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Garden Windows Cost for Install & Replacement

Garden window prices vary by the size and complexity of the windows, and stock garden windows are more affordable than custom garden windows. Some sellers, such as Lowes, include garden windows in a broader category called projection windows.

In this garden window price guide, you’ll discover your size and design options for these specialty windows, pros and cons and a table of prices you can use to compare costs with other window types covered in the window guides we’ve produced.

There are two basic garden window designs, those with and without moving sashes.

Fixed Garden Windows

All the panes in a garden window are fixed, so they don’t provide ventilation.

Combination Garden Windows

These windows include one or more sashes that open for ventilation. If the sides open, they are either crank or push-style casement or single/double-hung windows. If the front opens, it is an awning window with arms that hold it out and up. All else being equal, combination garden windows cost more than fixed windows.

Garden Window Features and Options

Both fixed and combination garden windows share a range of common features and options. Garden windows are made for new construction and for replacement.

Garden window features: All but the cheapest garden windows feature thermal glass to prevent heat from leaving in winter and penetrating in summer. The glass is usually tempered too for structural strength. The top pane is slanted to cause rainwater to run away from the house.

Garden window options: Not all options are available in all garden window lines.

  • Frames & Hardware – Vinyl garden windows are the most common frame types, though wood garden windows are made too. Frame color options include white, beige, tan, clay, brown, bronze and gray and you might be able to select different inside and outside colors. Hardware is offered in similar colors.
  • Glass & Grilles – Obscure glass textured for privacy is available in several styles, and glass can be clear or tinted in several shades. Grilles in various styles can be added. Many lines include or offer as an option a glass shelf.

Garden window sizes:

  • Height range: 24” to 48”
  • Width range: 24” to 36”

Custom sizes are available from leading brands like Simonton, Jeld-Wen and Milgard.

Pros and Cons of Garden Window

A garden window filled with colorful plants in attractive pots is a lovely addition to a kitchen, breakfast nook, bedroom, bath, stair landing or home office. You’ve got a fair spectrum of sizes and options to tailor a window to the installation location, and custom garden windows can be made to fit any opening. Not all manufacturers make windows specifically labeled as garden windows, but bay and bow windows, available in far more sizes and styles, can serve as a garden window.

Garden window cons begin with cost, and you get the quality you pay for. Cheap garden windows aren’t structurally durable, offer few options and lack tempered and energy-efficient glass. As features and quality improve, the garden window price goes up, and this window is often the most expensive in the home, unless there’s a bay or bow window too. Because garden windows extend from the house, they aren’t a good choice for areas adjoining patios, decks and walkways

Garden Window Prices for 2019/2020

We cover just garden window prices in this table. Bay windows and bow windows are covered in their own guides.

Single-Hung Window Prices and Costs
Window Type Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Fixed (no sashes) $325-$1,400 $475-$2,400
Combination (1 or more sashes) $550-$2,000 $700-$3,000

Factors that Affect Garden Window Cost

The better the quality, features and options the window offers, and the bigger it is, the higher the garden window price will be. Wood frames cost significantly more than vinyl frames.

Garden window installation cost for new construction is significantly less than the cost for installing a replacement window. Installation when window companies have less work can produce cost savings compared with having one installed during the peak of the remodeling season.

Finally, who installs your garden window will affect the total cost. A local handyman service will be the cheapest way to go; a window specialty company will cost the most. Keep in mind that quality installation is essential to prevent leaks, air drafts and structural warping of the window, so choose your installer wisely. The best way to get quality installation at a competitive price is to request written estimates from several licensed and insured installers, and to let each know that you’re getting multiple bids.