Comparing the Top 5 Window Brands – Andersen, Marvin, Pella, Ply Gem & Jeld-Wen in 2023

Welcome to the most comprehensive top 5 window brand comparison available online.

This page will assist you in making an informed buying decision based on a wealth of details about window costs, styles and options available and reviews and ratings from consumers and reputable sources.

The Best House Window Brands

The 2023 top window brands are Andersen, Jeld-Wen, Marvin, Pella and Ply Gem. The best window brands are:

Before digging deeper into ratings, here is an overview of each brand.

Unique Features of Each Brand

What do these brands offer? What sets them apart? This section seeks to answer those questions. Pricing information is down the page.

Andersen ($$-$$$$$)

Andersen windows and Doors

Selection Rating: Fair (Wood, Fibrex and Wood/Fibrex combinations – No vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass)

Quality Rating: Good (100 & 200 Series), very good (400 Series & Renewal by Andersen) and Excellent (A-Series & E-Series)

Andersen might be North America’s premier window manufacturer. It is the highest rated window brand almost every year. Andersen windows are comparatively expensive, but the good quality makes them a decent value when you’re in the market for a long-term window solution.

Wood windows: The 200 and 400 Series are wood windows with vinyl-clad exteriors. The E-Series are wood with aluminum cladding. There are more details in the wood windows comparison below.

Composite Fibrex windows: The 100 Series and Renewal by Andersen are all-Fibrex, inside and out. The A-Series windows have wood interiors and composite Fibrex exteriors.

Each window series includes matching patio and sliding glass doors.

Andersen advertises aluminum and fiberglass windows. By aluminum, it means the cladding on the E-Series wood windows. By fiberglass, it is referring to the A-Series with fiberglass composite exteriors and other Fibrex options.

There are more details on our Andersen Windows Prices and Reviews page.

Jeld-Wen ($-$$$$)

Jeld Wen Windows

Selection Rating: Excellent (Wood, Vinyl and Composite)

Quality Rating: Good (V-2500 and Auraline), very good (V-4500 and W-5500) and excellent (Siteline and Custom Wood)

Jeld-Wen is a growing window brand both in market share and in the series it offers. The current lineup consists of vinyl windows (6 series), wood windows (5 series), and 1 series each of aluminum windows and composite windows.

Vinyl windows: There is something for all budgets starting with the affordable Brickmould (5 styles) and Builders V-2500 with 8 styles but no casement windows. The term “Builders” used in the home construction and remodeling industry often means entry-level, as it does here. Jeld-Wen’s best vinyl windows are the Premium Vinyl windows available in all popular styles including double-hung and casement.

Wood: This is where Jeld-Wen has taken a big step in recent years, adding a number of lines. The W-2500 are a value line of wood windows comparable to the Andersen 200 Series and Pella Lifestyle windows. Siteline wood windows is a midrange wood window in 17 styles – a popular choice for homeowners who appreciate variety in window design and shape for their homes. The W-5500 is midrange to premium in quality, cost and style.

EpicVue are contemporary, higher-end windows mainly in casement and awning styles. Thinner frames mean more glass and an “epic” view of the landscape. Jeld-Wen Custom Wood windows which can be compared to Pella Architect Series, Andersen E-Series, Marvin Ultimate and Ply Gem MIRA.

Composite: Auraline windows are fairly new and deliver modern flare. They are Jeld-Wen’s entry into this growing niche, compared to Andersen windows with Fibrex and three Ply Gem composite series.

Aluminum: Jeld-Wen has discontinued two aluminum window lines in the last 5 years and now does not offer any aluminum series.

There are additional details on Jeld-Wen below and in our Jeld-Wen Windows Review.

Marvin ($$$-$$$$$)

marvin windows

Selection Rating: Very good (Wood, fiberglass and aluminum)

Quality Rating: Very good (Signature Modern, Essential) and Excellent (Signature Ultimate, Elevate)

Marvin hasn’t achieved the sales growth enjoyed by Jeld-Wen and Andersen, but the company has remained true to its goal of making superior windows.

And while other brands move away from aluminum, Marvin has added two lines – Signature Modern and the Coastline Series for high velocity hurricane zones.

Wood: The tried-and-true Marvin Ultimate wood window is now the Marvin Signature Ultimate wood window. It offers the best selection of any wood window series. Elevate wood windows are a midrange window that is compared to Andersen 400 Series, Pella Lifestyle Series and Jeld-Wen W-5500 windows.

Fiberglass: The Marvin Essential windows are fairly new and are getting good reviews from homeowners and pro installers. The only direct comparison is with Pella Impervia windows. Pella sells more fiberglass windows, but Marvin has a better reputation for quality and customer service.

Aluminum: Marvin’s newest windows are the extruded aluminum Signature Modern windows in 5 interior/exterior colors. They’re sleek and contemporary. The Coastline Series is newer too, designed for the growing niche of windows that meet rigorous standards for storm/hurricane zones from New England around to the Gulf of Mexico.

Another source of research for Marvin Windows is our Marvin Windows Review.

Pella ($-$$$$$)

pella windows and doors

Selection Rating: Good (Wood, Vinyl and Fiberglass)

Quality Rating: Good (Lifestyle), very good (250 Series & Impervia) and excellent (Architect Series)

Pella has made changes to its lineup in the last few years, adding the high-end Reserve Series in Traditional and Contemporary wood offerings. The company has also introduced a pair of storm-zone windows, Hurricane Shield and Defender.

Wood: The Architect Series is best compared to premium wood lines including Andersen E-Series, Jeld-Wen Custom Wood and Marvin Signature Ultimate. The Reserve Series are pricey too. Reserve Traditional get inspiration from historic window designs while the Reserve Contemporary Series features casement windows and other modern options.

Vinyl: Pella now makes just the builder-grade Encompass by Pella and the 250 Series of midrange windows. Encompass windows are available from home improvement stores and a top DIY choice.

Fiberglass: Pella Impervia fiberglass windows are the window every new fiberglass series is compared to. Among the top 5 window brands, the Marvin Essential windows are the most similar in design, strength and window styles.

Ply Gem ($-$$$$$)

plygem windows

Selection Rating: Very good (Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum and Composite)

Quality Rating: Fair (Composite 200/300), good (most vinyl series, 400 Series), very good (5000/5100 Series, Classic, MIRA)

Ply Gem claims to be the #1 Manufacturer of windows in North America in terms of sales, and that is probably true. Traditionally a maker of vinyl windows, Ply Gem has expanded its material choices.

Vinyl: Ply Gem divides the US into East and West regions, offering different series in each that consider climate and style differences. It produces a total of 11 vinyl window lines in good (e.g. East Pro & West Pro 200), better (e.g. Classic Series) and best (e.g. East Premium & West Pro Series) choices.

Composite: Ply Gem is the only manufacturer making 3 composite lines, the 200, 300 and 400 Series. The 200 Series has genuine pine interiors and the best selection of styles, similar to the Andersen A-Series but with significantly fewer options but also a lower cost. The others are all composite inside and out in double-hung and fixed shapes only. There is little discernible difference between 300 and 400 Series windows. The composite windows are for new construction only, totally missing the larger replacement window market.

Aluminum: Three series, 3700, 4700 and 4800, are sold in limited regions of the country and offer good quality and selection.

Wood: Ply Gem MIRA (also written Mira) windows were introduced in the last 7 years to compete with the big names in wood windows – Marvin Signature Ultimate, Andersen E-Series and Harvey Majesty among others. While more affordable, they fall short in offering only pine frames while others offer options including red oak, white oak, black walnut, Douglas fir, hickory, maple, etc. MIRA allows Ply Gem to offer a wood window, but wood is not Ply Gem’s best suit.

Comprehensive Brand, Product and Feature Comparison for the Best 5 Manufacturers
Andersen Jeld Wen Marvin Pella Ply Gem
Andersen windows and Doors Jeld Wen Windows marvin windows pella windows and doors plygem windows
Overall Ratings out of 10 9.1 8.4 8.6 8.2 7.8
# of Series 5 9 4 6 21
Frame Materials Wood, Composite, Fiberglass Vinyl, Wood, Composite, Hybrid Wood, Fiberglass, Aluminum Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Composite
Premium Wood Windows A-Series, E-Series W-5500, Custom Wood Marvin Signature Ultimate Reserve Series MIRA
Custom Wood Species 10 3 7 2 None
Hurricane / Impact Stormwatch ImpactGard Coastline Hurricane Shield / Defender 1500, 4700, 4800 Series
Wood Frames Warranties 5 or 10 years 20 years 10 years Lifetime 20 Years
Other Frame Warranties 10 years 10 years – Lifetime 10 years Lifetime
1 year (Composite) / Lifetime (Vinyl)
Installation Warranties 2 years 2 years None 2 years 2 years
Special Shape Windows 100, 400, A-Series, E-Series V-4500, W-5500, Custom, Others All Series Reserve Series Most Series
Energy Star Glass Most Series Most Series Most Series 250 Series, Impervia 1500, West Pro 700, Others
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The Window Brand Online Ratings & Reviews

Here is a closer look at a variety of ratings and reviews. No review source provides rankings for all 5 brands. And not all the brands provide reviews from verified customers on their websites. Those that do – Pella and Andersen, should be commended for their openness and integrity.

What do window experts think are the best window brands? Which brand has the best homeowner ratings?

Verified Consumer Ratings – Andersen vs Pella

As noted, only Andersen and Pella let you know what their past customers think of their windows. Here are the two brands and their window collections followed by ratings. The typical positive and negative reviews represent the kinds of good and bad things customers say about the brand.


  • 400 Series (wood): 4.4 / 5
  • 200 Series (wood): 4.3 / 5
  • E-Series (wood): 4.2 / 5
  • A-Series (wood/composite): 4.1 / 5
  • 100 Series (composite): 3.9 / 5
  • Renewal by Andersen (composite): 4.1 / 5
  • Typical positive reviews: The frames show quality construction. Windows fit well and function properly. Andersen wood windows get high marks for beauty.
  • Typical negative review: 100 and 200 Series cranks are cheap and break easy. Condensation buildup on windows is common in very cold temperatures, possibly a sign of broken window seals allowing in cold drafts (one of the most common window repair issues).

If the seal is not broken, Andersen does not consider condensation on the windows a manufacturing defect – and they are correct. The problem is often indoor humidity that is simply too high. Here is an Andersen Windows bulletin on window condensation.


  • Lifestyle (wood): 3.9 / 5
  • Architect Series (wood): 3.4 / 5
  • Pella Reserve (wood): 3.5 / 5
  • 250 Series (vinyl): 3.8 / 5
  • Hurricane Shield (vinyl): 3.7 / 5
  • Defender: Unrated
  • Impervia (fiberglass): 3.7 / 5
  • Typical positive review: Windows are good-quality, function as they should and feel durable (though keep in mind most reviews like that are given within a few weeks or months of installation – too early to discuss durability). All series of windows are very attractive.
  • Typical negative review: Most of the bad reviews from Pella customers are about customer service. Complaints range from the installers leaving behind dirt and dinged drywall to the reps not returning calls to dealing with rude sales and office staff. It should be noted that the quality of the installation and of customer service varies significantly from location to location.

Better Business Bureau Ratings

BBB window ratings overview

Customer ratings on the BBB website are terrible across the board regardless of product type or brand. This is because most people contact the BBB to complain about a product, not to praise it.

The Better Business Bureau has two ratings – a grade that it gives to the business and a numerical rating that is the average of ratings provided by consumers.

The organization says about BBB ratings, “BBB ratings represent the BBB’s opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers. The BBB rating is based on information BBB is able to obtain about the business, including complaints received from the public. BBB seeks and uses information directly from businesses and from public data sources.” Full details on Better Business Bureau ratings are available.

Here are the BBB grades and the compiled ratings from consumers. Keep in mind that the consumer ratings are mostly complaints – and every large window brand gets complained about to the BBB far more than it gets praised.

Here are the ratings and common complaints.

Marvin: A, 1.48 / Frustrations with customer service. Windows with manufacturing defects

Andersen: A, 1.28 / Warranty disputes. Poor response from Andersen when contacted.

Jeld-Wen: A, 1.11 / Unresponsive customer service. Warranty claims rejected.

Pella: B, 1.2 / Long waits for windows. Wrong size when arrived. Poor communication from Pella.

Ply Gem: B, 1.07 / Windows arrive damaged. Warranty hassles.

Forbes Home Window Ratings

Forbes home window ratings are shown below:

Jeld-Wen: 4.2 / 5

Andersen: 4.8 / 5

Marvin: 3.8 / 5

Pella: 3.9 / 5

Ply Gem: 4.3 / 5

Consumer Reports Window Ratings

Consumer reports window ratings

It would be useful if CR reviewed the complete lineup from each major window brand, but it doesn’t. But reviews and ratings can be gleaned from its articles on window types and window materials.

Here are Consumers Report window ratings involving windows from these brands:

Pella Impervia and Andersen A-Series with Fibrex exteriors get an 81/100 rating. This is among the best ratings for composite windows.

Jeld-Wen V-2500 Series is rated a 69/100, which is significantly better than average among vinyl windows. For reference, the highest rated window is a 73 – the Simonton Reflections 5500.

Pella 250 Series vinyl windows gets a 62/100 rating, which is about average for vinyl windows.

Other Window Review Sites

You can find lists of the top residential window brands from websites you might be familiar with. These include Bob Villa, This Old House, Better Homes & Gardens, and even Architectural Digest.

What Top Window Brands Have in Common

all big window brands compared

Our Comparison Table of the Top 5 Window Brands for 2023 focuses on differences. What these brands all offer are:

All main window styles: Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, picture/fixed and sliding windows. This includes geometric shapes like round, half-round, trapezoid, octagonal and others.

*Not every window series from these brands includes all the window styles – no brand does that. But if your primary buying factor is window style, then each brand has something for you.

Replacement and new construction windows: The frame construction for replacement windows allows them to be installed into the window space without the need to disturb the home’s siding – in most cases. On the other hand, new construction windows are designed to be nailed to the home’s exterior sheathing before siding is installed. All the top brands offer both types. Many series, like the Andersen 400 Series and Pella Impervia Series are made in both new construction and replacement window frames. Some are only for replacement jobs and others are just new construction windows.

Multiple glass options: All offer standard low-e glass, tempered or shatterproof (security), laminated, tinted, obscured (frosted) and decorative glass.

Energy Efficiency glass: Each brand offers standard low-E glass plus several glass packages with coatings designed for various climates. For example, some allow heat in while also keeping indoor heat inside – ideal for cold climates. Others reflect UV rays and prevent heat transfer, designed for warm climates. Some glass options are Energy Star certified for certain climates.

Window Types & Styles Provided

This table shows the most popular window series (plural) from each of the brands on the Best House Windows list – and the window styles they offer.

The first series is an entry-level or budget series. The second is the most popular midrange series. The third is a premium series.

For example, Andersen:

  • 100 Series: Basic/Entry-level
  • 400 Series: Better/Most popular
  • A-Series: Best/Premium


Andersen Window Styles
100 Series Fibrex Single-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, specialty
400 Series Wood Double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, specialty, bay/bow
A-Series Wood Double-hung, casement, awning, picture, specialty
Essential Fiberglass Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, specialty
Elevate Fiberglass/Wood Double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, specialty, bay/bow
Signature Ultimate Wood Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, picture, specialty, bay/bow
Builders V-2500 Vinyl Single-hung, double-hung, sliding, picture, specialty, bay/bow
Auraline Composite Single-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, specialty
Custom Wood Double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, specialty, bay/bow
250 Series Vinyl Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture
Impervia Fiberglass Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, picture
Architect Series Wood Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, picture, bay/bow
Ply Gem
1100 Series Vinyl Single-hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, shapes
300 Series Composite Double-hung, picture, shapes
MIRA Wood Double-hung, casement, awning, picture, shapes, bay/bow

Here are a few notes that stand out:

Best Selection: Marvin

Marvin has the best range of window styles at every level from entry-level to midgrade to premium. This will be even more evident in the Wood Windows Comparison next – the selection of the Marvin Signature Ultimate wood windows is outstanding.

Worst Selection: Jeld-Wen

The brand offers the fewest styles in most window lines.

Wood Windows Comparison

  • Best Overall Series: Marvin Signature Ultimate
  • Best Quality: Andersen E-Series
  • Best Selection: Marvin Signature Ultimate

Here are the most popular premium wood windows from each of the top 5 window brands:

Andersen E-Series – New Construction and Replacement

These are the go-to choice for homeowners that want the best of the best, especially if they favor a non-traditional wood frame like red oak, white oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, etc. The quality is outstanding, and the options for tailoring the look and performance of the window to your personal preferences is second to none. The one drawback is that the 10-year warranty is shorter than warranties offered on other premium wood frame windows.

Source: Andersen

Marvin Signature Ultimate – New Construction and Replacement

These windows were called Marvin Ultimate for more than a decade and recently changed to reflect Marvin’s revamped window lineup.

What makes the Signature Ultimate window stand out is the impressive number of window style variations. For example, there are seven Ultimate casement window styles: Traditional casement, Inswing casement, Narrow Frame casement, French casement, French Push Out casement and traditional Push Out casement.

There are four double-hung windows – a total of 26 window styles.

Source: Marvin

Jeld-Wen Custom Wood – New Construction and Replacement

This is the newest series in this list, so consider that they don’t have a decades-long track record like the E-Series or Signature Ultimate Series above. However, the reviews for the first 5-8 years of this line are excellent.

The Jeld-Wen Custom Wood series is available in 16 styles – second only to Marvin’s. This includes five casement windows: Standard, Radius Top, Segment Top and Double Segment Top, and Push Out casement. Traditional and Radius Top double-hung windows are part of the series.

Source: Jeld Wen

Pella Reserve Series – New Construction and Replacement

While the Andersen E-Series has a 4.2/5 rating from verified homeowners, the Reserve Series has a rating of just 3.5/5 rating. It’s still worth a look.

What’s different about the Pella Reserve Series is that it is offered in Traditional (10 styles) and Contemporary (6 styles), both clad on the exterior with aluminum. Corner windows are a unique feature of this series – available in both Traditional and Contemporary lines.

Source: Pella

Ply Gem MIRA – New Construction Only

These are also fairly new, allowing Ply Gem to get into the high-end wood window market.

The upside to these windows is their good quality, though the series is newer and doesn’t have the track record of Andersen, Marvin or Pella.

The downsides are just 6 styles, and that pine is your only wood option.

Source: Ply Gem
Brand & Series Styles Price Colors Cladding Type & Colors
Andersen E-Series 8 $900 – $3,850 14 Aluminum – 50+
Marvin Signature Ultimate 26 $825 – $3,600 10 Aluminum – 19 + Custom
Jeld-Wen Custom Wood 16 $650 – $3,250 16 Aluminum – 27
Pella Reserve Series 10 $885 – $3,475 12 Aluminum – 20
Ply Gem MIRA 6 $800 – $2,750 5 Aluminum – 46
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Window Series

Wood Species Available

Andersen E-Series Pine, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Douglas Fir (vertical or mixed grain), Alder, Walnut, Hickory
Marvin Signature Ultimate Pine, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, White Oak, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, Black Walnut
Jeld-Wen Custom Wood Pine, Alder, Douglas Fir
Pella Reserve Series Pine, Mahogany, Douglas Fir
Ply Gem MIRA Pine

Vinyl Windows Comparison

More vinyl windows are sold annually than any other material.

  • Best Overall Series: Ply Gem 1100 Series
  • Best Value Series: Jeld-Wen Brickmould
  • Best Quality: Jeld-Wen East Premium
  • Best Selection: Ply Gem (Eastern US)

Here’s an overview of what each of these brands offers.

Ply Gem

Is it possible to have too many options? That might be the case with Ply Gem – it makes 9 vinyl series available in the Eastern US though just 3 series in the West.

Source: Ply Gem

The nice part is that Ply Gem’s vinyl window offerings are available in basic, better and best series. There’s something for every budget. Our Ply Gem Windows Review is the best place to find full details on Ply Gem’s vinyl window lines. However, here’s a quick look at the best Ply Gem vinyl windows:

Basic/Cheap: East Pro Series, West Pro Series 200

Better/Most Popular: East 5000/5100 Series, West 400 Series

Best/Highest Quality: East Premium, West Pro 700 Series


This leading brand made its mark with vinyl windows and added other materials later.

Source: Jeld Wen

Basic/Cheap: Brickmould

Better/Most Popular: Premium V-4500

Best/Highest Quality: Premium Atlantic


This brand, birthed in Pella Iowa, once made more vinyl lines than it now does. Where it shines is in storm/hurricane zone windows with the Defender Series and Hurricane Shield vinyl windows. See our Pella Windows Review for details on lines and prices.

Source: Pella

Basic/Cheap: Encompass by Pella

Better/Most Popular: Pella 250

Best/Highest Quality: Defender Series – while ideal for high-wind zones, they’re a good choice for any home.

Andersen and Marvin

Zero. Neither brand produces a vinyl window line.

Composite and Fiberglass Windows Comparison

This is a mixed bag – some are full fiberglass windows like Pella Impervia and others are true composites like Andersen wood/fiberglass Fibrex and Jeld-Wen wood composites.

  • Best Overall Series: Marvin Elevate
  • Best Quality: Marvin Essential
  • Best Selection: The Andersen A-Series

More about those options.

Best Overall Series: Marvin Elevate – Why? Because the windows have genuine wood interiors with beauty neither fiberglass nor Fibrex can match. And the Elevate exteriors are Ultrex fiberglass to withstand tough weather conditions.

Best Quality: Marvin Essential is the best all-fiberglass window available. And fiberglass is a more durable choice than wood composite. It is produced in 8 styles including single-hung windows, double-hung and casement windows. And Marvin Essential patio doors are offered too.

Best Selection: (Tie) The Andersen A-Series gives you six interior wood species choices and 11 composite exterior colors. Marvin Elevate offers an appealing range of window styles too including two casement and two double-hung styles plus many others. Both are good-quality window series.

The other options from Pella, Jeld-Wen and Ply Gem are decent windows, but not quite on par with the A-Series and Elevate.

What are these materials?

Pella Impervia

Pella Impervia windows fiberglass is an extremely strong proprietary fiberglass blend manufactured in 5 layers. You’ll see the name Duracast given to it in some literature.

The material is a thermoset (heat-set) fiberglass, and it won’t melt or become brittle in extreme temperature changes – tested at -40F to 180F. Pella isn’t giving away the secrets but does claim that its fiberglass is the “strongest material for windows, engineered for lasting durability.” Here’s the Pella Impervia Brochure.

Pella makes bold claims in the brochure and elsewhere. It boasts that the fiberglass used in Impervia windows is:

100 times more impact resistant that Andersen Fibrex.

20 times greater in tensile strength than Fibrex.

10 times stronger than Fibrex in a bend test.

Marvin Fiberglass Windows

Marvin fiberglass windows are produced with a proprietary fiberglass blend called pultruded Ultrex. Marvin Essential windows have fiberglass interiors and exteriors. Marvin Elevate have wood interiors and fiberglass exteriors.

Marvin claims it has around 7.5 times the tensile strength of Fibrex according to ASTM D638 tests (also cited by Pella re: Impervia). That means it isn’t as strong as Impervia fiberglass – but it’s around 6 times stronger than PVC vinyl used in many windows. The material is very stable – it won’t expand and contract much with temperature changes, so it is less likely to split or crack than wood or vinyl.

Andersen Fibrex Windows

Andersen Fibrex is and exclusive composite blend.

The 100 Series and Renewal by Andersen window frames are all Fibrex. A-Series frames have Fibrex exteriors.

The Fibrex blend is 40% wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymers. Andersen claims Fibrex is 2 times stronger than vinyl, so it is essentially admitting that it is not as strong as fiberglass.

Jeld Wen Composite Windows

Jeld-Wen Auraline True Composite windows are a blend of reclaimed wood fiber and synthetic polymers with contractor-extruded color, which means the color is totally blended into the material.

Jeld-Wen doesn’t provide many technical details but does claim its True Composite is “twice as rigid as vinyl,” so quite similar to Fibrex in strength.

Ply Gem Composite Windows

Ply Gem wood composite is also a wood fiber and polymer blend. The Ply Gem 200, 300 and 400 Series all have solid wood interiors with wood/PVC composite exteriors.

The 200 Series offers the most window styles – double-hung, casement, awning and shapes. The 300 Series includes double-hung, picture and shapes windows based on historical window styles. The 400 Series has the most robust frames and is available in double-hung, picture and shapes.

Window Prices – Top Five Window Brands

These are installed window prices. They include cost factors like window sizes, styles, accessories, wood species and stain options. As a result of the cost factors, the window price range is very wide. In fact, the most expensive windows are beyond the window prices given, in some cases.

A few of the windows covered in this review are available for sale to homeowners. If you buy windows and install them yourself, the cost savings will be $300 to $750 per window.

*Bay and Bow windows are not included. The cost of bay and bow windows is 3-6 times higher than for single windows. Installation labor charges for these window groupings are $1,000 to $1,500, possibly higher in complex installations.

Brand Wood Windows Vinyl Windows Fiberglass Windows Composite Windows Aluminum Windows
Andersen $815 – $3,850 N/A N/A $780 – $3,600 N/A
Jeld-Wen $630 – $3,250 $395 – $1,900 N/A $415 – $1,650 N/A
Marvin $795 – $3,600 N/A $900 – $2,500 N/A $800 – $2,650
Pella $775 – $3,475 $435 – $2,500 $665 – $2,700 N/A N/A
Ply Gem $800 – $2,750 $515 – $2,100 N/A $795 – $2,635 $530 – $1,965
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What windows have the best warranty?

Vinyl windows typically have a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Each of the top 5 window brands make vinyl windows with Lifetime warranty coverage.

Here is an overview of the warranty coverage ranked by brand:

#1: Pella

#2: Jeld-Wen

#3: Marvin

#4: Ply Gem

#5: Andersen

It’s interesting that Andersen produces the highest rated windows but has the poorest warranty coverage.

First, warranties are often denied, especially when windows are more than a few years old. This is true across the industry. Secondly, shorter warranties are a way for manufacturers to reduce their long-term risk and protect profits. That’s just the way it goes. Warranty coverage probably should not be a major factor in your window buying decision unless the warranty is weak – such as the 1-year warranty on Ply Gem composite windows.

What wood windows have the best warranties?

Pella. Pella wood windows are backed by a Lifetime warranty. Jeld-Wen and Ply Gem offer 20-year warranties on some wood windows.

What are the best impact windows?

Marvin Coastline windows are the highest rated. Pella Hurricane Shield are outstanding too.

Andersen does not make a specific line of hurricane zone or storm region windows. Instead, Andersen has a collection of features called Stormwatch. Impact glass can be used, and frames are reinforced. Windows with this technology meet ASTM E1886/E1996, TAS 201 and other large missile and high velocity tests for High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Stormwatch is available on 100 and 400 Series windows, the A-Series and E-Series.

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