Comparing Jeld Wen Vs Andersen Windows Cost, Prices & Series

Andersen has been a top name in premium wood windows for more than a century.

Jeld Wen, aka Jeld-Wen, windows have been produced since 1960, so the company has been around a while too.

Jeld Wen vs Anderson prices and window series comparison should be interesting. Let’s have a look at window series offered by each, prices, warranties and other essential information when making a purchase decision. Don’t forget to check out our comparison of Pella vs Andersen also, if Pella is also a brand you’re considering.

As we compare Andersen and Jeld Wen windows, topics covered are:

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Andersen vs Jeld Wen Window Prices

Andersen makes premium wood windows at premium prices and more affordable wood windows too. Jeld Wen windows generally cost more in head to head comparison of basic, better and best windows.

This chart shows those “apples to apples” comparisons where possible. Jeld Wen aluminum and vinyl windows are listed separately since Andersen didn’t get into the vinyl or aluminum market. It has stuck to its strength – wood and wood composite.

This table will allow you to compare Jeld Wen vs Andersen prices.

Comparing Andersen vs Jeld Wen Window Prices
Andersen Series Interior/ Exterior Price Range Jeld Wen Series Interior/ Exterior Price Range
Wood Windows
A-Series Wood/Fibrex $985 – $1700 Custom Wood Wood/Aluminum Clad $490 – $2250
E-Series Wood/Aluminum Clad $925 – $1595 EpicVue Wood/Aluminum Clad $425 – $1800
400 Series Wood/Vinyl Clad $385 – $850 W-5500 Wood/Aluminum Clad $390 – $1530
200 Series Wood/Vinyl Clad $240 – $580 Siteline Wood/Aluminum Clad $365 – $1250
W-2500 Wood/Aluminum Clad $310 – $985
Composite Windows
Fibrex Fibrex/Fibrex $200 – $350 DF Hybrid $330 – $1075
Vinyl Windows
Andersen does not make vinyl or aluminum windows Premium Atlantic $395 – $1050
$215 – $885
Flat Casing $270 – $825
Brickmould $335 – $815
Builders V-2500 $175 – $700
Aluminum Windows
Builders Atlantic $220 – $495
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Window Installation Cost – Labor Charge

The per-window cost for installing windows varies based on window type, size and how much prep must be made to the opening. New construction windows are generally the easiest to install, so installation cost is slightly lower per window than for replacement windows.

  • $80 – $250 | Installation Cost per Window with an average of about $150 per window.

Comparing Andersen vs Jeld Wen Wood Windows

Andersen’s stock in trade is wood windows. Jeld Wen started making them more recently, but has invested heavily in them.

Both brands make a range of quality, attractive wood windows.

Andersen Wood Windows

Andersen wood windows are considered by many to be the best wood windows available – though Pella wood windows, Marvin Ultimate and a few other high-quality brands, or homeowners that have chosen them, might disagree.

Here’s what’s available.

Andersen A-Series – Wood Interior and Fibrex Exterior

Six species of wood are offered including pine which is lower in price than cherry, oak, mahogany and other options. About a dozen interior pre-finished stain colors and exterior Fibrex colors are available. You have many accessory options for window frame profile, sizes, hardware and finish, glass, grilles, screens, etc.

Andersen E-Series – Wood Interior and Aluminum Cladded Exterior

These might be Andersen’s prettiest windows. There’s an appealing range of wood species including pine, Douglas fir, walnut, cherry and mahogany. Choose from about two dozen stain colors. You can order the interiors bare and stain them yourself. If you’re going to DIY, then you’ll save money. However, if you plan to have a pro painter do it, factory-finished stains are much less expensive.

The exterior aluminum cladding is produced in more than 50 colors.

Andersen 400 Series

These are pine windows with less than 10 vinyl cladding options. The 400 Series is hugely popular for its value. But the beauty and quality does not rank with the A-Series and E-Series. While the windows are pretty basic, the come with a good range of accessory options that allow you to customize the look.

Andersen 200 Series

These are vinyl clad wood windows with a limited number of options. If you could consider a wood window a “builders grade” window, this would be it. The frames are pine, and the interiors are bare or painted white – paint can be painted over with little prep work. As you’d expect, the accessory selection is limited too.

Much more detail about Andersen Windows is found in our Andersen Window Prices Guide.

Jeld Wen Wood Windows

There’s an advantage in “going second.” Andersen set the standard, and now brands like Jeld Wen know what they have to do to compete.

And Jeld Wen has met the challenge. Below are their Jeld Wen wood windows options.

All Jeld Wen wood windows are backed with a 20-year frame warranty.

Jeld Wen Custom Wood Window Series

Jeld Wen’s best windows are stylishly gorgeous and expensive. The options might be the most comprehensive available of any wood window from any manufacturer. There’s complete information on this attractive Jeld Wen wood window series in the Jeld Wen consumer brochure.

Jeld Wen EpicVue Wood Window Series

These classy wood windows are manufactured in eight wood species. The goal is to minimize the frame to give you the fullest view outdoors. Corner-set windows are just one of the unique options. 63 cladding colors are yours to consider.

Jeld Wen W-5500 Clad Wood Windows

15 window styles are produced in one of this brand’s best-selling lines. Browse 28 pre-finished interiors and 27 aluminum cladding colors. You’ll find windows with a flair here like Radius Top double-hung windows.

Jeld Wen Siteline Wood Windows

This is Jeld Wen’s largest collection of windows. Again, frames are thinner to open the view. Three wood options and a good selection of interior finishes and exterior aluminum cladding are available.

Jeld Wen W-2500 Wood Windows

Jeld Wen 2500 vs Andersen 400 windows is a common comparison. The W-2500 series includes popular window styles and decent selection of colors, finishes and accessories allow you to tailor teir appearance.

You’ll find more details on Jeld Wen in our Jeld Wen Window Prices Guide.

Jeld Wen and Andersen Wood Window Ratings

These columns show ratings, not the number of Finishes, for example. The final column is the Overall Rating out of 5.

Series Styles (1) Quality Wood Choice Finishes Extras Warranty (2) Overall
Andersen A-Series D, C, A 5 4 4 5 3 (10 years) 4.2
Andersen E-Series D, C, A 5 5 5 5 3 (10 years) 4.6
Andersen 400 Series D, C, A, G 4 2 3 4 3 (10 years) 3.2
Andersen 200 Series D, G 3 2 2 3 3 (10 years) 2.6
Jeld Wen Custom D, C, A, SL + 5 5 5 5 4 (20 years) 4.8
Jeld Wen EpicVue C, A, P 5 5 5 5 4 (20 years) 4.8
Jeld Wen W-5500 D, C, A, P+ 4 4 5 5 4 (20 years) 4.4
Jeld Wen SiteLine D, C, A, SL + 4 3 5 4 4 (20 years) 4
Jeld Wen W2500 D, C, A, P 3 2 4 4 4 (20 years) 3.4
(1) Style Code: S=single-hung; D=double-hung; C=casement; A=awning; G=gliding/sliding +=More
(2): Frame warranties. Glass and hardware warranties might vary.

Jeld Wen Vinyl & Aluminum Window Ratings

Andersen does not make windows in these materials. Here are Jeld Wen vinyl window ratings and Jeld Wen aluminum window ratings.

Again, all numbers are ratings, not the number of Finishes.

Series Styles (1) Quality Finishes Extras Warranty (2) Overall
Builders Atlantic S, SL 3 3 2 3 (10 years) 2.75
Builders V-2500 S, D, SL, P, B 3 3 3 5 (Lifetime) 3.5
Brickmould S, D, SL, P, A 4 4 3 5 (Lifetime) 4
Flat Casing D, C, A, P 4 3 3 5 (Lifetime) 3.75
Premium V-4500 S, D, SL, C, P 5 5 5 5 (Lifetime) 5
Premium Atlantic S, SL, C, A, P 5 5 5 5 (Lifetime) 5
(1) Style Code: S=single-hung; D=double-hung; C=casement; A=awning; G=gliding/sliding +=More
(2): Frame warranties. Glass and hardware warranties might vary.

Conclusion – Jeld Wen Windows vs Andersen Windows

Andersen sets a high bar for beauty and style. You really can’t go wrong choosing Andersen wood windows or the Fibrex option, though Fibrex is not our first choice from Andersen.

However, when you compare Jeld Wen and Andersen, what Jeld Wen has done with its wood window lines plus high-quality vinyl windows, it is quite impressive.

Jeld Wen warranties on wood windows are longer. There are more finish options for the interior and clad exterior. You have more window style options with Jeld Wen. In some lines, as the data shows, you’ll pay a higher price for Jeld Wen. But if budget isn’t your primary concern, it certainly is worth your time to consider Jeld Wen wood windows.

For additional pricing details among the leading brands and window styles too, see our Window Price Comparison Guide.

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