Comparing Pella vs Marvin Windows Costs & Series

Marvin vs Pella windows compares two of the best-selling premium brands. Pella windows are available in nine standard lines plus a couple hurricane series. Marvin windows include four full lines and the Tilt Pac sash replacement kits for double-hung windows.

This page comparing Pella vs Marvin windows and prices is a full review of the series each offers, window types and styles plus Marvin window prices and Pella window prices for head to head comparison.

The outline for this Marvin windows vs Pella windows page is:

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Marvin has streamlined its lineup and changed the name of one of its most popular brands – Marvin Ultimate wood windows are now Marvin Signature Collection windows, and they are available in Contemporary and Ultimate (Traditional) Series.

If we compared Marvin vs Pella vs Andersen, we would see that each brand breaks one of more of its top series into Traditional and Contemporary lines. For example, Pella Reserve, its newest and most premium line, plus Pella Architect Series are both divided that way. Details are found below.

Marvin vs Pella Windows Cost

Many readers are looking for Pella windows vs Marvin prices, so let’s start there. If you have a budget, the table will show you which of the lines are worth considering.

This is just window prices. Details about window styles, features and accessories is found below.

This Marvin vs Pella price table separates the series by interior and exterior materials.

Comparing Marvin Vs Pella Window Cost
Marvin Series Interior/Exterior Price Range Pella Series Interior/Exterior Price Range
Signature Ultimate Wood/Aluminum $545 – $1,425 Reserve Series Wood/Clad (1) $750 – $1,600+
Elevate Wood/Fiberglass $325 – $900 Architect Series Wood/Clad $695 – $1,475
Lifestyle Series (2) Wood/Vinyl Clad $615 – $1,150
Signature Modern All Fiberglass $390 – $785 Impervia All Fiberglass $240 – $625
Essential All Fiberglass $215 – $435
Marvin does not make vinyl windows
350 Series Vinyl / Vinyl $175 – $485
(1) Architect Series cladding is offered in Enduraclad aluminum and Enduraclad Plus, vinyl with polymers.

(2) The Pella Lifestyle Series replaces the Pella 750 Series
(3) The Encompass Series is also sold as ThermaStar Windows
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A couple of the most significant Pella windows vs Marvin windows comparisons are:

Marvin Signature Ultimate vs Pella Architect Series

These are premium windows with wood interiors and clad exteriors. They are the brands’ best sellers in wood and available in Contemporary (Marvin calls it Modern) and Traditional looks.

You might ask why we didn’t compare the Marvin windows with Pella Reserve – It’s because the Reserve line might be called “super-premium.” They are mostly custom windows with fewer options than found in the Architect Series.

Marvin Signature Modern vs Impervia

These are all-fiberglass windows. Both brands make them in double-hung, casement, awning and gliding. The Pella Impervia are also available in single-hung windows.

Pro Perspective: Marvin is done shuffling the names of its window series yet. Marvin Signature Ultimate are wood and Marvin Signature Modern are fiberglass. To have Signature Series windows in both clad wood and fiberglass will confuse some consumers, our experience tells us. Wood and fiberglass are very different window materials, and the homeowner should be given information that differentiates the windows, not confuses them.

The Ultimate Modern fiberglass windows are worth comparing in a Marvin vs Pella vs Andersen windows discussion since all these major brands are in the fiberglass window niche.

Installation Cost per Window

How much each window costs to install depends on these window installation cost factors:

  • Size (is it a one-person or two-person job?)
  • Whether an old window is removed and disposed of
  • Type of window
  • Whether the window opening requires adjustments prior to installing the window
  • First-floor or above for new windows (replacement windows can usually be installed from inside)

New construction windows often install faster than replacement windows, so the cost might be lower by $10-$20 per window.

  • $80 – $250 | Window Installation Cost – though the average range is plus or minus $150. These prices are for single windows. Bay and bow window assemblies cost as much as $500 to install.

Comparing Marvin vs Pella Wood Windows

Wood is top of mind for most homeowners, so let’s begin the comparison here.

Marvin Wood Windows

One line is all wood; the second, Elevate, combines wood interiors with fiberglass exteriors.

Marvin Signature Ultimate Windows

Simply called Marvin Ultimate for decades, these beautiful wood windows now have an extra, trademarked, moniker to distinguish them. They compare most closely to Pella Architect Series windows.

These traditionally styled are produced in 20+ types and styles including corner windows. For example, just in casement windows, your options include standard, inswing, narrow frame, push out and narrow frame push out!

Your Marvin Signature Ultimate wood window options start with seven wood species including pine and white oak, of course, but also less common options like vertical grain Douglas fir and high-end black walnut. Compare that to three species for Pella Architect Series.

The windows can be factory-finished in a wide spectrum of stain and paint colors. Cladding is extruded aluminum offered in 19 colors plus color-match custom colors at a slightly higher cost. Pella Architect Series offers 27 cladding colors plus custom.

Accessory options are just as broad for grilles, hardware, glass/glazing and screens. The Marvin Window Opening Control Device limits window opening to 4” or less when the sash is opened. The goal is to prevent young children from falling out the window. This video shows how it works.

Marvin Elevate Windows

Elevate windows have wood interiors and fiberglass exteriors. The fiberglass is discussed in the section on Marvin Signature Modern all-fiberglass windows.

There are a dozen styles in the Elevate collection including double-hung, casement, awning and gliding windows. Interiors are limited to pine, which you can choose bare, clear-coated or painted white or black. Six exterior colors are offered. Five hardware finishes are available plus a good selection of glass and grilles. The Window Opening Control Device is an option on these windows too.

Pella Wood Windows

Lifestyle Series (basic), Architecture Series (better) and Reserve Series are all wood windows with exterior cladding.

Let’s start with the “best.”

Pella Reserve Windows

These are newer windows from Pella and some of the finest and most expensive offered by any major brand. They are comparable to the Andersen E-Series windows in our Pella vs Andersen Window Review.

Pella Reserve are manufactured in a Traditional and Contemporary Series. The company says they are, “meticulously designed to replicate the historical millwork process…Each piece is original.” Pine, Douglas Fir and Mahogany are your choices.

Windows include awning and casement in both collections plus single-hung and double-hung windows in the Traditional Series. A range of patio doors and bi-fold complete the collection.

About a dozen factory finishes are offered for interiors, while Pella’s EnduraClad extruded aluminum exterior cladding is produced in 27 colors plus custom color match. Several hardware styles vary by series up to seven finished plus grille styles allow for semi-custom design to fit your home’s style.

A unique feature is the Pella Rolscreen retractable screens available with some window styles. Pella’s Insynctive home security sensors can be factory-installed on these windows.

Pella Architect Series Windows

These windows were called the 850 Series for years, but that has been dropped. Traditional and Contemporary Series are offered. The quality and customization options are about the same as in the Reserve lines, and so are wood species: pine, Douglas fir and mahogany.

These windows cost less than Reserve windows because there are fewer custom choices and less craftsmanship goes into them. They are still quality wood windows, and beautiful too. Cladding, interior finishes, grilles and hardware choices are comparable to Reserve.

Pella Lifestyle Series Windows

The name replaces the Pella 750 Windows. The frames are Energy Star certified and offer good efficiency and sound dampening qualities.

Your only option is pine, but it can be factory finished in 10 stain or paint choices. Exterior cladding is offered in 10+ colors, and overall, accessory choices are fewer than you have with the higher-cost Reserve and Architecture Series.

The windows are compatible with Insynctive, and you have the option of between-glass shades and blinds to control light.

Pella vs Marvin Wood Window Ratings

Here are Marvin vs Pella ratings for their wood window lines.

Series Styles (1) Quality Wood Choice Finishes Extras Warranty (2) Overall Rating
Pella Reserve C, A, D, S 5 3 4 4 5 (Lifetime) 4.2
Pella Architect C, A, D, S 5 3 4 4 5 (Lifetime) 4.2
Pella Lifestyle C, A, D 5 2 3 5 5 (Lifetime) 4
Marvin Signature Ultimate C, A, D 5 4 5 4 3 (10 years) 4.2
Marvin Elevate D, C, A, 4 2 3 3 3 (10 years) 3
1) Style Code: S=single-hung; D=double-hung; C=casement; A=awning; G=gliding/sliding
(2): Frame warranties. Glass and hardware warranties might vary.


As you can see, overall ratings are equal in the top lines. Where Marvin is better than Pella is in wood choice and finish.

When it comes to warranty, Pella’s is clearly better.

Comparing Pella vs Marvin Fiberglass Windows

The Marvin Signature Modern and Essential Series are all-fiberglass, as is the Pella Impervia Series. In terms of Pella vs Marvin fiberglass, the Impervia are a mid-tier window while the Signature Modern are top-tier in cost and the Essential windows are more affordable.

Marvin Signature Ultimate Modern Windows

That name is a mouthful, another reason we suspect it won’t last. By modern, Marvin means something like industrial, as the clear anodized and darker finishes demonstrate.

These durable, attractive windows feature something of a minimalist design made possible by the strength of high-density fiberglass.

The Ultimate Modern fiberglass windows are offered in casement and awning, and crank and push out versions are available. A narrower range of options for glass and hardware are offered.

Marvin Essential Windows

Choose from casement, double-hung, awning and glider windows in this collection.

Six exterior colors and two interior tones give you decent choices for the look of your windows. Generally, the accessory options are less than the Ultimate Series or Pell Impervia. Marvin spins limited choices this way, “Simplified options make the order process straightforward.”

Pella Impervia Windows

Pella calls its proprietary material Duracast fiberglass. The windows are offered in six colors. You can either choose white interiors with your choice of exterior color or order the same color inside and out.

Choice is also limited for glass, grilles and other accessories. One hardware style is produced in eight finishes.

Marvin vs Pella Fiberglass Window Ratings

Let’s compare:

Series Styles (1) Quality Finishes Extras Warranty (2) Overall
Pella Impervia S, D, C, A, G 4 3 4 5 (Lifetime) 4
Marvin Signature Modern D, C, A, G 5 5 5 3 (10 Years) 4.5
Marvin Essential S, D, C, A, G 4 3 4 3 (10 Years) 3.5
(1) Style Code: S=single-hung; D=double-hung; C=casement; A=awning; G=gliding/sliding
(2): Frame warranties. Glass and hardware warranties might vary.


Pella has better warranties that Marvin across the board. Marvin Signature Modern windows are preferred in quality, finishes and extras, so its overall rating is higher.

The Marvin Essential windows are an affordable fiberglass window equal to Impervia in all but warranty.

Pella Vinyl Windows

Since Marvin doesn’t make vinyl windows, we can’t compare. But here is a brief introduction to Pella’s 3 vinyl window lines with ratings.

Pella 350 Windows

The best vinyl window from Pella is manufactured in two interior and nine exterior colors. Some mixing and matching is offered.

Choose the overall look you want with a decent selection of hardware styles and finishes but three glass and six grille style choices. Insynctive sensors are optional.

Pella 250 Windows

The mid-tier Pell vinyl windows offered in the same interior (white or almond) and nine exterior tones. There are just two hardware, three glass and three grille styles, so Pella could borrow a line from Marvin and say, “Simplified options make the order process straightforward.”

Encompass by Pella

These windows are sold in home improvement stores under the brand name ThermaStar.

Options are definitely simplified! White and almond interior/exterior colors, four hardware and finish combinations and the fewer glass and grille choices are available. However, a good range of window styles is available.

Pella Vinyl Window Ratings

Here’s the overview of the three lines and how we rate them.

Series Styles (1) Quality Finishes Extras Warranty (2) Overall
Pella 350 S, D, C, A, G 4 4 4 5 (Lifetime) 4.25
Pella 250 S, D, C, A, G 3 4 3 5 (Lifetime) 4
Emcompass S, D, C, A, G 3 3 3 5 (Lifetime) 3.5
(1) S=Single-hung, D=Double-hung, C=Casement, A=Awning, G=Gliding

Conclusion – Pella vs Marvin Windows

Here are insights from the comparison of Marvin and Pella windows.

Pella Reserve – If your budget is large and you want the finest wood windows available, you will enjoy Pella Reserve windows. Both Traditional and Contemporary lines are very attractive and built like fine furniture.

Marvin Signature Ultimate vs Pella Architect – These wood windows are very comparable, and both are worth considering. Marvin offers better slightly better selection; Pell a better warranty.

Warranties – Pella offers better warranties on the surface, but the brand, like most window companies, can be difficult to deal with on warranty issues.

It really comes down to your local Pella dealer (or Marvin, Andersen, Jeld Wen, etc.). Not all offer equal customer service and work toward customer retention the same.

That’s why we recommend you always get estimates from several window sellers and installers in your area. Choose one with good reviews for quality installation and customer service.

For more information, see our full Pella Window Prices Review plus our Marvin Window Prices Review.

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