Fibrex Window Cost – Itemized Window and Installation Costs

The average cost of an installed Fibrex window ranges from $450 to more than $1,600. That’s average – costs an be a little lower and quite a bit higher.

The reason for the wide spectrum of costs is that Fibrex is a material, not a series, and it is used in three Andersen window series:

  • Renewal by Andersen (RBA): Ultra high-priced, all-Fibrex replacement windows
  • Andersen A Series: Premium windows with wood interiors and Fibrex exteriors
  • Andersen 100 Series: Mid-priced, all-Fibrex windows

What is Fibrex?

Fibrex is a composite made only by Andersen. In this promotional video, the company claims to have received 30+ patents in the development of Fibrex windows.

The composite is:

  • 40% wood fiber (i.e. sawdust) by weight. Most of the wood is recycled from the manufacturing of Andersen wood windows.
  • 60% thermoplastic polymer, which is plastic polymer that softens and becomes moldable at high heat.
  • Pigments for color, so the resulting material is colored all the way through, not painted.

When blended, the sawdust and liquid polymer bond to form a new compound that is strong and durable.

Fibrex Window Cost

As we noted, this material is used in three series with very different prices.

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All cost factors are explained below.

Window Renewal A Series 100 Series
Single-hung N/A N/A $250 – $975
Double-hung $950 – $3,000 $480 – $1,395 N/A
Casement $1,385 – $3,650 $510 – $1,400 $295 – $1,050
Awning $1,290 – $3,255 $490 – $1,265 $290 – $905
Sliding/Gliding $1,500 – $2,995 N/A $285 – $1,015
Fixed $880 – $3,775 $280 – $1,625 $240 – $1,400
Bay/Bow $2,200 – $4,800 N/A N/A

Fibrex Window Cost Factors

There are three types of factors that affect the cost of any window – Window factors, accessories and installation.

Window Factors

  • Window Series: As you can see, there is a wide disparity in the costs of these windows. The A Series windows cost roughly 50% to 100% more than 100 Series Windows; Renewal by Andersen windows are multiple times more expensive. See our evaluation of Renewal by Andersen below for why the cost is so much higher.
  • Window Size: The bigger the window of any type, the more it will cost. Not all windows, by the way, are made in all sizes. Fixed/Picture windows tend to have the widest range, from about 18” square (1.5 square feet) to about 8 feet square (64 square feet). Most other windows max out at about 3’x6’ or slightly smaller or bigger.
  • Window Type: Fixed windows cost the least because they have no moving parts. From there it goes to single-hung, double-hung and so forth. Bay and bow windows are typically an assembly with 3-6 windows in them, so cost is much higher.
  • Standard/Semi-custom/Custom Sizes: 100 Series windows are offered in Standard sizes only. They can be bought off the shelf at many lumber and home improvement stores. You have a fixed number of sizes, colors and accessory packages. Semi-custom windows are available in Series A and RBA windows. They aren’t made until you order them. A set range of sizes can be made, but you can select various accessories. Most new and replacement windows sold are semi-custom. Fully custom windows are only used in rare cases when the window frames in a home are irregular, and there are no standard or semi-custom sizes to fit them.
  • Glass Package: There are many types of glass and glass packages made for new and replacement windows. Most are double-pane. They can be geared for your climate or specialty glass like tinted, obscured or shatter-resistant glass can be selected. The options are limited on Andersen 100 Series windows. A much larger selection is available on A Series and Renewal by Andersen.
  • Interior Wood Options (Series A only): As we noted, Andersen Series A windows have Fibrex exteriors and wood interiors. Wood options are pine, maple, oak, cherry, Douglas fir and mahogany. There are finished/unfinished choices and stain colors, if you order them finished, to be made.

Window Extras

As with options, there are a limited number of accessory options with Andersen 100 Series windows.

You have more choices with Series A and RBA windows. Here’s an overview of them.

  • Hardware: You have one or two styles to consider and about a dozen different finishes from which to choose.
  • Grilles: Your options include grilles between windowpanes for true divided light or grilles on the outside and inside of the windows for simulated divided light. A removable interior grilles are offered on Series A windows. Quite a few grille patterns are produced.
  • Screens: Standard and TruScene insect screens are available for both series. TruScene windows are made from fine stainless steel mesh, so they do not obscure your view as much as standard screens.

Installation Factors

DIY installation is an option for 100 Series and A Series window, though most, especially the A Series are installed by pros.

Who you hire to do the work will also affect cost. For replacement windows, we encourage choosing a window contractor, since installation is more difficult and must be precise.

For new windows, an experienced handyman service will cost less and might to the job correctly. Just be sure they have a lot of experience with new window installation of the type you purchase.

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Concerns About Renewal by Andersen

Installation is part of the package with Renewal by Andersen windows. This is a primary reason cost is so high.

Typically, the homeowner requests information about RBA windows. An in-home appointment is made, and a sales representative shows up to promote and try to sell the homeowner the Renewal windows.

Many homeowners report that they sales presentation is a little bit pushy and high-pressure. Sales people often spend quite a bit of time bashing other types and brands of windows. First, a ridiculously high estimate is given, but the salesperson will offer you a better deal if you sign the contract and make a down-payment on the spot.

And the total package cost is often shockingly high. Here are two quotes straight from the RBA website that are typical of what customers say:

“Love the windows. Still coming to grips with what they cost! I realize one window is special & large, but still I think it was very high.”

“The Windows are nice. Probably not worth the money. The high pressure sales pitch with ‘today only’ pricing left us feeling bamboozled.”

And yet, both homeowners still bought the windows! The salespeople must have been very skilled – but that’s not a good reason to buy a pricey window.

It is also true that Renewal by Andersen is a franchise system. Franchises are independently owned, so pricing can vary dramatically.

These are among the reasons we always suggest getting window estimates from several companies and brands.

There’s more below where we compare actual project costs.

Sample Fibrex Window Cost Comparison

This brief table tells the tale.

Windows # of Windows Total Cost
Cost per Window
Homeowner 1 100 Series 21 $10,060 $480
Homeowner 2 Renewal 34 $63,000 $1,800
Homeowner 3 Renewal 9 $19,000 $2,100
Homeowner 4 Renewal 17 $38,250 $2,250
Homeowner 5 Renewal 5 $29,000 $5,800

Series 100 windows are decent quality. Series A and RBA windows are about equal. We place them in the good/best range among window brands including the top lines from Marvin, Pella, Milgard, Jeld-Wen and others.

Tips for Saving Money on Fibrex Windows

The obvious answer is to choose the 100 Series for a mid grade window and Series A for a premium window, and definitely avoid Renewal by Andersen.

Get Free Window Estimates from Local Pro’s

From there, as we recommended, request written estimates from several window contractors in your area, unless you are planning DIY installation.

Making a bunch of calls, waiting for return calls, setting up appointments and the rest of the process can be time consuming.

The process can be made faster and more convenient by using our Request Estimates option on this page.

The form takes just a few minutes to complete. Submitting it guarantees you’ll receive competitive window estimates from prescreened, licensed and experienced installers in your area.

The service is free, and there is no obligation to take any of the bids. Once you receive the estimates, take your time to do the level of research you are comfortable with – calling references, checking online reviews and the Better Business Bureau to determine which installer is the best choice for installing your windows. There is no hurry and no pressure.

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