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Double Hung Window Cost for Install & Replacement


Double-hung window prices covered in this guide include the windows and installation broken down by frame material and grade. This makes it easy to compare window prices by browsing our guides to Single-hung Windows, Casement Windows and other popular types.

Double-hung Window Features and Options

What are double-hung windows? These windows open vertically in tracks. They feature an upper and lower sash consisting of a frame and glass. What sets them apart from single-hung windows is that both sashes of double-hung windows move. Window screens usually cover the entire opening to serve both sashes.

Double-hung windows are the single most popular window type. They are produced by national brands (e.g. Pella, Jeld-Wen, Marvin and Andersen) and by many regional brands in several materials and series that could be described as good, better and best.

You have the option of purchasing standard, pre-made windows or custom windows that are made to order.

Standard windows are manufactured in a range of common sizes in ½” to 1” increments. They are stocked and sold online and by home improvement stores everywhere. As pre-made windows, the range of material, finish, glass and accessory options is limited.

Custom windows are built after you place an order online or at your local home improvement stores, and they’re typically delivered in four to eight weeks. They are available in size increments of 1/8” and offer many more feature options, which are discussed next.

  • Materials – Window frames are crafted in vinyl ($-$$$), wood composite ($$-$$$), fiberglass ($$-$$$) wood in several species ($$-$$$$) and wood with vinyl-clad or aluminum-clad exteriors ($$-$$$$). Wood windows are built in several wood species.
  • Color and Finish—Vinyl and fiberglass windows are made in a handful of colors; composite wood and solid wood frames offer many more finish options including different finishes inside and outside. Vinyl-clad and aluminum-clad wood windows are produced in many exterior cladding colors, and the cladding protects the wood from the elements. Bare interior wood is available for you to finish yourself, if you prefer. A factory finish costs less than hiring a painter to finish them after installation.
  • Locks and hardware – Each manufacturer offers many style options with finishes as bright as polished chrome, as muted as oil-rubbed bronze and many on the spectrum between those two.
  • Glass, Grilles and Screens – Glass packages, often called glazing, range from single-pane to triple pane with options for your climate and for features such as tempered glass, tinted glass and textured glass for privacy. Grille options are quite diverse, and you’ll have several screen options too.

Custom windows can be made in larger and smaller sizes, but the most common range for standard and custom double-hung windows is:

  • Width: 23” to 38”
  • Height: 35” to 72”

Pros and Cons of Double-hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most popular because of their many appealing attributes. These traditional windows are easy to operate and offer better ventilation than single-hung windows – though not as much ventilation as casement windows. Your finish, color, style, frame and accessory options are unsurpassed. Both sashes on most double-hung windows tilt inward for cleaning their outside without leaving the house.

Double-hung windows cost more than single-hung windows and some sliding windows. The horizontal frames of the sashes reduce visibility when compared with a casement or awning window. They don’t seal as tightly as casement and awning windows.

Double-hung Window Prices

Double-Hung Window Prices and Costs
Window Type Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Standard Vinyl $110-$815 $185-$1,315
Custom Vinyl  $250-$1,125 $325-$1,625
Custom Composite $225-$1,400  $300-$1,900
Custom Fiberglass $280-$1,675 $355-$2,175
Standard Wood $240-$1,150 $315-$1,650
Custom Wood $400-$3,000 $475-$3,800
Note: Some materials are only available through custom order

Factors that Affect Double-hung Window Costs

The major factors in double-hung window prices are material, size and options. Replacement windows take longer to install than windows in new construction, so the cost of installation will be slightly higher. Custom windows cost slightly more. Removing old windows adds to the installation cost, and replacement windows take longer to install than windows in new construction.

Installing windows during the busy season for window contractors is more expensive than when the companies are slow and looking for work. Manufacturers often offer discounts in early spring and late fall in cool climates and sometimes in winter in warm climates where installation is possible throughout the year. Always compare the total cost of jobs – windows and installation. Some companies try to attract business with 2-for-1 deals and other promotions that might or might not save you money. Evaluate the bottom line.

Who you hire to install windows affects cost too. A handyman service can install windows, but it is important to make sure the installer is experienced, licensed and insured. Windows that aren’t installed properly lead to repair and replacement costs. If they don’t fit right, they can be drafty and increase energy use and cost. The best strategy of quality installation at the best price is to request written estimates from several window companies and letting them know you’re getting several bids. If they want the work, they’ll give you their most competitive estimate.