New House Siding Cost & Prices for New, Replacement & Installation

This page compares house siding cost by material. Price factors are given to assist you in estimating your cost to replace siding or add siding to new construction. Sample projects costs are included to show total cost based on home size, difficulty of the job and other siding cost factors.

Residential Home Siding Prices by Material

We’re a pricing site, and you want to know how much does siding cost, so here is a chart showing house siding cost for the 15 most common siding materials.

House Siding Cost Per Square Foot
Type Materials Low Average High
Standard Vinyl $1.50 – $3.75 $3.90 $6.35 $8.85
Insulated Vinyl $1.85 – $4.50 $4.75 $7.00 $9.50
Standard Steel $2.50 – $4.50 $5.50 $7.25 $9.95
Wood Plank $2.25 – $5.00 $5.75 $7.80 $11.50
Aluminum $2.75 – $4.85 $5.85 $7.90 $10.75
Vinyl Shake $3.70 – $5.95 $6.50 $8.15 $12.00
Fiber Cement $2.95 – $5.50 $6.50 $8.85 $12.35
Aluminum or Steel Shake $4.25 – $9.50 $6.75 $9.15 $12.65
Engineered Wood $3.25 – $5.80 $7.25 $10.15 $14.25
Wood/Cedar Shake $4.50 – $7.15 $8.35 $10.65 $14.50
Stucco $6.50 – $11.25 $9.85 $15.50 $20.00
Brick Veneer $6.35 – $11.50 $13.80 $16.50 $22.50
Full Brick $7.50 – $17.00 $14.50 $17.50 $26.00
Stone Veneer $8.00 – $12.75 $15.35 $25.00 $35.00
Full Stone $9.25 – $14.00 $19.50 $30.00 $38.75
Average of All Types $8.90 $12.70 $17.35
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House Siding Cost Factors

These cost factors determine whether your house siding cost will be low, average or high on the spectrum for the material you choose.

The first 6 siding price factors are related to the material; the rest relate to siding installation cost factors.

  • Which Materials you Choose – You can clad your home in affordable vinyl siding, expensive brick and stone – and lots of options in between. Of course, in some communities, upscale materials are required on a portion of the front of the home, usually between 30% and 100%. Additionally, many homeowners chose multiple siding types – stone with wood, vinyl panels with vinyl shingles, brick and vinyl, etc.
  • Quality of the Material – Most materials are manufactured in basic, better and best grades. Clues to the quality of the material includes thickness and the length of the warranty. Price isn’t always indicative of quality.
  • Shingles vs Planks – Shingles and planks are available in vinyl, composite, metal (steel and aluminum), fiber cement and wood. In each case, shingles have a higher siding cost per square foot. Many homes feature a combination of planks or panels with shingles for accents. Using shingles in addition to standard siding typically puts the total new siding cost into the Average to High range.
  • Premium Colors – Vinyl, metal and composite/PVC siding are often produced in basic and premium colors. Darker, richer colors are considered premium and might cost up to $1.00 more per square foot.
  • Size of the Pieces – Cost per square foot goes down slightly when piece size increases. This is because there is less manufacturing required per square foot of material.
  • Single-story vs Multi-story – When ladders and scaffolding are necessary to install siding on upper levels, total house siding cost will be higher.
  • House Corners – Siding installation cost is lower on home with a simple 4-corner design than a more complexly designed homes.
  • Installer Choice – A lot of handyman services do a good job with installation, and they are often more affordable. Siding specialists charge more in most cases. The highest costs often come when a general contractor is hired who in turn hires the subcontractors.
  • Minor Repairs to House Sheathing – Having to replace major sections of sheathing or do framing repair is beyond the scope of this guide. But often siding companies must replace a small section or sand down raised edges on water-damaged sheathing sheets before installing siding.
  • Removing Existing Siding – The cost to replace siding typically includes removing old siding. Expect rates between $1.00 and $3.00 per square foot to remove and dispose of old siding, depending on the type.

House Siding Cost with Special Factors

This section overviews each siding type, answers how much does siding cost for each and gives specific price factors that don’t apply to all types.

Vinyl Siding


  • Horizontal and vertical panels: $3.90 – $8.85 per square foot installed.
  • Insulated horizonal and vertical panels: $4.75 – $9.50 per square foot installed.
  • Architectural shingles and shakes: $6.50 – $12.00 per square foot installed.

Vinyl siding remains the most common siding type installed in the US, though market share is being eroded by other options. It’s a low-maintenance, 20-year siding, on average.

You’ve got many horizontal style in clapboard and Dutch-lap “looks.” Board & batten is a popular vertical look. Shingles and shakes designs come in panels roughly 12 square feet, 3×4, for example, or similar. Shakes and shingles are typically used as accent siding, in gables for example, or around a doorway. This is true for shingles and shakes in all materials.

CertainTeed, Ply Gem Mastic, Norandex, Georgia Pacific, Mitten and Foundry are among the top brands.

Steel Siding


  • Horizontal and vertical panels: $5.50 – $9.95 per square foot installed.
  • Architectural shingles and shakes: $6.75 – $11.85 per square foot installed.

Metals, including steel, are making a comeback in siding manufacturing. Your options increase by the year. Galvanized and coated steel or galvalume or similar are top choices. Little maintenance is required, and steel will last 25-40 years depending on the climate.

Wood Siding


  • Pine plank siding: $5.75 – $7.00 per square foot installed.
  • Cedar plank siding: $7.25 – $12.25 per square foot installed.
  • Log siding: $8.50 – $12.85 per square foot installed.
  • Cedar shingle and shake siding: $8.35 – $14.55 per square foot installed.

Still a popular option, wood offers the real beauty other styles mimic. The downside is higher maintenance requirements. When cared for, wood is a “lifetime” siding.

When considering wood, pine is fairly cheap, though it must be painted and is high-maintenance. Cedar costs more upfront but costs a little less to maintain and is more durable.

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Aluminum Siding


  • Horizontal and vertical panels: $5.85 – $10.75
  • Architectural shingles and shakes: $6.90 – $12.65

This option is much like vinyl, but a metal that wears longer, though it is more susceptible to damage from hail and blowing debris. Aluminum siding is a 30-year option on most homes. Newer coatings reduce or eliminate chalking and fading. Leading brands include Rollex, Ply Gem, Alsco, Napco, QAP, Mitten and Edco.

Fiber Cement Siding


  • Horizontal and vertical panels: $6.50 – $9.50 per square foot installed.
  • Shingles and shakes: $10.00 – $12.35 per square foot installed.

Newer generations of fiber cement are tough, durable and good-looking. Choose from lap siding, panels and shingle/shake siding. Factory-coated siding is recommended over bare siding that must be painted after it is installed – which might actually raise total siding installation cost if a painter is hired. Though pre-coated fiber cement costs more, it won’t require painting in about the first decade.

This is a growing segment of the siding industry. James Hardie is still considered the best brand, but Allura, Nichiha and Celect are available and worth price comparing.

Engineered Wood Siding


  • Horizontal and vertical panels: $7.35 – $10.50
  • Shingles and shakes: $11.00 – $14.25

The top name in engineered wood siding, aka engineered siding, is LP SmartSide. This is a 30-year siding with low maintenance demands. It is available in various styles including lap siding and vertical and horizontal panels.

Stucco Siding

  • Stucco coatings and wall systems: $9.85 – $20.00 per square foot installed.

Stucco is a more common siding type in areas with dry climates, though newer synthetic stucco systems are more moisture-resistant. Proper installation is critical to handling moisture. When done right and care for, stucco lasts indefinitely.

Brick Siding


  • Brick veneer: $13.80 – $22.50 per square foot installed.
  • Full brick: $14.50 – $26.00 per square foot installed.

Solid brick siding requires footings most affordably installed at construction. Adding footings later is expensive and will raise total house siding cost to $40 per square foot or more.

Brick veneer isn’t dramatically cheaper, but it doesn’t require special footings. Veneer brands tend to be regional, since the material is so heavy/shipping costs are high. But some of the larger brands are Black Bear, Brick It, Old Mill, Faux Brick, Z-Brick and Tru-Brix.

Any type of brick is a lifetime siding when maintained.

Stone Siding


  • Faux stone siding: $15.35 – $18.00 per square foot installed.
  • Genuine stone veneer: $19.50 – $35.00 per square foot installed.
  • Full stone siding: $33.00 – $38.75

How Much Does House Siding Cost for an Entire Home? House Siding Project Costs

Based on the material and installation cost factors above – quality of the material, difficulty of the job, etc., here are Low/Average/High costs for all materials for a 2,500 square foot home requiring 1,800 square feet of siding. The more cost factors are involved, the higher cost to replace siding or side new construction.

If you want to calculate how much area of siding your home has or requires, Mitten offers a very thorough siding calculator. Input your wall lengths and heights, gable area if applicable, window and door sizes to determine the square feet of siding needed.

Total Siding Cost for Homes 2,500 s.f. requiring 1,800 s.f. of siding
Material Low Average High
Standard Vinyl $7,020 $11,430 $16,750
Insulated Vinyl $8,550 $12,600 $18,250
Steel $9,900 $13,050 $19,000
Wood Plank $10,350 $14,040 $20,700
Aluminum $10,530 $14,220 $19,350
Fiber Cement $11,700 $15,930 $22,230
Engineered Wood $13,050 $18,720 $25,650
Wood/Cedar Shake $15,030 $19,170 $26,100
Stucco $17,730 $27,900 $36,000
Brick Veneer $24,840 $29,700 $40,500
Full Brick $26,100 $31,500 $46,800
Stone Veneer $27,630 $45,000 $63,000
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Getting Competitive Siding Price Estimates

It always makes sense receive written estimates from at least 3 local installers to compare. Perhaps you’ll also want estimates on different siding types to compare. Our Free Quotes offer is the most convenient way to receive no-cost, no-obligation siding price estimates from licensed and insured installers in your area.

Siding Prices Submitted by Homeowners

There’s nothing like reviewing actual siding installation cost examples from homeowners around the country. Here are the latest submissions. Consider bookmarking this Window Price Guide page and returning to share your siding project cost for the benefit of other readers!

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