Aluminum Window Cost – Itemized Window & Installation Cost

Installed aluminum window cost is $185 to $600 for most sizes. Bay windows and multi-window assemblies can cost more.

The average aluminum window cost is $415 for the most popular sizes installed.

This page is about aluminum frame windows. Aluminum-clad wood windows are discussed on our Wood Windows page

This table shows aluminum window prices for common styles.

Window Type Sizes WxH Window Only Installed Cost
Ave. Installed Cost*
Single-hung 14×23 to 54×78 $65 – $445 $150 – $650 $335
Casement 14×17 to 36×72 $135 – $530 $200 – $625 $430
Awning 17×14 to 60×36 $125 – $515 $190 – $640 $415
Sliding/Gliding 17×14 to 60×36 $80 – $460 $125 – $700 $450
Fixed 22×12 to 76×72 $60 – $430 $110 – $585 $285
Bay/Bow 60×42 to 90×60 $420 – $1,195 $550 – $1,685 $1,100
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Aluminum Frame Window Cost Factors

Aluminum frame windows combine good strength with lightweight design. They’re best for warm climates, and can even handle salty air near ocean coasts.

There are three types of factors – those related to the windows, accessories and installation.

Window Factors

  • Window Size: Aluminum’s strength allows for windows in the medium-large range as well as smaller windows. Cost rises with size. See our Aluminum Window Cost by Size table below.
  • Window Quality: Aluminum does not offer the range that wood and vinyl do. Most are builders’ grade or midgrade windows. There are just a few high-end aluminum windows.
  • Window Type: Fixed windows have simpler design than moving windows, so cost less.
  • Thermally Improved: Aluminum windows allow heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer because heat passes through the frames quite easily. Some aluminum, like Milgard aluminum windows, use aluminum that has been thermally improved to slow heat transfer. This feature adds cost.

Window Accessories

Window accessories give you the option for semi-custom windows. Here are your aluminum window accessory options:

  • Glazing: The standard glass in aluminum windows is dual-pane, low-E glass. Cheaper windows have a single pane. Many types of specialty glass are available including tinted, obscure, impact-resistant and Energy Star, each with unique pricing.
  • Color: Some aluminum windows are still bare or clear-coated aluminum, and they are the most affordable. White coating is next in cost. From there, darker coatings raise cost by a small margin – perhaps $10-$25 per window depending on size.
  • Hardware: If you have hardware options, they are limited. There’s usually a standard-cost option and one to three more costly options. They cost more due to style and/or performance, such as a tighter locking closer.
  • Grilles/Grids: You might have the option of choosing no grids for the windows or selecting one of a handful of grid styles. Some cost more than others.
  • Screens: A few aluminum window lines have screen options such as finer screens that allow for better visibility. They cost slightly more than standard screens.

Window Installation Cost Factors

  • New vs Replacement Windows: New windows take less time to install, so the labor cost is less. In existing homes, it only makes sense to choose new windows vs replacement style if you’re also replacing your siding.
  • DIY vs Pro Installation: Most homeowners hire pros for window installation, often in a package deal with the windows. However, if you’re handy and can do the work yourself, the savings can amount to $125 to $200+ per window.

There’s a caution for DIY installation though. It might void the warranty, especially if the window fails due to faulty installation.

Gerkin’s warranty is similar to most when it says, “This limited warranty applies only if the Gerkin product has been properly installed, used and maintained.” Bad installation is the number one reason for warranty claims to be denied.

Aluminum Window Cost by Brands

This table shows the major brands, including Milgard, Jeld-Wen and Gerkin and how they compare on cost. These are installed costs.

Aluminum Window Jeld-Wen Atlantic Milgard Gerkin
Single-hung $150 – $530 $175 – $610 $250 – $550
Casement $200 – $550 $190 – $640 $275 – $625
Awning $195 – $560 $220 – $625 $200 – $645
Sliding/Gliding $125 – $500 $200 – $650 $215 – $700
Fixed $115 – $425 $150 – $575 $200 – $635
Bay/Bow $390 – $885 $165 – $640 $535 – $1,475
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Aluminum Window Buying Tips

Locate several aluminum window dealers in your area, and request written estimates from each one.

That sounds easy, but it can be a difficult finding the time to:

  • Put together a list of potential window installers by asking friends and family members or searching online
  • Call the contractors on your list, and let them know you’d like a written estimate for aluminum windows.
  • Check their reviews on Google, the Better Business Bureau and Yelp.
  • Narrow your list, and meet with each. Discuss your window needs.

The process can last several weeks – and that’s time you don’t want to waste.

A faster option is to use our Free Cost Quotes. You’re asked to fill out one quick for form. It will be submitted to some of the best window installers in your area. They are experienced and eager for your business.

They will contact you with competitive pricing on the windows you want.

The service is free, even if you don’t take any of the offered services.

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