Bay Window Cost for Install & Replacement

Bay window prices in this guide include window costs plus the cost of installation. The price of bay windows varies based on the window frame material, size and configuration of the window and the features that are chosen. The detailed bay window prices in the table below make it easy to compare costs by checking out our guides to Bow Windows, Double-hung Windows, Casement Windows and other popular window types.

Bay Window Features and Options

What is a bay window? This is a window grouping that extends outward from the house, often with a three-sided design featuring two angled side windows and a center window, often a picture window, that is parallel to the house. Designs with more windows are possible, though the degree of angle is typically 30 degrees of a more dramatic 45 degrees. Bay windows called box bays have 90-degree side windows.

Bay windows can be assembled from many combinations of fixed and functional windows such as casement or double-hung windows for ventilation. The bay can be constructed from a group of windows that are installed separately too, but in this guide, we are discussing bay window assemblies that are installed as a unit.

All the national window manufacturers – Pella, Marvin, Andersen and others – make bay windows in various materials and series ranging from basic to better to best quality.

Your buying options are pre-made bay windows or custom bay windows made to order:

A few Standard bay windows are built in a limited range of combinations, styles and features. Few home improvement stores stock bay windows due to their size, so even standard bay windows that are pre-made and stocked in a factory or warehouse must be ordered.

Custom bay windows, which is the majority of those produced, aren’t manufactured until you order them in the size, material, style, glass/glazing and accessories features you prefer. Average time to complete them once they’re ordered is six to ten weeks. Options include:

  • Materials – Window frames are built from vinyl ($-$$$), wood composite ($$-$$$), fiberglass ($$-$$$) several species of wood ($$-$$$$) and wood with aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad exteriors ($$-$$$$).
  • Color and Finish – Vinyl and fiberglass are available in a handful of frame colors; there are many choices in wood finish and in the cladding that protects some wood window exteriors from the elements.
  • Locks and hardware – Several vinyl and powder-coat finish and a range of metal finishes are available depending on the window series.
  • Glass, Grilles and Screens – Glass, aka glazing, comes in single, double and triple panes, energy efficient glass made for various climates. Light-dividing grilles come in many styles too, and some window series offer a few screen options.

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Window Pros in Your Area

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Window Pros in Your Area

Custom windows can be made in nearly any size at all, but most use windows in these ranges:

  • Side windows: Width – 23” to 38” / Height – 35” to 72”
  • Fixed windows: Width – 24” to 60” / Height – 35” to 72”

The total width of bay window assemblies ranges from about 66” to 130”.

Pros and Cons of Bay Windows

A well-designed bay window is a dramatic addition, and it opens the room to the beauty of the landscape outdoors. With many windows and window features to choose for your assembly, it is possible to customize the design to be exactly what you want.

The disadvantage of a bay window is the cost, especially for custom bay windows made with premium materials. Installation is costly too, as the next section shows. Secondly, if insulated glass is not used, heat loss or gain can lead to higher energy use and costs.

Bay Window Prices for 2019/2020

Bay Window Prices and Costs
Window Type Unit Price (Supply Only) Unit Price (Including Installation)
Standard Vinyl $600-$1,850 $950-$2,950
Custom Vinyl $775-$2,100 $1,250-$3,350
Custom Composite $1,050-$2,400 $1,400-$3,600
Custom Fiberglass $225-$1,500 $375-$2,000
Standard Wood $825-$2,650 $1,125-$2,800
Custom Wood $1,100-$4,000 $1,450-$5,100
Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Window Pros in Your Area

Free Cost Quotes & Advice from Local Window Pros in Your Area

 Factors that Affect Bay Window Cost

Apart from the window size, window combination, the frame material and the accessories you choose, there are two things that will impact your bay window price.

The first is when you buy the window and have it installed. Window manufacturers and sellers offer better discounts in early spring and late fall in cold climates and often during winter in climates where windows can be installed all year. Also, when installers aren’t as busy, such as during the seasons mentioned, they are likely to give more competitive estimates.

The second factor in bay window price is who installs your window assembly. A handyman service will cost the least, but if the job isn’t done properly or the company isn’t licensed and insured, it might cost you more in the end if the job isn’t done properly. The best strategy to get both quality installation and value is to request estimates from several licensed window installers in your area. Let them know you are getting multiple estimates, and if they want the work, they will make their bids are reasonable as possible.