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Jeld Wen Windows Prices & Cost for Replacement & New Windows

This Jeld-Wen Windows Price Guide is a comprehensive analysis of Jeld-Wen window prices and available lines. Window prices plus the cost of window installation are included for each Jeld-Wen window series.

Jeld-Wen windows start at less than $300 for small, fixed (non-opening) vinyl or aluminum windows installed. The best Jeld-Wen custom wood windows installed exceed $2,500. Premium Jeld-Wen bay window and bow window assemblies start at about $2,800 for vinyl and exceed $4,000 for wood. For what it is worth, homeowners have been very impressed with Jeld-Wen wood windows when comparing them to Andersen wood windows or other premium brands like Marvin. In short, Jeld-Wen has invested heavily in creating high-quality, very attractive and functional wood window options.

Let’s get started with a table showing the average installed price range for each series. All windows except bay and bow windows are considered in this Jeld-Wen window price list.

The most popular Jeld Wen windows installed cost $745 – $1,850 depending on material, size and style.

Jeld-Wen Window Prices for All Main Series
Material/Series Installed Cost Budget Level
Builders Atlantic (Discontinued) $445 – $1,125 Low-Medium
Builders V-2500 $295 – $950 Low
Brickmould $380 – $1,150 Low-Medium
Flat Casing $450 – $1,235 Medium
Premium V-4500 $490 – $1,365 Medium-High
Premium Atlantic $500 – $1,400 High
Auraline $415 – $1,250 Medium
Wood/Vinyl Hybrid
DF Hybrid $390 – $1,165 Medium
W-2500 Clad $630 – $1,575 Medium-High
W-5500 Clad $695 – $1,735 High
Siteline Clad $785 – $1,850 High-Premium
EpicVue Clad $800 – $2,525 High-Premium
Custom Wood $880 – $3,050 Premium

Notes on Prices:

1). Series that offer small, fixed windows have lower starting costs than, for example, the Brickmould Series that doesn’t offer fixed windows.

2). These Jeld Wen window price ranges are based on window size and type.

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Jeld-Wen bay and bow window assembles start at about $1,275 installed for vinyl and exceed $3,000 for wood bay/bow windows.

An Overview of Jeld-Wen Window Company & Their Windows

Jeld-Wen was once known as a manufacturer that made cheap and mid-grade vinyl windows and little else.

It has grown to become a leader in quality and the number, styles and range of windows offered. Jeld-Wen has taken a bite out of the market shares of major wood window brands Andersen, Pella and Marvin.

Most Jeld-Wen window lines/series are available across the continental US.

New Construction vs Replacement Windows

Jeld-Wen takes a both/and approach rather than an either/or strategy.

One remarkable feature of Jeld Wen windows is that all series are made in Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows. That’s unique to Jeld Wen or at least uncommon. Most brands make a few window lines in both options but also make some that are strictly Replacement and others strictly New Construction windows.

What’s the difference?

Replacement windows fit into the opening vacated by the old window. The framing around the window isn’t removed. The siding isn’t disturbed.

New Construction windows have a nailing flange around them. It is used to fasten the window to the outside of the home – the house sheathing. This maximizes the available window opening – more glass, less frame. The flange raises the cost by $10-$20 on vinyl windows and up to $35 on wood windows.

What difference does it make?

As a result, the glass space on, for example, a 36”x48” double-hung replacement window is slightly less than the glass area of the same size and type New Construction window. This is true for all window brands.

Comprehensive Jeld-Wen Windows Price List

The Jeld-Wen window price list above gave the complete range of costs for each window series.

The tables that follow break down Jeld-Wen windows by style – casement, double-hung, etc.

Rather than give a range of prices, which is available above, these tables show average cost for the most popular sizes in order to make Jeld-Wen window price comparisons easier. The Window Price column is the cost of the window only. Installed Price includes the window and installation labor.

Material/Series Window Price
Installed price
Casement Windows
Flat Casing $645 $815
Premium V-4500 $710 $890
Premium Atlantic $745 $925
Wood/Vinyl Hybrid
DF Hybrid $595 $770
Auraline $620 $810
W-2500 Clad $960 $1,135
W-5500 Clad $995 $1,180
Siteline Clad $1,045 $1,255
EpicVue Clad $1,110 $1,270
Custom Wood $1,490 $1,735
Single Hung Windows
Builders Atlantic (Discontinued) $640 $825
Builders V-2500 $635 $820
Brickmould $700 $860
Premium V-4500 $915 $1,095
Premium Atlantic $840 $1,025
Auraline $630 $815
Double Hung Windows
Builders V-2500 $755 $930
Brickmould $815 $995
Flat Casing $875 $1,030
Premium V-4500 $920 $1,075
W-2500 Clad $1,150 $1,325
Siteline Clad $1,425 $1,595
W-5500 Clad $1,335 $1,500
Custom Wood $1,875 $2,100
Sliding Windows
Builders Atlantic (Discontinued) $700 $885
Builders V-2500 $680 $850
Brickmould $725 $900
Premium V-4500 $815 $990
Premium Atlantic $875 $1,060
Auraline $635 $820
Siteline Clad $1,315 $1,495
Custom Wood $1,755 $1,930
Picture / Fixed Windows
Builders V-2500 $350 $515
Flat Casing $395 $540
Premium V-4500 $440 $590
Premium Atlantic $470 $655
Auraline $530 $700
Wood/Vinyl Hybrid
DF Hybrid $460 $625
W-2500 Clad $740 $900
Siteline Clad $815 $985
W-5500 Clad $770 $940
Custom Wood $1,090 $1,245
Bay & Bow Windows
Builders V-2500 $1,750 $2,495
Brickmould $1,950 $2,665
Flat Casing $2,325 $2,800
Premium V-4500 $2,650 $3,135
Premium Atlantic $2,800 $3,375
Wood/Vinyl Hybrid
DF Hybrid $1,970 $2,495
W-2500 Clad $2,995 $3,550
Siteline Clad $3,380 $3,900
W-5500 Clad $3,190 $3,690
EpicVue Clad $3,350 $3,975
Custom Wood $3,700 $4,350

Notes: These prices are for the average/medium size window. Not all window types are available in each series.

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More Information on Jeld-Wen Windows

Jeld-Wen makes a lot of different windows – not as many series as Ply Gem, but quite a few.

Here’s an overview by material with brief reviews of each line below the overview chart.

Material & Series (1) Window Types (2)
(1) N = New Construction Window / R = Replacement Window
(2) Types: S=Single-hung, D=Double-hung, C=Casement,
SL=Sliding, A=Awning, P=Picture/Fixed, B=Bay/Bow
Aluminum Windows
Builders Atlantic (N, R) (Discontinued) S, SL
Vinyl Windows
Builders V-2500 (N, R) S, D, SL, P, B
Brickmould (N, R) S, D, SL, P, A
Flat Casing (N, R) D, C, A, P
Premium V-4500 (N, R) S, D, SL, C, P
Premium Atlantic (N, R) S, SL, C, A, P
Auraline (N, R) C, A, SL, P
Wood/Vinyl Hybrid
DF Hybrid (N, R) C, A, P
Wood Window Series
W-2500 Clad (N, R) D, C, A, P
Siteline Clad (N, R) D, C, A, SL, P, B & More
W-5500 Clad (N, R) D, C, A, P, B
EpicVue Clad (N, R) C, A, P
Custom Wood (N, R) D, C, A, SL, P, B & More

The Jeld-Wen Windows Range

Here are key details for each Jeld-Wen window series.

Jeld-Wen Auraline Composite Windows – New

Jeld-Wen enters the composite window market with this new line.

It competes with Andersen Fibrex windows like the Andersen 100 Series and Renewal by Andersen and other wood composite and fiberglass windows. Expect more brands to offer a composite window in the next few years.

These are low-maintenance windows. Auraline comes in 3 colors with matching interiors/exteriors. Colors are White, Black and Bronze.

Types, Styles & Options: The Auraline series is made in 5 styles: Single-hung, sliding, awning, fixed trapezoid and casement.

Warranty: This is a mid-priced window that comes with a 10-year warranty. That’s on the short side for windows, a result of wood fibers in the construction. If water penetrates into the material, it will swell and/or rot. Inspect the exterior of these windows a couple times per year and after storms when there is a chance that wind-blown debris has hit the window frames and potentially scratched through the coating.

*Note that almost all vinyl and fiberglass windows have a Lifetime warranty. The average warranty for wood windows, even those clad on the exterior with vinyl or aluminum, is 10-15 years for most brands.

Jeld-Wen Builders V-2500 Vinyl Windows

These are energy-efficient, low-cost vinyl windows.

Types, Styles & Options: They’re offered in a wide range of types (listed in the table above). Fixed windows are produced in rectangular, half-round and octagonal. V-2500 Garden windows are available too. White is the only color option.

They are easy to maintain.

Warranty: Lifetime

Jeld-Wen Brickmould Vinyl Windows

These windows are made in 5 popular styles.

Types, Styles & Options: There are no fixed windows, but many homeowners use V-2500 Fixed and Picture windows to complement this line. You have two interior and four exterior color choices.  Warranty: Lifetime

Jeld-Wen Flat Casing Vinyl Windows

As the name implies, these are low-profile windows that engage seamlessly with most siding types including wood and vinyl. Energy Star glass options are available.

Types, Styles & Options: Available in single-hung and sliding models, they are available in White and Desert Sand.

Warranty: Lifetime

Jeld-Wen Premium Vinyl V-4500 Windows

This is one of the most popular Jeld Wen windows.

Types, Styles & Options: 11 total types are made including fixed windows in round, half-round and trapezoid plus all popular types. Three interior and five exterior color options are produced. Tailor a package to suit your personal sense of style!

Warranty: Lifetime

Jeld-Wen Premium Atlantic Vinyl Windows

Another top-seller, these windows offer a nice range of glass, grilled and screen options.

Types, Styles & Options: Seven different shapes/types allow you to customize your window package to fit your home’s personality. Chooses from two interior and three exterior colors.

Warranty: Lifetime

Jeld-Wen DF Hybrid Vinyl Windows

This is a vinyl window with aluminum cladding to create a residential/light commercial window.

Types, Styles & Options: Choose from fixed, casement and awning windows in two interior and five exterior colors. Many options are available to create the look you want.

Warranty: Lifetime

Jeld-Wen W-2500 Wood Windows

Like the Andersen 200 wood windows, this is an affordable option and very popular.

Types, Styles & Options: It is available in popular types and options. It’s a pine option in 14 interior pre-finished color options including bare and primed wood should you want to finish them. Choose from seven exterior cladding colors.

Warranty: 20 years – that’s pretty good for a wood-clad window.

Jeld-Wen Siteline Wood Windows

This is a huge series of windows and very popular. They get their name from their minimal frames that maximize glass area and the view they give you.

Types, Styles & Options: These windows give you three wood options – treated pine called Auralast, Alder and Douglas Fir. There are 28 pre-finished and bare/primed interior options. Jeld Wen makes 27 cladding colors for these windows.

Warranty: 20 years

Jeld-Wen W-5500 Clad Wood Windows

This popular Jeld-Wen wood window series includes the Radius Top double-hung windows and a sash kit that offers an affordable replacement for double-hung windows.

Types, Styles & Options: 15 window types are made.  Options are 28 pre-finished and bare/primed interior colors and 27 aluminum cladding colors for window exteriors. The same three wood options as the Siteline series are offered.

Warranty: 20 years

Jeld-Wen EpicVue Wood Clad Windows

These are high-class windows available in 8 wood species.

Types, Styles & Options: Five shapes/types are available. An amazing 63 interior color options are yours to choose. Jeld-Wen has 27 colors of cladding for this window.

Warranty: 20 years

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Windows

Auralast pine, knotty alder, vertical-grain Douglas fir, reclaimed Douglas fir, mahogany, oak, walnut, cherry and custom species plus a huge number of options allow you to customize your windows like nobody else’s.

Types, Styles & Options: Five shapes/types are available. An amazing 63 interior color options are yours to choose. Jeld-Wen has 27 colors of cladding for this window.

Warranty: 20 years

Jeld-Wen Aluminum Windows (Discontinued)

The Builders Atlantic Jeld Wen aluminum windows are the scarcest – mostly sold in coastal areas of the East, Southeast and South.

Aluminum windows are lightweight and require little maintenance. They insulate poorly, so aren’t sold in cold climates.

Types, Styles & Options: Available in single-hung and sliding models, they are available in White only.

Warranty: 10 years

Jeld-Wen Vinyl Windows

There are five series of Jeld-Wen vinyl windows.

Use a Professional or DIY Window Installation

Jeld-Wen products are available from a wide range of showrooms throughout the USA and they will sell directly to the public. Therefore, if you want to install Jeld-Wen windows yourself then there is the option to do that, however it’s also worth checking warranty details if you self install. If you want to make sure you get the best price possible, save yourself some time and use our quoting tool to get 4 free estimates from local installers near you.

Main Reasons to Choose Jeld-Wen Windows

Are Jeld-Wen windows any good?

Yes, and here’s why you might want to consider them.

  • A good choice of materials
  • More wood window series to choose from
  • Bay and bow windows in many lines
  • Thousands of showrooms across the country

Jeld-Wen window warranties are also at least as good as the industry average – and better for some products.

1). A good choice of materials

While Jeld-Wen aluminum windows have been discontinued, you still have a lot of options.

They are: Vinyl (5 series), wood (5), wood/plastic composite (1) and wood/vinyl composite (1).

2). More wood window series to choose from

If you’re exploring wood windows, then Jeld-Wen offers the most series of any manufacturer. Each series has its own style – plus custom wood is offered. While none of the wood window series is cheap in cost, you do have options for your budget.

3). Bay and bow windows in many lines

Many brands have one vinyl bay and bow choice, one for wood, etc. They’re generically styled to go with most other series.

However, Jeld Wen bay and bow windows are made in 11 series. If a bay or bow window assembly is in the plans, you’ll be able to find what you want in the same style as the rest of your window package.

4). Showrooms across the country

Locations where you can see, feel and try out Jeld-Wen windows aren’t just “dotted here and there.” Jeld Wen window showrooms are clustered in most major US cities, so you won’t have to drive far to see them. For example, we randomly selected OK City, a midsize metro area. And here’s the cluster of showrooms. There are 24 showrooms within 18 miles of OKC city center. There are even more in major metro areas, and small towns usually have at least a couple options within 25 miles.

Compare Jeld Wen to Pella and Other Top Brands

We could say “compare Jeld-Wen to Andersen windows,” but right off the top, Andersen doesn’t make vinyl windows. However, Andersen’s premium wood window series are unsurpassed in beauty, quality and, yes, the high price they bring.

Pella is a better comparison because the brand manufactures vinyl, wood and composite/fiberglass. So it is similar to Jeld-Wen. Pella’s selection is not as good as Jeld-Wen – in fact, no major brand covers the bases as well as Jeld-Wen.

One edge Pella has is in the premium wood window niche. Yes, Jeld-Wen custom wood windows are gorgeous – but they’re all custom made, obviously, rather than coming in standard sizes like Pella Reserve windows.

Simonton and Ply Gem make more vinyl window series. But they make fewer wood windows.

Marvin makes high-quality windows, but only five series compared to Jeld-Wen’s 12 series. The rest of brands like Alside, Window World, Harvey, Champion and Milgard tend to focus on a small selection and emphasize quality and customer service.

Jeld-Wen seeks to cover all the aspects of shopping for windows, getting help in making the right selection, having the windows installed (DIY is possible too) and service after the sale.

Learn More About Jeld-Wen Windows Around the Web

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