PGT hurricane impact storm window prices

PGT Window Prices & Installation Costs For PGT Hurricane Impact Storm Windows

This new PGT Windows Price Guide contains complete, accurate and up-to-date costs for this window brand – one of the bestselling impact window brands in the US.

PGT window cost ranges start at $445 for small, fixed windows and rises to about $1,900 for large, operational windows like popular casement and double-hung windows. Expect to pay $1,100 to $1,600 per window for the most popular sizes of casement and double-hung PGT windows.

PGT doesn’t list bay or bow windows on its website. But since these windows are really a collection of windows, your local PGT dealer/installer can design these window assemblies for your home.

Custom windows: All PGT windows are built only after the customer places an order. There are no “off the shelf” units. This gives you the opportunity to choose frame style, size, material, glass package, grid type, hardware and other options for truly custom windows.

PGT Window Prices 2022

PGT makes three window series.

WinGuard hurricane windows and doors are produced in aluminum and vinyl and sold in a large selection of styles. The WinGuard line is the series that put PGT on the map and is far-and-away the company’s top-selling line of windows.

ClassicVue Max is a more affordable non-impact aluminum window in 4 styles. It’s ideal for coastal regions. Some homeowners use a mix of these and WinGuard aluminum windows, with the ClassicVue Max windows used on sides of the home that are not as vulnerable to storms.

EnergyVue vinyl windows are also non-impact windows, though stronger glass options are offered. They are manufactured in 6 window styles.

PGT Impact Hurricane Storm Window Prices for Main Series
Series Installed Cost Budget Level
ClassicVue Max $445 – $1,500 Low-Medium
WinGuard $550 – $1,675 Medium
EnergyVue $500 – $1,650 Medium
WinGuard $585 – $1,900 Medium-High
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Certified tough: PGT WinGuard hurricane windows meet the highest industry standards for storm windows. They are accredited by Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, AAMA Tested/, Keystone Certified, Florida Product Approval, Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), ENERGY STAR, National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and Sound Transmission Class (STC).

New Construction vs Replacement Windows

All PGT window series are made in both replacement and new construction styles. New construction windows are slightly more expensive, but the advantage is that the frames take up less space in the window opening, so you get a larger glass area to enjoy natural light and the view outdoors.

New construction windows are fastened to your home’s exterior sheathing using a perimeter nailing flange.

Replacement windows are inserted into the space left when the old window is removed. Various methods are used, but the end result, again, is that the glass area is reduced by ½” to 1” on either side of the window.

PGT Windows Price List for 2022

Our goal at Window Price Guides is to give you the most comprehensive pricing available, which allows you to select window series and window types for your home.

This next chart breaks down PGT window cost by window style and material. We’ve already mentioned that windows are manufactured in aluminum and vinyl.

Styles: Casement, awning, single-hung, double-hung, horizontal rolling and fixed/picture windows in rectangular, half-round and other shapes.

PGT windows are only sold through its network of distributors who also install the windows. You can’t buy them and DIY. Still, you might like to know the general cost breakdown, our cost list includes the price of the window in one column and the cost of the window plus installation in the other.

PGT Hurricane Window Prices
PGT Window Prices by Window Type
Casement Window Only Installed
ClassicVue Max Aluminum $700 – $1,265 $885 – $1,450
EnergyVue Vinyl $750 – $1,350 $925 – $1,535
WinGuard Aluminum $795 – $1,400 $980 – $1,570
WinGuard Vinyl $925 – $1,575 $1,100 – $1,750
Awning Window Only Installed
ClassicVue Max Aluminum $600 – $1,200 $800 – $1,385
EnergyVue Vinyl $700 – $1,275 $890 – $1,450
WinGuard Aluminum $725 – $1,300 $915 – $1,500
WinGuard Vinyl $840 – $1,500 $1,025 – $1,690
Single-hung Window Only Installed
ClassicVue Max Aluminum $630 – $1,250 $815 – $1,425
EnergyVue Vinyl $720 – $1,275 $910 – $1,465
WinGuard Aluminum $750 – $1,400 $945 – $1,570
WinGuard Vinyl $900 – $1,550 $1,075 – $1,725
Double-hung Window Only Installed
EnergyVue Vinyl $800 – $1,465 $995 – $1,650
WinGuard Aluminum $835 – $1,500 $1,025 – $1,675
WinGuard Vinyl $975 – $1,700 $1,150 – $1,900
Rolling Window Only Installed
EnergyVue Vinyl $700 – $1,400 $880 – $1,595
WinGuard Aluminum $725 – $1,450 $900 – $1,630
WinGuard Vinyl $850 – $1,630 $1,035 – $1,815
Picture Window Only Installed
ClassicVue Max Aluminum $285 – $1,050 $445 – $1,200
EnergyVue Vinyl $375 – $1,200 $500 – $1,335
WinGuard Aluminum $400 – $1,245 $550 – $1,395
WinGuard Vinyl $450 – $1,350 $585 – $1,500
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More Information on PGT Window Materials and Lines

PGT is located in Florida and makes windows specifically for the Southeast US and regions up the coast to the north and west along the Gulf coast. They might not be available where you live.

The company manufacturers a limited range of quality windows. Here’s an overview chart of the series, materials and styles. Following the chart, you will find brief reviews of the three series: PGT WinGuard in aluminum and vinyl, ClassicVue Max aluminum windows and EnergyVue vinyl windows.

Series Material Styles
WinGuard Aluminum S, A, C, P
WinGuard Vinyl S, D, A, C, R, P
ClassicVue Max Aluminum S, A, C, P
EnergyVue Vinyl S, D, A, C, R, P

S=Single-hung, D=Double-hung, A=Awning, C=Casement, R=Rolling, P=Picture

PGT WinGuard Aluminum Windows

PGT claims that its WinGuard windows are the “best-selling brand of hurricane impact windows and doors in America.”

Its aluminum windows deliver premium strength and a modern look that fits today’s homes very well. PGT’s site also says, “With over seven million WinGuard products installed around the world, we’ve received zero reported impact failures.”

Matching sliding doors and French exterior doors are produced to complete any package.

Styles: Your options are single-hung, awning, casement and picture/architectural shapes. The picture windows are produced in casement picture and standard picture. These are fixed windows with the same frame style as the casement windows.

Casement windows in this set can be single, double or triple and hinged on either right or left.

Frame Colors: Select from white, black, bronze and clear anodize.

Glass Choices: Tempered and laminated glass are premium options. Argon gas-filled and high-performance low-E are options too. Privacy glass in several styles is offered too. Glass can be tinted in a range of tones too.

Warranty: Lifetime on workmanship; 10 years on glass and frame finish.

PGT WinGuard Vinyl Windows

Some homeowners prefer the look of vinyl to aluminum, and these windows offer better insulation value.

Styles: Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning and picture windows in rectangular windows and other shapes.

Frame Colors: White, black, bronze and clear anodize.

Glass Choices: Standard argon-filled and low-E glass is available in addition to tempered and laminated glass packages. The laminated glass is dual pane with a layer in between that holds the glass shards together should the window break. In this respect, it is like a vehicle windshield.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty against defects in the frame and a lifetime warranty on white frames. Colored frames finish is backed by a 10-year warranty.

As noted, the WinGuard Series are impact windows – hurricane windows or storm windows are other names. They are built with a variety of impact-resistant and shatter-resistant glass options. Frames are heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl. As such, they compare with dedicated storm window brands and series like the StormBreaker Plus windows from Simonton or Pella’s Hurricane Shield windows.

PGT ClassicVue Max Aluminum Windows

These are PGT’s most affordable windows. Aluminum windows are an OK choice for warm and moderate climates like found along the southern “storm coasts” of the US, though you wouldn’t want them for cold climates because they are not energy efficient.

Another benefit of aluminum in these climates is that it resists corrosion. Aluminum develops a light patina that protects the metal below.

While more affordable, these windows are strong too. They meet Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance and National Fenestration Rating Council requirements.

Styles: Single-hung, awning, casement and picture/fixed windows are part of this PGT windows series.

Colors: Same as above

Glass Choices: These are non-impact windows. The glass options are standard and Energy Star certified glass plus tempered glass. Six tints are given as options in addition to clear.

Warranty: Basic lifetime warranty on workmanship and a 10-year warranty on frame finish.

If you are looking for comparisons to these quality aluminum windows, we recommend reviewing the Jeld-Wen Builders Atlantic Series aluminum windows. They are designed for the same coastal environments where PGT ClassicVue Max windows are popular. The Milgard Thermally Improved A250 aluminum window is another series worth considering.

PGT EnergyVue Vinyl Windows

These are Energy Star certified windows that are custom-built when you place your order.

The same technology is used in these windows as in the WinGuard line to produce a frame if superior strength and durability. While these are non-impact windows, they’ll stand up to much of what the weather throws at them. Impact-resistant glass is an option, but not tempered or laminated glass.

Styles: Put together a package of windows using single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning and picture/fixed windows. Matching sliding glass doors and French doors are manufactured too.

Colors: White, black, bronze and beige

Glass Choices: Standard, argon-filled, Low-E and impact-resistant. Six glass tints – azure blue, bronze, gray, green, solar cool bronze and graylite II – plus clear are your options.

Warranty: Basic lifetime warranty on workmanship and on the white finish; A 10-year warranty on frame finish of other colors.

Good comparisons for these energy efficient vinyl windows include Pella 250 Series, which you can see on our Pella page, several fine series of vinyl windows from Ply Gem and Window World.

How Do Window World Prices Compare with Other Window Brands

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