Comparison of Marvin Vs Andersen Windows Cost & Series

Marvin vs Andersen windows is a comparison of two century-old window manufacturers. While Andersen has the dominant position in the market, Marvin sells plenty of windows too.

This page compares the cost of Marvin windows vs Andersen windows including their top series – Marvin Integrity windows vs Andersen 400 Series. We have also compared Andersen with other brands, including Andersen vs Pella.

Changes at Marvin – Marvin recently juggled its lineup. Its top line, Marvin Ultimate windows is now called the Marvin Signature Collection. It is broken into two sublines – Ultimate and Modern. The wood/Ultrex blended windows are now Marvin Elevate, a mid-tier window. Its all-Ultrex line is now Marvin Essential, the most affordable of the lines.

Here’s what is covered as we compare Marvin to Andersen windows:

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Andersen vs Marvin Window Prices

Both brands make basic, better and best series. This section allows readers to compare the cost of Marvin windows vs Andersen.

Marvin Elevate vs Andersen A-Series: Both have wood interiors and fiberglass or fiberglass-blend exteriors. However, the A-Series is a premium window and the Elevate Series is a mid-priced window.

Marvin Signature Ultimate vs Andersen A-Series: Both are wood windows with aluminum cladding on the exterior.

Marvin Essential vs Andersen 100 Series: The Essential Series is all fiberglass; the 100 Series is Andersen’s Fibrex material – a blend of fiberglass and wood dust.

Here is a quick price comparison of the window series available.

Comparing Andersen vs Marvin Window Prices
Andersen Series Interior/Exterior Price Range Marvin Series Interior/Exterior Price Range
Wood Windows
A-Series Wood/Fibrex $985 – $1700
E-Series Wood/Aluminum Clad $925 – $1595 Signature Ultimate Wood/Aluminum $545 – $1,425
400 Series Wood/Vinyl Clad $385 – $850 Elevate Wood/Fiber glass $325 – $900
200 Series Wood/Vinyl Clad $240 – $580
Fiberglass Windows
Signature Modern All Fiberglass $390 – $785
100 Series Fibrex/Fibrex $200 – $350 Essential All Fiberglass $215 – $335
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Installation Cost per Window

The cost to install windows – the labor charge for the work – varies from window to window. Cost factors include:

  • Window type
  • Window size
  • Work required on the window opening, if any
  • Whether an old window is removed first
  • Whether there is a disposal fee for old windows

New construction windows take less time to install than replacement windows, so the cost is slightly lower from most window contractors.

Comparing Andersen vs Marvin Wood Windows

Let’s have a look and compare Marvin vs Andersen windows.

Andersen Wood Windows

Andersen makes several grades of wood windows from basic to some of the finest wood windows available today. Marvin makes a more limited selection. Our full Andersen window review is here.

Andersen A-Series – Wood Interior with Fibrex Exterior

Andersen offers its top windows in six wood species including cherry, mahogany and oak. Pine is available too, and it’s a good choice for cutting cost a bit or for homes with rustic appeal.

You can get the interiors pre-finished in your choice of 10+ stain and paint colors and about the same number of exterior colors. Bare interiors are offered too, but unless you’ve got pro-level finishing skills, you’ll be better off choosing a factory finish.

A full range of hardware, grille, glass, trim, screen and smart home options allow you to customize these quality windows.

Andersen E-Series – Wood Interior and Aluminum Clad Exterior

The quality of these windows is on par with the A-Series and gives you the most choices of any Andersen series – maybe more than any series from any manufacturer.

They’re all wood with aluminum cladding on the exteriors for far better durability than if wood were exposed to the elements.

Ten wood species are offered with multiple standard finishes plus custom finishes if you’ve got something unique in mind.

The exterior cladding is available in 50 colors plus custom match. As with the A-Series, you have so many accessory options, the windows really will feel like they’re fully custom.

 Andersen 400 Series

Marvin Integrity windows vs Andersen 400 Series windows is a popular comparison, since they’re the two top-selling lines. Of course, Integrity is now divided into Elevate and Essential, and they’re not full wood windows.

The 400 Series are pine with a decent range of interior finish options plus bare wood. These windows are sold bare at many home improvement stores.

The exteriors are clad in vinyl. You’re also offered a good selection of accessories.

Andersen 200 Series

Pine frames, either bare or painted white, and vinyl cladding in a couple color options are all you have with these affordable, entry-level wood windows. Still, if you want wood on a budget, the Andersen 200 Series is a compelling option.

Andersen 100 Series

This is a new series of entry-level windows made from Ultrex interiors and exteriors in a small range of options.

Marvin Wood Windows

Marvin offers two lines of windows employing wood. The Signature Series Ultimate windows are clad wood. The Elevate Series has wood interiors with fiberglass exteriors.

Marvin Signature Ultimate

These are a traditional-style wood window. Compare them to Andersen A-Series and E-Series, though you might also want to consider a Marvin Signature Ultimate vs Andersen 400 Series comparison.

There are more than 15 window styles offered in this series, which is quite impressive. These include multiple casement and awning styles.

Seven wood species are available in a host of interior stain and paint colors. Cladding is available in plenty of colors, though fewer than Andersen offers. However, Marvin does offer color matching, so technically you can have any color you like.

Like the Andersen E-Series, this series gives you enough options for glass, hardware, screens, grilles and more to select a package nicely fitted to your home’s style and your personal preferences.

Marvin Elevate

Your interior finish options are bare wood, clear-coat wood and “designer black” painted wood. All are pine. The exterior pultruded fiberglass is offered in five colors, mostly medium like taupe to dark.

The selection of accessories and hardware finishes is really quite good, allowing homeowners to select a custom package.

Marvin and Andersen Wood Window Ratings

Let’s compare Marvin and Andersen Wood Window Ratings.

This chart shows our ratings for each of the wood window lines. Note that these are ratings, not the number of wood species or finishes, for example. Ratings are 1 to 5.

Series Styles (1) Quality Wood Choice Finishes Extras Warranty (2) Overall
Andersen A-Series D, C, A 5 4 4 5 3 (10 years) 4.2
Andersen E-Series D, C, A 5 5 5 5 3 (10 years) 4.6
Andersen 400 Series D, C, A, G 4 2 3 4 3 (10 years) 3.2
Andersen 200 Series D, G 3 2 2 3 3 (10 years) 2.6
Marvin Signature Ultimate C, A, D 5 4 5 4 3 (10 years) 4.2
Marvin Elevate D, C, A, G 4 2 3 3 3 (10 years) 3
(1) Style Code: S=single-hung; D=double-hung; C=casement; A=awning; G=gliding/sliding
(2): Frame warranties. Glass and hardware warranties might vary.
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Marvin Fiberglass vs Andersen Fiberglass Fibrex Windows

Here are the details on the differences in these windows.

Marvin Signature Ultimate Modern

As the name implies, these offer what Marvin calls “clean lines and simplicity.” They are fiberglass inside and out.

Just four interior/exterior colors are available, a light “clear anodized,” and three darker colors. They have something of an industrial feel to them.

There’s a limited number of accessory options too. These are attractive windows with a decidedly current vibe. The cost a lot more than Andersen 100 Series windows.

Marvin Essential

This affordable Marvin window is all fiberglass. Casement, double-hung, awning and glider windows are produced, plus shapes, so options are pretty good. Your interior choices are bronze and black, and there are six exterior colors.

The Essential window accessories include six grille patterns and five hardware finishes, but other options are more limited.

Andersen 100 Series

These all-Fibrex windows are quite affordable. As noted, Fibrex is wood dust and plastic mixed into a very strong material.

Four interior and five exterior colors are available, which you can mix and match in a few combinations. You might be surprised at the range of options including four different glass types and many other choices.

Marvin Composite vs Andersen Composite Windows

The Andersen 100 Series is a basic fiberglass window while the Marvin Essential is in the “better” category and Marvin Signature Modern is a premium fiberglass window on par with Pella Impervia windows.

When we do a Marvin vs Andersen vs Pella windows review, readers will be able to compare them head to head. For now, feel free to browse our Pella Window Prices and Reviews.

Series Styles (1) Quality Finishes Extras Warranty (2) Overall
Andersen 100 Series S, C, G, A 3 3 4 3 (10 Years) 3.25
Marvin Signature Modern D, C, A, G 5 5 5 3 (10 Years) 4.5
Marvin Essential S, D, C, A, G 4 3 4 3 (10 Years) 3.5
(1) Style Code: S=single-hung; D=double-hung; C=casement; A=awning; G=gliding/sliding
(2): Frame warranties. Glass and hardware warranties might vary.

Conclusion – Marvin vs Andersen Windows

Our “bottom line” conclusions in the Marvin windows vs Andersen windows debate are these:

If there is no budget limit, then Andersen E-Series windows can’t be topped in beauty, wood specie choices and customized accessories.

However, even when money isn’t a factor, look at the Marvin Signature Ultimate windows. They are produced in an incredible array of styles with options that will allow you to personalize them to your preferences. It is an impressive series of windows, as is the Andersen E-Series and A-Series.

We recommend getting window cost estimates for several series, since prices vary across the country. It’ is really the only way to compare the cost of Marvin windows vs Andersen.

If you want a low-maintenance fiberglass or fiberglass/composite blend window, then the issue is clear. The Andersen 100 Series ($-$$) is affordable but pretty basic. If you want options and stylish beauty, then the Marvin Essential ($$-$$$) or Marvin Signature Modern ($$$-$$$$) windows are superior.

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