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Marvin Window Prices & Costs For Installation And Supply

This Marvin Window Prices guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the Prices & Costs for the various window products made by Marvin. Marvin window prices range from $285 – $4000 per window, including installation. Prices vary depending on the range you buy from and the type of window you need. For example, bay and bow windows will also be more expensive that double and single hung windows, equally picture windows and casement windows will usually be the cheapest.

We include an overview of the company and its history to give you the full story of the company you may select.

Marvin Window Price Ranges for Main Series
Window Series Price Range (Installed) Budget Level
Marvin Ultimate Insert $286 – $767 Low
Marvin Ultimate Tilt Pac $285 – $725 Medium
Marvin Ultimate $455 – $936 Medium
Marvin Specialty $600 – $4000 High-Premium

Window Prices for Other Brands, Types and Materials

The Marvin Window Company

This is a family-owned company now ran by the third and fourth generations of the family. The founder was George Marvin who arrived in Warroad, MN in 1904. He took a job managing the local grain elevator. The lumber boom began, and Marvin saw an opportunity. In 1912, the Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company was formed. The business thrived and, in time, George’s son, William “Bill” Marvin became part of the leadership.

Today, Marvin employees 4,500 associates in five states. In 100+ years, Marvin has continued to be an innovative leader in designing and manufacturing quality, energy-efficient and beautiful windows and doors.

Marvin Window Prices

Like competitors Pella, Andersen and CertainTeed Windows, Marvin makes several lines of windows and doors to give consumers options. See our overviews of those brands for head to head comparisons of the products they offer. We will say this: Marvin offers the high quality of those other brands’ best wood windows, but not the variety of options, especially of Pella.

Marvin’s best window is known as the Ultimate Window. It is offered in three styles: Double-hung, casement and awning. These are wood windows featuring quality and beauty that is among the highest in the industry. This window is primarily designed for new construction projects.

The Insert Replacement window is offered in the same styles as the Ultimate Window – Double-hung, casement and awning. It’s a wonderful choice for existing homes that simply need new windows. The quality is on par with other brand’s top of the line replacement windows.

The Tilt Pac Double Hung Sash Replacement System is chosen when the basic frame is in good condition but the sashes have seen better days. They offer good choices for finishes while saving you money on the cost of window replacement. The System is only used in single-hung and double-hung windows.

The Double Hung Magnum Window is the Ultimate Window in oversized models for applications where openings up to 5.5 x 10.5 feet are desired.

Specialty Double Hung Windows are the last major line from Marvin. These high-quality windows are used in specific applications such as historic buildings where authenticity is desired. The performance is outstanding.

We include prices in our overviews to give you the information you need to make a decision about your next set of windows. Keep in mind that our prices are national averages, and they don’t include installation costs. When you receive written estimates from contractors in your area, prices may vary based on factors such as the time of year, dealer competition in your area as well as your region’s cost of living.

Price Disclaimer: Note that many window companies supply their products through third party retailers and so the prices shown below may vary greatly from retailer to retailer and contractor to contractor. There are also many other factors which can affect window installation / replacement. We therefore recommend you use our sytem to find a contractor in your local area, who can give you a free accurate and personalized quotation.

 Marvin Window Price Comparison By Window Range
Marvin Ultimate Windows Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Ultimate Double-Hung Windows  $350 – $680  $455 – $884
Ultimate Casement Windows $360 – $720 $468 – $936
Ultimate Awning Windows $220 – $500 $286 – $650
Marvin Ultimate Insert Windows Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Ultimate Insert Double-Hung Windows  $290 – $550 $377 – $715
Ultimate Insert Casement Windows $300 – $590 $390 – $767
Ultimate Insert Awning Windows $247 – $400 $286 – $520
Marvin Tilt Pac Windows Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Tilt Pac Single-Hung Windows  $285 – $412 $370 – $535
Tilt Pac Double-Hung Windows $310 – $560 $387 – $725
Marvin Specialty Windows Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Specialty Double Hung Windows $$$$ (Vary Widely Based On Options) – Estimate $$$$ (Vary Widely Based On Options) – Estimate

More Information on the Marvin Window Series

Each of these window systems has unique characteristics which factor into their appearance, performance and price. There are a variety of Marvin Specialty Windows too, and they’re covered below.

Marvin Ultimate Windows

As noted, this series is available in double hung, casement and awning lines. Standard features include integrat
ed closures that are weather-tight and secure, bare wood interiors and brick mold casings.

Standard windows are rectangular. Specialty Marvin Ultimate double hung windows with rounded tops in a variety of styles including half round, radius, arched, eyebrow and radius glass with a squared-off frame.

The standard windows are unfinished. Your wood options are Pine (standard price) or upgraded choices Cherry, Douglas Fir (standard or vertical grain), Mahogany and White Oak.  You have the option of finishing the windows yourself or selecting from six pre-finished styles. Primed and clear-coat finishes are options too.

On the exterior, you have four wood specie options: Pine (standard) and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Mahogany and Primed Wood. Keep in mind that a wood exterior must be maintained much more frequently than a clad window.

For that reason, Marvin offers aluminum-clad exteriors in more than 15 colors. You’ve got a very appealing range of choices for window hardware, grills and glass packages – including Energy Star and Triple Pane packages.

It should be noted that the Ultimate Casement Window is available in both crank-out and push-out styles as well as French casement styles that open outward like French doors creating a lovely appearance. The Ultimate Awning Windows are push-out rather than crank-out windows, and this precludes the use of screens in them.

Marvin Ultimate Insert Double Hung Windows

Designed for existing homes, they offer most of the same choices the new-construction Ultimate windows provide. Six wood species, six prefinished stained options and the primed or seal coat are available to enhance the interior beauty.

On the exterior, both standard wood and aluminum-clad wood finishes provide outstanding selection to give your home the exact curb appeal you desire.

For appearance, simulated divided light and genuine divided light grills come in a variety of attractive styles.  Several hardware finishes give you choices for completing a window package that is tailored to the rest of your home in a very attractive way.

Marvin Tilt Pac Double Hung Sash Replacement System

These are affordable replacement windows if your frames are in excellent condition. Just the tilt sashes are replaced. You’ll be surprised at the number of style choices offered including six wood species, six stain colors, primed wood, several hardware selections and grill and glass packages.

Marvin Specialty Windows

To complete a fantastic design project using a customized window package, Marvin makes specialty windows including glider, tilt turn, hopper and specialty shape windows. Bay and bow window systems can combine elements such as fixed and casement or double hung windows for both beauty and practicality.

Learn More About Marvin Windows From Other Resources

Taking the time to learn about the product you’re going to buy is an important part of purchasing your windows. We have provided a few useful resources below which will allow you to find out a little more about the Marvin window ranges as well as obtain free window quotes for your window installation or replacement project. See the resources we’ve collated below:

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Visitor Submitted Prices For Marvin Windows

We always try to ensure that the prices we provide you are as accurate and complete as possible, for that reason we love to receive information from our readers about window replacement and installation jobs they’ve had done. So, please take the time to submit your job and let us know the details of your window installation or replacement project. We aim to give our readers an overview of what prices people are paying in their area so you don’t pay too much. Fill out our short form today.

Location No Type Series Installed? Amount Average Per Window
Indiana, IL 15 Window Replacement Ultimate Yes $14,000 $933.00
Indiana, IL 17 Window Replacement  Infinity Yes $58,000 $3,411.00
Additional Notes: 2 patio sliding glass doors, Infinity line – $12,600 (installation included). Windows were 8 casements (2 double casements, 1 single casement, 1 triple window (L&R casement with center fixed glass), and 9 double hung (3 double window units, 3 single window units). Price was for factory color both interior and exterior (white interior, light tan color exterior, white hardware, and the i89 glass (top end), no window dividers or other options.
Petaluma, CA 5 Window Replacement Ultimate & Integrity No $5,071.39  $1,014
Additional Notes: Integrity awning and casement windows, and Marvin Ultimate double hung (3). 5 windows total. With labor to flash and set windows, but not frame, the total cost was estimated at $13,000.
 Cottage Grove, MN 7 Replacement Wood Ultimate Glider Ultimate Yes $10,000  $1400
Detroit, MO 4 Windows Unknown Yes $12,700  $3175
 Westchester, NY 22 Replacement Double Hung & Picture Ultimate Yes $35,200  $1600
 Boston, MA 1 Replacement Double Hung Ultimate No $864.80 $864.80
 Newark, NJ 20 Replacement Double Hung & Picture Infinity Yes $26,000  $1300
  Atlanta, GA 25 Variety of New Windows Integrity Yes $17,500 $700
 Atlanta, GA 25 Variety of New Windows Ultimate Yes $27,000  $1080
 San-Francisco Bay, CA 15 Variety of New Casement & Dougle Hung Windows Ultimate Yes $8,550 $570
 Fermont, Ca 2 Integrity Slider Integrity No $2198.00  $1099