What are the Highest Rated and Best Windows for 2023


The best windows available for 2023 are high-quality lines from Andersen, Simonton, Pella, Ply Gem and lesser-known brands like PGT.

Our annual review of the highest rated 2023 windows gets into details about each series, like the Simonton 6500 vinyl windows and Pella Lifestyle wood windows, styles, costs and other details needed for an informed buying decision.

There are a few lines that have made the list in previous years. Andersen 400 wood windows that combine quality and value are on both the 2021 Best Windows and the Best Windows of 2022.

But this year’s best windows list has new options too as manufacturers change their window lineups and as we continue to review quality windows from the top brands.

*New construction vs replacement windows: We specify whether each window series is a replacement window or new construction window – or both.

2023 Top Rated and Best Windows

These are the 12 best windows for 2023.

The sections below cover vinyl, wood, fiberglass/composite, aluminum and storm-resistant windows. Energy Star windows are included and discussed throughout.

Best Vinyl Windows for 2023

Brand Series Cost Range New/Replacement
Simonton 550 $485 – $1,650 Replacement
Jeld Wen Builder V-2500 $295 – 1,150 Both
Alside Mezzo $560 – $1,350 Replacement
Ply Gem 1500 $600 – $1,400 New Construction
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Vinyl windows are best-sellers from all the leading brands. The windows are durable – most have lifetime manufacturer warranties. Vinyl gives you a wide range of styles and color options too. Most are more energy efficient than wood windows – with Energy Star certified windows available.

Simonton 5500

simonton 5500 windows

The Simonton Reflections 5500 Series made our list the last two years, and Consumer Reports likes them too.

The name Reflections has been dropped – the line is now simply Simonton 5500 vinyl windows. But they still offer all the quality and options of a premium vinyl window.

Energy Star too – Most of the 5500 window styles can be Energy Star certified when you choose a glass package designed to optimize energy efficiency in your climate.

Window Styles

Put together a collection of windows for your home from these options – Double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture/fixed, bay/bow, garden and specialty shapes.

The Simonton 5500 series:

Delivers proven quality and a Lifetime warranty

Are produced in a wide range of colors including wood-look interiors

Give you multiple design options for hardware, grilles and other details like sidelights and transoms

Includes matching patio doors and garden/French doors

Installed Cost

$485 to $1,650 and about $1,200 for an average-size casement or double-hung window.

Jeld-Wen V-2500 Series


The Jeld-Wen V-4500 windows were featured on last year’s Best Windows list. And we still recommend that you consider them.

We added the V-2500 Series this year because it offers similar quality and a lower cost plus a Lifetime warranty from Jeld-Wen.

While it doesn’t offer quite as many options, the V-2500 is worth considering along with the V-4500 Series, especially if you’re looking for a budget-friendly vinyl window.

Window Styles

You have 8 styles to browse, compared with 11 in the V-4500 Series. They are double-hung, single-hung, sliding, bay/bow and several fixed/picture styles.

The Jeld-Wen Builders V-2500 windows:

Are produced in 5 exterior and 3 interior colors

Can be designed with glass to produce Energy Star certified windows

Offer a decent range of choices for hardware style and finish, grilles, screens and climate-specific glass

Installed Cost

$295 to $1,000 and about $885 for an average size double-hung window.

Alside Mezzo


These are beautifully designed vinyl windows loaded with performance details to make them strong, weatherproof and secure.

In terms of selection, compare them with the Jeld-Wen V-4500 windows.

*Note – Alside divides its distribution into East Region and West Region. Mezzo windows are available in both regions, though some minor details in what’s available might be different.

Window Styles

Here are the window types to consider as you choose a package of windows for your home: Double-hung, sliding, casement, awning, picture/fixed/shapes, bay/bow and garden windows.

Alside Mezzo window features and benefits are:

12+ Exterior colors

10+ Interior colors including solid and woodgrain choices

An excellent array of design options for hardware, grilles, trim and screens

Complementary patio door styles

Energy Star options for all regions/climates

Lifetime warranty

Installed Cost

$560 – $1,350 and around $1,150 for an average casement or double-hung window.

Ply Gem 1500 Series


Ply Gem along with sister company Simonton make more lines of vinyl windows than any manufacturer. And this is Ply Gem’s best series.

Among the benefits are energy efficiency – this window is one of several on this list that qualified as an Energy 2022 Most Efficient window.

Window Styles

Your options to consider are single-hung, sliding, casement, awning, fixed/picture, fixed shapes and bay/bow windows.

Where are the double-hung windows? The Ply Gem Classic Series double-hung windows complement the 1500 Series nicely, as do double-hung options from a few other Ply Gem series.

Ply Gem 1500 Series windows deliver:

6 exterior color choices and 3 for the interior

Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects plus a 15-year glass warranty that is one of the best in the industry

Glass choices including Energy Star, obscured, tinted, sound dampening and impact resistant

A selection of hardware and handles to match the interior colors white, beige and clay

5+ grille patterns and profiles/heights

Installed Cost

$600 to $1,400 and about $990 for an average-size casement window.

Best Wood Windows for 2023

Brand Series Cost Range New/Replacement
Pella Lifestyle $625 – $2,450 Replacement
Andersen 400 $850 – $2,700 New
Ply Gem MIRA $975 – 2,800 Both
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What do fiberglass, composite and most vinyl windows have in common? They are designed to look like genuine wood windows.

Here are the 2023 best wood windows.

Pella Lifestyle

pella lifestyle windows

Pella makes two series of what could be called “super-premium” wood windows, the Pella Reserve (on the 2022 List) and Pella Architect Series. They are gorgeous windows with unlimited design options and customization. They are also “super-expensive.”

The Pella Lifestyle wood windows are on this Best Windows of 2023 list because there is no drop-off in quality, just a large drop-off in cost.

Yes, there are fewer choices and options, but there’s enough selection to allow you to customize a collection of windows with exactly the look you want. And you can always compare the Lifestyle windows to the Reserve and Architect Series to make up your own mind.

Window Styles

These Pella wood windows are produced in casement, awning, double-hung and picture/fixed windows. Matching patio doors are part of the Lifestyle collection too.

*Note – The Architect Series includes bay/bow windows that nicely complement the Lifestyle wood windows.

Here’s what this window series offers:

Better value ( lower cost plus quality) than top-of-the-line wood windows from Pella and Andersen

Energy Star design and glass options

A large selection of climate-specific glass, sound-dampening glass, tinted/obscured glass and impact-resistant glass.

Bare interior frames or your choice of 8 factory-finished stains and paints

12+ colors of EnduraClad aluminum exterior cladding

Lifetime frame and glass warranties

Installed Cost

$625 to $2,450 and around $1,575 for an average-size casement or double-hung window.

Andersen 400 Series

Andersen 400 series windows

Andersen 400 wood windows are the industry standard for value with a long track record of beauty and reliability. They are Andersen’s highest rated windows.

These windows are on our 2021 and 2022 lists – and this year we’re adding the specialty Andersen 400 Woodwright double-hung windows to the review.

Window Styles

400 Series windows are highly rated by independent window contractors. They install easily and work as they should, so contractors don’t get a lot of call-backs to make adjustments or repairs.

Choose from double-hung, casement, awning, gliding/sliding, picture/fixed, bay/bow and several specialty windows.

The 400 Series Woodwright is a double-hung window that is used primarily in historic restorations. But some homeowners with classically designed homes choose Woodwright windows for their replacement project.

What’s different about Woodwright windows? In addition to the standard wood interior, exteriors are Andersen Fibrex, a fiberglass/wood composite. Fibrex doesn’t have to be clad in aluminum or vinyl, so it maintains the wood look with far better weather resistance than wood.

Andersen 400 wood windows also offer:

3 painted interior colors plus unfinished pine

7 exterior cladding colors

2 hardware styles in 3 finish choices

A decent selection of grille and trim options

6 climate-specific glass packages plus standard dual-pane glass

*Note – If you want more choices including prefinished interior options and additional exterior color choices, consider the higher-cost Andersen A-Series windows and patio doors in either pine or maple.

Installed Cost

$850 to $2,700 or about $1,495 for an average-size double-hung or casement windows. Woodwright double-hung windows cost about 15% more.

Ply Gem MIRA

These new construction aluminum-clad wood windows can be custom made in your choice of ready-to-stain natural wood, primed or pre-finished interior wood frames.

The durable aluminum cladding is available in a wide array of colors.

Window Styles

Ply Gem MIRA windows are produced in double-hung, casement, fixed picture and geometric shapes, bay and bow window combinations.

These windows are similar in quality and price to the Pella Lifestyle windows above or to Marvin Signature Ultimate wood windows.

The benefits you’ll get from MIRA windows include:

Excellent quality and durability backed by a 20-year warranty (above-average warranty for wood windows)

A decent range of styles – though no single-hung or sliding windows

25+ exterior colors of aluminum cladding – more durable than vinyl cladding

Stain-ready bare wood interiors, primed or prefinished in white, off-white or black

Glass choices including laminated, sound-dampening, impact-resistant, tempered, obscured, tinted and Energy Star certified options

One of the better selections of grilles and grille thicknesses/profiles

8 hardware stain finishes

Installed Cost

$975 to $2,800 and about $1,775 for an average casement or double-hung window.

Best Fiberglass Composite Windows for 2023

Brand Series Cost Range New/Replacement
Pella Impervia $725 – $2,450 Both
Milgard Ultra C650 $725 – $2,450 Both
Andersen A-Series $1,200 – $3,000 New
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More window manufacturers are making fiberglass or wood/fiberglass composite windows.

Andersen uses its blend of wood fibers, PVC and fiberglass in its popular Renewal by Andersen replacement windows as well as in the Andersen A-Series premium windows on this list.

The new Marvin Signature Modern fiberglass windows, which are on the 2022 Best Windows list and could be placed here too, are fiberglass.

Here are the best fiberglass windows / composite windows.

Pella Impervia

pella impervia windows

Pella introduced Impervia more than 15 years ago, and the products are holding up well. Consumer Reports names Impervia its top fiberglass window – and window contractors who install and service windows agree.

Window Styles

Impervia is produced in all the most popular window styles and shapes.

Put together your ideal window package from double-hung, single-hung, casement, awning, sliding and picture/fixed windows.

Impervia patio doors are available too.

Advantages and features of Pella fiberglass windows are:

Very strong fiberglass frames which allow them to be thinner than wood frames – and this provides more glass space and viewing

Tough powder-coating finishes that are very low-maintenance

Suitable for all weather conditions – and “impervious” to the problems of wood such as rot and insects

3 interior/exterior colors – with white interiors, you can also select brown or black exteriors

*Note – There’s a lot of talk right not about long wait times for having Impervia windows installed. Some jobs get half done while waiting for additional windows.

To some extent, this is an industry-wide issue related to the global supply chain. Find an installer you believe is trustworthy and will give you straight answers about the timeline and potential for delays.

Installed Cost

$390 to $2,150 or around $1,400 for an average-size casement window.

Milgard Ultra Series C650

milgard ultra series c650

While the Ultra Series is a newer window, all indications are that it will rival Impervia and Andersen Fibrex windows for quality and durability.

Milgard calls the Ultra / C650 Series “upscale,” so keep that in mind when getting cost estimates – prepare for sticker shock.

Window Styles

Browse single-hung, sliding, casement, awning, picture/fixed and bay or bow windows – no double-hung windows

On the upside, here are the benefits of Milgard Ultra windows:

Lifetime warranty

Strong and durable frame construction – windows handle extreme heat and cold without warping or splitting

More weather-resistant than wood

4 interior/exterior colors (one more than Impervia), and you can match white interiors with any of the other exterior options – black bean, bark and beige/tan

A good choice of hardware and finishes, grilles and screens

Installed Cost

$600 to $1,635 or about $1,350 for an average casement window.

Andersen A-Series

andersen a-series windows

The A-Series was on the 2022 list and has earned a spot for 2023 with excellent quality and design options.

If you’re willing to pay top prices for super-premium windows and options, then consider the A-Series.

Window Styles

Options are double-hung, casement, awning, picture and specialty shapes and styles.

Andersen A-Series windows provide:

Popular styles – though no single-hung windows

Wood frames protected by Andersen’s proprietary Fibrex fiberglass composite

Four glass package choices for your climate including Energy Star certified glass, tempered glass, etc.

Installed Cost

$1,500 to $3,500 for most windows including about $2,100 for an average double-hung or casement window.

Best Aluminum Windows for 2023

Brand Series Cost Range New/Replacement
Milgard Thermally Improved $475 – $1795 Both
Jeld Wen Builders Atlantic Discontinued
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There’s one aluminum window option on the best of 2023 list because aluminum windows have limited appeal – mainly in warm coastal regions. They are not energy efficient for use in climates with extreme heat or cold.

Milgard Thermally Improved Series A250

Milgard Thermally Improved Series A250

The aluminum windows that stand out are the Milgard Thermally Improved windows. They’ve been on the Window Price Guide top windows list for several years.

Window Styles

Your offered a good selection of windows – though keep in mind that very few aluminum window brands are available in double-hung or single-hung styles.

The A250 Series aluminum windows are produced in sliding, casement, awning, picture and radius (half-round and rounded tops of other window styles).

Features and benefits of these windows are:

Improved energy efficiency compared to most aluminum window – achieved using thermal barriers within the interior chambers of the window plus gasket-like strips surrounding the frame

Lifetime warranty

Sleek window design allowing maximum glass/view

Installed Cost

$475 to $1,795 or about $1,035 for an average casement or sliding window.

*Where are Jeld-Wen Builders Atlantic? They’ve been on Best Windows of the Year list several times – But they are not available from Jeld-Wen at this time.

Best Storm-Resistant Windows for 2023

Brand Series Cost Range New/Replacement
PGT WinGuard $550 – $1,675 Both
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This is another growing niche in the window industry. See, for example, other good storm-rated windows like:

  • Simonton StormBreaker Plus
  • Marvin Coastline
  • Pella Defender
  • Andersen window series with upgraded Stormwatch Protection
  • Harvey Vigilance storm resistant windows

However, one brand stands out for 2023.

PGT WinGuard

PGT WinGuard

These windows are manufactured in both aluminum and vinyl frames – we recommend vinyl as more energy efficient (suitable for more climates) and more attractive too.

*Note – Talk to your window contractor about which material is best suited to your climate and home. Aluminum windows are more affordable.

Window Styles

Double-hung, single-hung, casement, horizontal sliding/rolling, awning and fixed/picture/shapes.

Here are the advantages of these storm-resistant windows:

PGT WinGuard windows meet strict standards for use in hurricane-prone areas including Miami-Dade and the Texas Dept. of Insurance

WinGuard sliding glass doors and French patio doors are also available

4 interior/exterior frame colors

Impact-resistant glass can be enhanced with Argon gas or with low-E coating

Tempered, frosted, tinted and obscure glass options available

Installed Cost

$550 to $1,675 or about $1,200 for an average-size double-hung or casement window.

See the PGT Windows Review for other PGT options.

Most Energy Efficient Windows for 2023

The windows on this page are the best windows for 2023.

So, rather than choose additional windows known for energy efficiency, the content above notes which windows are offered in Energy Star certified options. The Energy Star site lists all windows that meet its criteria. Just keep in mind that general quality of the windows isn’t considered – just Energy Star rated frame and glass.

How much do Energy Star windows cost? Expect to pay 12% to 18% more for windows with Energy Star rated glass compared with standard clear or low-E dual pane glass.

Most of the high-quality windows on the list can be ordered in Energy Star certified packages – including these:

  • Simonton 5500 vinyl windows
  • Jeld-Wen Builders V-2500 vinyl windows
  • Alside Mezzo vinyl windows
  • Ply Gem 1500 Series vinyl windows
  • Andersen 400 wood windows
  • Ply Gem MIRA wood windows
  • Pella Impervia fiberglass windows
  • Milgard Ultra fiberglass windows
  • Andersen A-Series

Here’s information from the National Fenestration Rating Council about reading Energy Performance Labels on windows. It should be useful as you consider the right energy efficient windows for your home.

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