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Champion Window Prices & Cost for Replacement Windows

The installed cost of Champion window in the most popular size double-hung and casement windows is $690 – $1,225 per window. When considering the entire range of Champion windows, price ranges from less than $500 for a fixed window to $2,000 or more based on window type and size.

Champion Window makes a complete selection of 10 window styles: Double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, rectangular picture, fixed shapes, bay/bow, garden, basement hopper and glass block. These are custom-built windows, meaning that there are no stocks of them available at building supply stores. They aren’t made until you order the exact sizes, colors and accessories you want.

Note on single-hung windows: The single-hung window Champion made for many years has been discontinued. You’ll still find them in some Champion Window literature, though not on the main window page, linked to below. Quantities of them might still be available, if you’re interested, so we include their description and cost below.

This Champion Windows Price Guide includes window prices for all Champion lines. Their prices fall 10% to 20% below quality vinyl windows from Pella or Jeld Wen. Window World windows are a close comparison.

Windows plus installation – That’s the only way to purchase Champion Windows. Find a local dealer – we can help if you use our “Price Estimates” tab – and with the dealer’s help, choose your window styles, measure for size and get a Champion windows price estimate to consider and compare with other brands you are also interested in.

Champion Window Price Ranges for Main Series
Window Series Price Range (Installed) Budget Level
Champion Double-Hung, Fixed, Slider $460 – $1,350 Medium
Champion Casement, Awning, Slider, Hopper $625- $1,500 Medium
Champion Bay, Bow, Garden $800 – $3,400 Medium/High
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Price Disclaimer: Note that many window companies supply their products through third party retailers and so the prices shown below may vary  from retailer to retailer and contractor to contractor. There are also many other factors which can affect window installation / replacement. We therefore recommend you use our system to find a contractor in your local area, who can give you a free accurate and personalized quotation. Note that this website is not affiliated with Champion Windows or representing their brand in any way.

An Overview of the Champion Window Company

Champion Windows and Home Exteriors started making vinyl replacement windows in 1975. The company offers good-quality windows, siding and sun rooms made in the USA. Like most major brands, Champion offers a lifetime warranty for its products, which means that parts, labor and materials are all covered if anything goes wrong. It is always a good idea to read the warranty of any window you’re considering, so here is Champion’s Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is not prorated, so full coverage remains in effect for the life of the warranty.

What are/were Champion 365 Windows? This is the name Champion used for many years, and you will still see that name used in some of the company’s literature and in other places online. It now simply calls its windows Champion Windows. The 365 part of the name refers to the glass, a quality glazing designed to keep your home comfortable “365” days per year.

Champion 365 glass includes low-E glass – low emissivity coating to reduce heat transfer and block solar UV,  and two glass panes with Argon gas between them to create a warmth-maintaining air gap. Champion 365 glass is Energy Star rated.

Champion Window Prices List

Most major brands make several series of vinyl windows.

Champion makes one line, Champion windows. They are vinyl replacement windows with a Lifetime warranty and Energy Star efficiency. This keeps it simple. You either like them or you don’t. That’s quite a contrast with brands like Ply Gem Windows that make so many options it can be hard to choose.

This table shows Champion Window prices for all window styles.

Champion Window Price Comparison by Type
Window Type Unit Cost Installed Cost
Fixed Shapes N/A (sold as an installed window) $460 – $950
Oriel Single-Hung N/A Discontinued
Double-Hung N/A $550 – $1,350
Slider N/A $535 – $1,185
Casement N/A $635 – $1,500
Awning N/A $600 – $1,075
Slider w/ Fixed Center N/A $785 – $1,450
Basement Hopper (limited sizes) N/A $495 – $725
Picture N/A $485 – $1,050
Bay/Bow N/A $1,280 – $3,400
Garden N/A $1,150 – $2,450

Where do Champion sit in the market? For additional comparison to other brands we’ve reviewed, Champion windows are somewhere between a midgrade window like Pella 350 vinyl windows and a top-of-the-line window like Jeld Wen Premium V-4500 vinyl windows.

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Champion Window Product Details

Are Champion Windows worth the price? These details might help you decide. In our opinion, they represent good value.

As noted, this is the only window series manufactured by Champion Windows. Here are their specifications and options.

Types Of Windows by Champion

The specific window types are found in the price list above. Here is an overview of each of the window types, their benefits and some information about their design and operation.

  • Double-hung windows have upper and lower sashes that can be unhinged at the top and tilted in for easy cleaning of their exteriors from inside. This makes them especially nice for use on upper floors of your home.
  • Casement windows are traditional crank-out casements available in a nice range of colors and accessory options. They’re foam-insulated for better energy efficiency.
  • Awning windows are also crank-style windows, but they are made in a smaller range of sizes for weight purposes.
  • Fixed windows are either Shaped windows or large rectangular Picture windows. Shaped windows are available in round, half-round and those with an angled top frame, which make a nice accent window beside other types.
  • Sliding windows, or sliders, are made in a range of sizes. Champion suggests them for use on walls with narrower widths. These are two-panel windows, one sliding panel and one fixed panel. You can choose from right-slide or left-slide design.
  • Slider with Fixed Center windows have sliding windows on either side of a fixed/picture window.
  • Garden windows are window boxes that extend out from the side of your home. Shelves are available. As the name implies, most are used to house plants, giving them more sunlight.
  • Basement Hopper windows are basement windows in smaller sizes that are used above the foundation wall to allow ventilation.
  • Oriel single-hung (discontinued) windows are narrower than most single-hung units. The top sash is fixed and comprises 60% of the frame height, the moving lower sash being 40% of the window.

Construction and Material

Like most vinyl windows, the frames are fusion-welded for strength. Frames feature foam insulation for better energy efficiency. Champion calls its design “12 point fusion-welded.” Stainless steel inserts in sash windows (Oriel, double-hung, slider) allow for smooth operation. Here’s a video showing an overview of the construction process.

Available Colors

White is standard inside and out. The interior can be “upgraded” to tan. At additional expense, you can choose TimberBond interiors. TimberBond is a durable vinyl material bonded to the window frames. It’s available in three woodgrain looks – Cherrywood, English Oak and Dark Oak. Be sure to see sample windows in TimberBond before you buy, so you can decide how authentically they mimic wood.

Exterior options are tan, adobe, blue, bronze, pebble and black, though according to Champion, black isn’t available in areas with a high percentage of sunny days. Likely the company has had issues with fading or heat absorption causing the frame to peel or warp.

Glass Options

Standard glass in the Champion 365 Comfort windows is insulated, double-pane glass with argon gas between panes. This, along with the insulated frames, allow the windows to meet Energy Star certification criteria. Privacy glass is available as an option. Choices are Obscure, Rain (vertical grooves give the appearance of water cascading down the pane) and glass block.

Grids and Grid Styles

Champion offers 4 grid styles it calls Colonial, Diamond, Prairie and Open Prairie. They can be viewed in the Champion Windows brochure.


Champion Windows calls its screens FlexScreen, giving the idea they are less susceptible to tears. One-piece vinyl frames feature a PVC coating for durability.

A Note on Champion Replacement Windows Vs New Construction

Champion only makes replacement windows. There’s a design difference between new construction and replacement windows.

New construction windows have a nailing flange around the edge. Fasteners are driven through the flange into the sheathing of the house surrounding the window opening. In other words, they can only be installed when there is no siding on the home during construction or an exterior makeover.

Replacement windows are installed when the old window is removed. Then, the replacement window is into the old opening. Fasteners are used on the sides and top/bottom of the frame to secure the window into the old opening.

Champion also makes windows, patio doors, vinyl and composite siding and sunrooms for homeowners looking for a complete exterior update.

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How Do Champion Prices Compare With Other Window Brands

DIY Wholesale or Using a Professional, Champion Windows Plus Installation

Champion is one of the many brands, like Harvey Windows and Renewal by Andersen, that sells windows and installation as a package. You won’t find Champion windows at building material stores (think Home Depot) or online window sellers. Champion windows are made in the United States. Therefore, for this reason you will need to buy the windows and an installation package, and in this instance getting several window estimates is the best way of getting the very best deal.

Visitor Submitted Champion Window Prices

While we strive for accuracy in window pricing, there’s nothing like actual project costs from homeowners. Please consider bookmarking our site, Window Price Guide, and returning once you’ve had windows installed, whichever brand you choose. It will benefit other readers looking for Champion window prices – or prices for other brands we’ve reviewed.

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Location / Year No Type Series Installed? Amount Average Per Window
Salt Lake City, UTAH, 2019 21 A range plus 2 additional sliding doors Comfort 365 Yes $22,000 $800
Chicago, IL 3 2 double hung, 1 picture Champion 8200 Yes $2,400 $800

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