Window Replacement Grants for 2022 and 2023, Can You Get A Grant to Replace Your Windows?

Window replacement grants for 2022 might be available if you qualify and know where to find them, they also help with the rising cost of window replacement.

Do window replacement grants have to be paid back? No. Grants are free to those who apply and are accepted. In other words, grants for replacing windows do not have to be repaid.

This is your comprehensive guide for how to get a window replacement grant this year or next year – as the information applies to 2023 too.

There are many different sources for grants for replacing windows. Let’s get into the information that answers the question – Are there grants available for replacement windows?

Who Provides Grants for Window Replacement?

It usually isn’t Uncle Sam. Not directly, anyway.

Yes, most of the agencies are government agencies. But almost all of them are state and local.

This is how the federal government typically funds grants for window replacement – it provides money to state and local agencies that administer the funds and the programs. Local agents take applications, evaluate them and provide the window replacement help.

Did you know? Some churches and other local charitable organizations offer free window replacement services or assistance in covering the cost of new windows for your home. Organizations and links are below.

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

This is your best option for receiving government assistance for window replacement. According to the US Department of Energy website, the WAP is, “administered at the state and local level. To apply for weatherization assistance, contact your state weatherization agency.”

benefits of a weatherized home

Here is the link to the page where you can start the application process.

government grants for window replacement

There are four steps to applying.

Step 1 – Apply to see if you are eligible for weatherization assistance

Income is the major factor in determining eligibility.

Am I eligible for the WAP program?

Households are eligible if household income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, or FPL, in terms of income. The 2022 FPL is $13,590 for individuals, $18,310 for a family of 2, $23,040 for 3, etc. Find your household or family size and double the amount of the FPL. If your income tax return shows a household income less than that, you meet the income qualification.

Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
Household Size Income
For individuals $13,590
For a family of 2 $18,310
For a family of 3 $23,030
For a family of 4 $27,750
For a family of 5 $32,470
For a family of 6 $37,190
For a family of 7 $41,910
For a family of 8 $46,630
For a family of 9+ Add $4,720 for each extra person
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Step 2 – Determine who your local providers are for support in providing window replacement grants.

When you visit the WAP site – Weatherization Assistance Program Site – you will need to search the “state, tribal or territorial” list to find local organizations or providers that offer weatherization services including grants for window replacement.

According to, “Some states offer an online application direct from their website, but most guide you to contact the local providers. This list is usually organized by county and provides an address, phone number, and/or website.”

It takes time! It might be good to remind readers that getting grants for replacing windows is a long process. For example, if you want to replace your windows before next winter, then you should begin the application process at the end of this winter or in the spring at the latest.

Step 3 – Complete the Window Replacement Grant Application

At this point in the process, you should know which agency to apply to for window replacement grants for 2022 and 2023.

Use the agency’s website to access the application for window replacement assistance.

Here’s what you will need to provide:

Proof of income – Your income for the previous year at least, and possibly up to 3 years of income. Your Federal 1040 tax form showing your Adjusted Gross Income, or AGI, is the essential document needed to show proof of income.

Pay stubs or documents showing social security payments might also serve the purpose. However, if you have failed to pay taxes in recent years, you might find that your application is rejected for failure to prove your income.

For your benefit, the Department of Health and Human Services has provided Poverty Income Guidelines and Definition of Income.

Step 4 – What to Do When Approved

You should receive word of acceptance or rejection within 6 months of your application.

Your local home weatherization authority will make the determination available about eligibility. If approved, you will be put on a list to receive the window replacement grant for your home.

Keep in mind that most state weatherization assistance programs use a needs basis in scheduling window replacement.

In other words, those households most in need of help – based on income – get help first.

LIHEAP – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Here is another good option for receiving window replacement grants in 2022 and 2023.


Help from your state or territory: Many states and territory use the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) criteria.

What are the LIHEAP criteria for help with window replacement? In most states, the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program is 60% of the median income for families in your state.

For example, the US Government reports that the median income in Illinois for 2021 was just about $79,000.

That means, in Illinois, that if your household income is 60% or less of that, or $47,400 or less, you should apply for the LIHEAP Program.

*Enter your State on the All States menu or select the yellow dot on the map that is closest to where you live.

*Whether you choose your state or select a dot, the contact information for your county will appear. You will see a phone number, and a link to a website might also be shown. Most agencies listed are local Depart of Human Services offices. Call the number provided to get specific details for window replacement assistance where you live.


You are also eligible under LIHEAP guidelines if you currently receive Supplemental Security Income, or SSI.

Aid to Families with Dependent Children recipients should apply as well, as your needs might very well fall under the guidelines.

Talk to your agency contact at SSI or Aid to Families with Dependent Children to start the application process.

Window Replacement Grants for Renters

Many families and households rent the homes they live in but pay their own utility bills. Old, drafty windows are a major source of high heating costs in cold climates and high air conditioning costs in hot climates.

Talk to the homeowner about your decision to apply to the WAP, or Weatherization Assistance Program. Since the landlord owns the home, the landlord must sign the WAP application.

According to the information page, “people who are most in need are often moved to the top of this list” for priority window replacement.

Additional Services Available

The Weatherization Assistance Program also provides these energy efficiency home services:

Energy Audits to assess where your home can be upgraded to improve energy efficiency. This includes windows, insulation, vapor barrier/house wrap and weatherstripping around doors and windows.

If your home needs new windows, perhaps there are other pressing issues that this program assists with.

  • Repair or Replacement of furnace, water heater, air conditioning
  • Repair or replacement of appliances including refrigerator, clothes washer, clothes dryer and dishwasher
  • Upgrade caulking around windows, doors and other openings
  • Replace roofing shingles, flashing, gutters or roof trusses where the roof has experienced significant rot
  • Free CFL or LED lighting
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Energy Star Programs

The US DOE Energy Star program offers rebates for the installation of energy efficient windows and doors. This isn’t a free window replacement program but will cover some of the cost that grants for window replacement would cover.

energy star programmes for window replacement

Your home will be assessed to determine if the long-term benefits of window and door replacement are worth the upfront cost.

According to the DOE, here are average costs for 2022:

  • Average cost to replace 25 panes and frames: $15,000
  • Lifetime energy savings across 25 years: $12,000
  • Annual gas and electricity expense: $4,000
  • Average savings on utility bills (12%): $480

25 new windows at a cost of $15,000 is $1,667 per window. That window replacement cost is consistent with our data that shows average window replacement prices at more than $1,500 per window. Cost per window depends on the window type and size.

Window Replacement Grants for Senior Citizens

Window replacement grants for homeowners or property owners over 55 years of age are available to those how qualify.

These grants are provided through Section 504 of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) code.

Households applying for a Section 504 grant will be considered for LIHEAP and WAP grants. Currently, grants up to $7,500 are being offered to homeowners who qualify:

  • Own the home, or occupy the home whether or not you rent it
  • Live in an eligible rural area
  • Are unable to obtain window replacement funding due to bad credit or the lack of a down payment
  • Have a household income that is less than 50% of the county average
  • Have other reasons you would be unable to pay back a loan

Low Income Window Replacement Assistance

The federal government provides window replacement assistance through local agencies. You can find help by following the guidance above or by contacting your local HHS Department or, if you are a senior, the local Council on Aging.

Scam Alert

Frankly, some of the sites offering 2022 window replacement grants are scams. The information here will assist you in avoiding fake offers that might cost you money rather than resulting in assistance for window replacement. In short, if what someone is offering you doesn’t fit into one of the grant or loan programs discussed below, it might not be legitimate. It could be a scam.


What is the process of applying for help with window replacement grants for 2022?

Contact your state or local agency providing a Weatherization Assistance Program, or WAP. Search your state with a search like “weatherization assistance California.”

Are there grants available for replacement windows?

Yes. Grants are offered for homeowners and renters who meet the qualifications for low income or for senior citizens. Contact your local US Department of Health & Human Services office for information on how to apply. You might be directed to a website where the application can be filled out and submitted.

If you do not have access to a computer, the application can be filled out over the phone or in person when visiting the HHS office.

Grants vs Loans: Are Low-interest Loans Offered?

Yes. If you don’t qualify for a grant for window replacement, you might be able to obtain a low-cost loan to buy a home or improve your current residence.

Grants vs loans: Even if a grant isn’t available for you, it’s possible you might qualify for a government-sponsored low-interest loan for home improvements including window replacement. Some of these loans can also be used to find a new home or help covering rent on a rental home.

Will my church help with window replacement?

Yes. Some will. There are quite a few national religious organizations that offer help for home improvement needs. They include:

Salvation Army

Love Inc. Locator

Catholic Charities USA

Lutheran Services 

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul / San Vicente de Paul

Even small churches are committed to caring for their members. The church might pay for the windows, and most churches have handy retirees who enjoy serving others by helping with home improvement projects like window replacement.

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