractor $535 $715
Brickmould 600  $560 $745
5500  $590  $775
6100 $650 $835
Premium  $665  $850
9800 $795 $1,010
6500 $800 $1,025
StormBreaker Plus $865 $1,080
Daylight Max (West) $655 $830
Madeira (West) $680 $865
6200 (West) $700 $910
Awning Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
Contractor $515 $690
Brickmould 600  $530 $725
5500  $565  $755
6100 $635 $825
Premium  $650  $840
9800 $780 $1,000
6500 $785 $1,015
StormBreaker Plus $850 $1,060
Daylight Max (West) $640 $825
Madeira (West) $670 $855
6200 (West) $685 $890
Single-Hung Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
Builder $435 $605
Brickmould 300 $450 $625
Contractor $495 $670
ClearValue (West) $425 $600
Verona (West) $440 $615
Daylight Max (West) $600 $790
Madeira (West) $615 $800
6200 (West) $655 $835
Double-Hung Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
Pro $460 $645
Contractor $475 $665
Asure $475 $670
5050 $550 $735
5500 $585 $770
Brickmould 600 $595 $790
Premium $640 $825
6100 $695 $890
9800 $710 $905
6500 $725 $920
StormBreaker Plus $745 $950
Madeira (West) $715 $900
Sliding Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
Builder $430 $620
Asure $460 $650
Pro $495 $690
Contractor $525 $715
Brickmould 300 $525 $720
5050 $550 $745
Premium $575 $770
5500 $580 $775
6100 $635 $820
Brickmould 600 $645 $845
9800 $670 $860
6500  $675 $860
StormBreaker Plus $700 $910
ClearValue (West) $445 $635
Verona (West) $450 $635
6200 (West)  $565 $750
Daylight Max (West) $595 $790
Madeira (West) $640 $830
Picture Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
Builder $380 $550
Asure $400 $570
Pro $425 $600
Contractor $460 $625
Brickmould 300 $475 $650
5050 $500 $670
Premium $515 $695
5500 $525 $700
6100 $570 $750
Brickmould 600 $585 $755
9800 $605 $790
6500  $620 $795
StormBreaker Plus $635 $815
ClearValue(West) $395 $560
Verona (West) $400 $575
6200 (West)  $480 $655
Daylight Max (West) $500 $665
Madeira (West) $570 $735
Bow & Bay Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
5500 $3,200 $3,900
6100 $3,450 $4,200
Premium $3,600 $4,500
9800 $3,675 $4,600
6500 $3,950 $4,800
Daylight Max (West) $3,300 $4,150
6200 (West) $3,550 $4,375
Madeira (West) $3,900 $4,850
Garden Windows Ave. Window Price Only Ave. Installed Price
5500 $1,750 $2,200
6100 $1,800 $2,250
Premium $1,850 $2,300
9800 $1,950 $2,375
6500 $2,100 $2,450
Daylight Max $1,700 $2,150
6200 $1,775 $2,250
Madeira $1,875 $2,400
Specialty Shapes Windows Ave. Window Only Price Ave. Installed Price
Builder $350 $500
Asure $380 $545
Pro $400 $565
Contractor $435 $600
Brickmould 300 $445 $615
5050 $480 $640
Premium $500 $660
5500 $500 $655
6100 $545 $710
Brickmould 600 $560 $730
9800 $585 $750
6500  $590 $765
StormBreaker Plus $600 $775
ClearValue(West) $370 $535
Verona (West) $380 $540
6200 (West)  $445 $610
Daylight Max (West) $475 $630
Madeira (West) $535 $700
Get Prices and Installation Quotes from Local Pro’s

The Simonton Windows Series in Detail – the Best Selling Lines

Here more details on some of Simonton’s best-selling window series.

Simonton 9800 Vinyl Replacement Windows

The company’s top vinyl replacement windows offer a range of options to design a window package unique to your home.

Window Styles: Double hung, casement, slider, awning, geometric, picture, bay, bow and garden windows are part of this series.

Window Features: The chamfered profile provides an elegant look that is brought out in the many color options. ProSolar ® Low E glass with argon is the standard glass package, and ProSolar ® Shade Low E glass is offered too.

Color and Hardware Options: The interior woodgrain texture is available in antique cherry, contemporary oak and maple colors. Seven Decorum exterior colors include brick, bronze, pine and tan.

Simonton 5050 & 5500 Vinyl Replacement Windows

These are the most popular Simonton vinyl replacement windows series. There are two grades within this series: 5500 and 5050 windows.

Window Styles: The best Simonton Reflections vinyl replacement windows are the Reflection 5500 Series available in double hung, casement, slider, awning, bow, bay, garden and fixed windows such as picture and geometric shapes. The 5300 Series and 5050 Series offer fewer options but greater affordability.

Window Features: These Simonton vinyl replacement windows offer classic vinyl design with trim lines and clean angles. The standard glass package is the ProSolar ® Low E glass with argon. Triple-pane insulating glass is available along with Shade Low E glass.

Color and Hardware Finishes: The interiors of the vinyl are textured to simulate wood grain. Colors offered are antique cherry, oak and maple. On the exterior, seven color options are available including brick, chocolate, driftwood and tan. There are four standard hardware finishes: white, tan, driftwood and dark bronze. Five premium hardware finishes include brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and polished brass.

Simonton Asure Vinyl Replacement Windows

These affordable Simonton vinyl replacement windows offer good options at lower prices.

Window Styles: Double hung, slider, picture and geometric shapes are produced. If you choose this series and want a bay or bow window, the products from the Simonton Reflections Series will blend well with this one.

Window Features: The narrow frame design of this series allows for maximum light to penetrate the room. The standard glass package is the ProSolar ® Low E glass with argon.

Color and Hardware Options: These windows are white with hardware offered in white and tan.

Simonton Daylight Max Vinyl Replacement Windows

These windows have slim frames to allow for more glass per window – and more natural light in your home as a result.

Window Styles: Most window types except double hung. There’s a vented sliding window in addition to the standard sliding window. The vented version has a fixed window in the middle with sliding sashes that slide over the fixed sash.

Window Features: Glass options are standard dual-pane glazing plus the Energy Star certified ProSolar low-E glass.

Color and Hardware Options: The window is made in 3 interior and 10 exterior colors, so you’ve got a good selection to match your home’s design and color. Interior colors include the new black laminate – black is a trending interior window color! Six hardware finishes plus window colors and grilles work together to give you semi-custom window design options.

Simonton Brickmould 600 and 300 Vinyl New Construction Windows

These windows feature a distinctive brickmould exterior that is multi-tiered for classic beauty. The 600 Series is the top of the line; the 300 Series offers decent quality and lower prices.

Window Styles: Your options include double hung, single hung, casement, slider, awning and geometric shapes.

Window Features: The standard glass package is the ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas while ProSolar® Shade Low E is also offered. Options include flat casing trim and divided light grills.

Color and Hardware Options: Interior color choices are dark woodgrain and light woodgrain. You have seven exterior color options including brick, cream, driftwood and tan. Your choices include two standard hardware finishes, white and driftwood, and seven premium finishes.

Simonton Contractor and Builder New Vinyl New Construction Windows

These ProFinish Master windows are the top of the line while the Simonton ProFinish Contractor windows offer greater affordability but fewer options. The Simonton ProFinish Builder Windows offer the lowest prices in the series.

Window Styles: Double hung, single hung, casement, slider, geometric shapes and picture windows are produced.

Window Features: ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas is standard. The Simonton Supercept ™ spacer systems increase efficiency.

Color and Hardware Options: These are white vinyl windows. As for the hardware, standard options are white, tan and driftwood; premium polished brass is also available.

Simonton StormBreaker Vinyl Replacement Windows

These windows, also called StormBreaker Plus 300, are designed specifically for coastal regions where very high winds and flying debris are possibilities. The frames and glass packages are built to be wind and impact resistant. KeepSafe laminated glass is standard.

Window Styles: This series comes in double hung, casement, awning, roller, picture and geometric shape windows.

Window Features: Impact-resistant design includes reinforced frames and laminated glass that stands up to airborne debris better than standard glass. Several grid options are offered.

Color and Hardware Finishes: The interiors are white while the exteriors are bronze. White and tan standard hardware along with premium polished brass are your choices.

Simonton Prism Vinyl Replacement Windows (Discontinued)

There are four series of Prism windows. The Simonton Prism Platinum windows are the best, followed by Prism Ultra Gold, Prims Gold and Prism Bronze windows.

Window Styles: Double hung, casement, awning, slider, picture, geometric, bay, bow and garden.

Window Features: The standard package is ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas. Triple-pane insulating glass units and ProSolar Shade Low E glass are options.

Color and Hardware Choices: Interior options are antique cherry, contemporary oak and maple; seven exterior Decorum colors include driftwood, tan, chocolate and bronze.

Simonton VantagePointe Vinyl Replacement Windows (Discontinued)

This is the largest collection of Simonton vinyl replacement windows. The various series are the VantagePointe 6500, VantagePointe, 6200, VantagePointe 6100 and VantagePoint ClearValue Windows.

Window Styles: Not all series contain all of these styles. Double hung, slider, casement, awning, picture, bay, boy, picture and geometric windows.

Window Features: Contoured frames are textured to produce the classic look of painted wood. Glass packages offered are the standard ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas windows. The options are ProSolar® Shade Low E and triple pane glass packages. Laminated and security glass packages are also offered.

Color and Hardware Finishes: This series offers the greatest number of options. Four interior colors are antique cherry, contemporary oak, maple and amber oak. Exterior colors are brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, pine, driftwood and tan.

Quality Installation is Essential

You’ll spend a significant amount of your building or renovation budget on windows. The best way to protect your investment is to select the very best window contractor you can find. Improper installation will lead to energy loss and higher utility bills and allowing moisture to get where it may cause mold and rot.

We suggest you receive several bids from top window contractors in your area and then research the experience and track record of each one.

An easy way to start this process is to request FREE, no-obligation window estimates. The contractors in the service have been pre-screened and pre-qualified to ensure that you’re receiving bids from qualified window contractors in your neighborhood.

Main Reasons to Choose Simonton Windows

There’s a lot to like about Simonton, and here are reasons to consider this brand – with pros and cons along the way. In summary:

  • Excellent selection
  • Good Warranties
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • East Region and West Region Windows

1). Excellent selection – Simonton makes more window lines than most other brands, and certainly more vinyl window lines than others.One benefit is that these include basic, better and best windows that give you cost options for every budget. That’s the upside.The possible downside is a limited number of window styles and colors in most of the budget series like Builder new construction windows, which are offered in just two colors and with a single-hung window but not a double-hung window. The Pro replacement windows and Asure replacement windows also come in just two color options. And Asure windows come in just two functional styles – sliding and double-hung.

*Limited selection on entry-level windows is standard. But there are exceptions. For example, the base level Jeld-Wen Builders V-2500 windows are produced in 5 exterior colors and 3 interior colors.

2). Good Warranties

All the series are backed by a Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect. That’s standard across the industry for vinyl windows. What is the Simonton Double Lifetime warranty? It means that if the warranty is transferred from the original owner to a buyer, the Lifetime warranty remains in effect.

Many brands reduce the warranty the first time the house is sold and the warranty is transferred. This is a small point, but might help you sell your home if it gives potential buyers peace of mind that the window warranty will remain in effect.

3). Energy Efficient Windows

The 5500 and 9800 Series offer exceptional Energy Star certified energy efficiency. Choose a glass type designed to be the most energy efficient in your climate. In hot, sunny regions, the exterior of the glass is coated to reflect heat away from the house. In cold climates, the interior is coated to keep heat in during heating season.

4). East Region and West Region Windows

This might seem like your options are limited. While that is true, perhaps it’s a good thing. Rather than a “one window fits all regions” approach, Simonton designs windows for the best performance and energy efficiency in your region. The East is humid and can be very cold. The West is dryer, sunnier and can be very hot. Taking those issues into consideration in window design ensures you get a better window for where you live.

Compare Simonton to Andersen and Other Top Brands

If comparing Simonton to Pella or Andersen, the first thing to point out is that all Simonton windows are vinyl. Pella makes wood and fiberglass windows; Andersen makes wood and a wood composite material called Fibrex. Jeld-Wen has wood and aluminum windows.

Simonton’s parent company Ply Gem also makes vinyl, wood, wood composite and aluminum windows. But Ply Gem does not make as many vinyl window series as Simonton.

The thing to note is that Simonton produces the most vinyl window series of any brand – by far. So, if you like to consider a lot options at various price levels, Simonton might be the best brand for you.

Learn More About Simonton Windows from Other Resources

If you want to find out more about each of the Simonton window ranges currently available, obtain a set of competitive price quotes for your window project, learn more about the Simonton window company then we have provided a short list of useful resources below.

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