Comparing the Best Wood Windows, Replacement and New Construction for 2020

Which manufacturer makes the best wood windows for the money in 2020? Following on from our article covering the best vinyl windows, we’ve put together a list of the best wood window brands for 2020, along with the best series within each brand, which we hope you find useful. 

Wood windows are durable, easy to maintain when clad with aluminum or vinyl and provide excellent insulation. These traits make wood one of the most  popular types of window material in North America. There are brief reviews below of the brands that deliver quality, selection and value.

Many of the windows we rate among the top wood windows for 2020 make new construction and the best wood replacement windows.

The best wood window manufacturers are:

  • Andersen
  • Marvin
  • Pella
  • Milgard
  • Harvey

What Makes a Good Wood Window?

To homeowners and window installers alike, a quality window at a fair price is the definition of good value.

Some of the brands on the list make 2 or 3 series, while others only make 1 or 2. Sometimes the difference is window quality and often it’s in the style or design as well.

The brands included here offer good selection of color and style choices plus they offer solid wood window warranties.  

We always recommend getting estimates from a few window installers who can price several brands for you. When shopping for wood windows it’s best to have options.

The Best Wood Window Brands

Following are reviews of the brands on our list. We’ll link to them as we go.

Andersen Wood Windows


In business since 1905, Andersen makes 3 primary wood window series. The best Andersen windows for you depends on your priorities and budget. Following are our recommendations:

Entry Level: 200 Series

These vinyl clad wood windows are available in Double Hung, Gliding, and Picture in an unfinished pine or prefinished white on the interior. There are 2 exterior choices, white or sandstone. With a wide variety of accessory, glass, grille and grid choices, you should find something that works for your home.

Best Value – Midgrade: 400 Series

The 400 series features vinyl clad wood windows styles available in  Awning, Casement, Double Hung, Gliding, Picture, Bay/Bow, and Specialty options. They are available in 7 exterior colors, 3 interior colors including  white, dark bronze, and black, plus unfinished pine. There is also a wide range of hardware colors, grid, and grille options able to meet the style requirements of any home.

The price jump from the 200 to the 400 series is not significant, with the 400 series offering more options, making  this series the best value.

Premium: E Series

These aluminum clad wood windows are available in nearly unlimited possibilities including 11 window styles such as Double Hung, Picture, Casement and specialty styles such as Push Out Awning, French and Push Out Casements. 

You can select from  50 standard exterior colors plus anodized choices and custom colors for Andersen’s best wood windows. The interior selection includes 10 varieties of wood, 9 finishes, 13 standard, plus custom colors. There is also a wide selection of hardware, glass technology, grille, and grid choices. You can even create a stained glass effect with their art glass option, making this series truly custom.

Marvin Wood Windows

Marvin Windows has been in business since 1912 manufacturing two wood windows series. Neither one could be called “entry-level,” since Marvin window prices for these lines cost more than the Andersen 400 Series.

Best Value – Midgrade:  Signature Ultimate

The Signature Ultimate line is an aluminum clad wood window and offers the broadest ranges of choices making it the best value option. Available in any shape of window you might need including Awning, Bay/Bow, Casement, Corner, Double Hung, Glider, Picture, as well as Specialty.  

On the exterior you can choose from 19 colors plus 3 species of unfinished wood – Mahogany, Pine or Fir. For the interior, you can select from 7 species of wood, 7 different stains, primed white, or pre-painted  black or white. 

With a wide variety of hardware, grid patterns, casing selections, and glass, there’s something to compliment the style of any home. Many of these windows are also available with fully integrated shades in 15 colors.

Premium: Signature Elevate

The Elevate windows are made with a fiberglass exterior and a wood interior for superior strength and durability. Window choices include Awning, Bay/Bow, Casement, Double Hung, Glider, Picture, Rounded Tops, and Specialty shapes. 

The exterior comes in 6 colors including bronze, black, white, evergreen, and gray. The interior choices are bare pine, clear-coat pine, black, or white. There is also a wide range of hardware finishes, glass, grid patterns, and casings available.

Both of these window series are available with specialized locking and security features.

Pella Wood Windows

Pella Windows has been around since 1925 and makes some of the best-selling windows in North America. Part of the brand’s success is its huge marketing budget – to go with quality windows and doors. 

As with Marvin, there are no cheap Pella wood windows. Pella window prices start with a midgrade wood window.

Pella offers 2 series of aluminum clad wood windows with a wide range of options allowing the homeowner to create exactly what they are looking for. They are:

Best Value – Midgrade: Lifestyle Series

The Lifestyle series offers Awning, Casement, and Double Hung windows available in 7 interior stains, 3 prefinished colors, and primed or unfinished pine.  The exterior is available in 10 colors including white, black, gray, green, tan, and brown. There are also many options of hardware finishes, grille, grid patterns, and glass to choose from providing the versatility to meet any performance and style requirement making these the best value option.

Premium: Architectural Series 850

The best wood replacement windows from Pella are offered in 2 subseries – Traditional 850 and Contemporary 850. New construction windows are available too. 

Traditional 850 would be used when looking for an authentic, classic, well crafted look for your home. Window styles include Awning, Casement, Double Hung, and Single Hung. 

Contemporary 850 provides modern styling with a sleek design and expansive glass options. 

Both lines feature interior wood choices of Mahogany, Fir, Pine, Oak, and Maple. Select from 11 stains, 5 paint colors, or unfinished or primed wood.  The exterior is available in 25 colors and unfinished or primed Mahogany.

Milgard Wood Windows


Milgard window prices reflect a premium wood window with a full lifetime warranty. Their line of wood windows  is the Essence Series and they serve the Western United States and Canada.

Essence Series

The Essence line of wood replacement windows features wood interiors with fiberglass exteriors. Their shapes include Casement, Awning, Picture, Slider, Double Hung, and Radius (or rounded top).  The interiors are available in unfinished Douglas Fir and Pine or primed pine. 

There are 16 exterior colors to choose from. Hardware is available in 5 finishes including nickel, chrome, bronze, and white and with grid, grille, trim, and glass options you will find a good fit for your home.

Harvey Building Products

Harvey Building Products, in business since 1961,  manufactures one line of wood replacement windows under Harvey Majesty. Harvey window prices are competitive with midgrade Andersen, Pella and Marvin wood windows. 

Harvey Majesty

Harvey Majesty are aluminum clad wood  windows available in Double Hung, Gliding, Casement, Picture, Awning, Bay/Bow and Custom shapes. The interior of these windows is either unfinished Pine or white primed Pine. Exteriors are available in 5 colors including Almond, Black, Dark Bronze, Forest Green and White. There are also various grid, grille, glass technology and hardware finishes to choose from.

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