Best Replacement Window Brands / Company, Who Makes the Best in 2020 / 2021?

best replacement window brands

This guide is about who makes the best replacement windows – the best replacement window brands and series. It includes the best replacement window brands for 2020/2021, their key features and the cost of replacement windows for that brand to help you determine which brand of replacement window is best.

Best Replacement Windows

What are the best replacement windows series & brands?

  • Pella 350 Series Vinyl
  • Simonton Reflections 5500 Vinyl
  • Milgard Trinsic Vinyl
  • Jeld-Wen V-2500 Vinyl
  • Andersen 400 Series Wood
  • Marvin Signature Ultimate Wood
  • Pella Lifestyle Wood
  • Milgard Ultra Fiberglass
  • Marvin Essential Fiberglass
  • Pella Impervia Fiberglass
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The Best Replacement Window Company

If you define the best replacement window company by the range of offerings, then Pella is our choice. It offers high-quality choices in vinyl, wood, fiberglass and even black fiberglass windows. For overall quality, Marvin and Andersen windows rate very high. Simonton is a vinyl window specialist, and many of its lines get outstanding reviews from homeowners and independent testers. Who makes the best replacement windows? It really depends on the material you prefer, your budget and what is available in your area. The windows in the list above and in the reviews below are a good place to begin your search for quality replacement windows.

2020/2021 Best Replacement Windows

We’ve rated the best home replacement windows in vinyl, wood, fiberglass, composite and aluminum.

Did you know? There are quite a few local and regional companies that could be considered among the best replacement window brands. That’s why it makes sense to get replacement window estimates from several companies that offer both national brands like Pella and Andersen plus regional brands like Wallside and Champion.

How We Rate the Best Replacement Windows

We look for windows that have a good reputation for keeping out wind and moisture in a range of temperatures from freezing cold to warm and humid.

Their frames must be durable and known to maintain their shape and integrity without warping or cracking. We pay attention to homeowners who have had the windows installed plus the ratings given to windows by well-respected testing sites like Consumer Reports.

Our best replacement window brands ratings are less concerned with available styles, colors and accessories, though those details are included below to give you a more complete picture of what each offers.

Best Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are the market-share leader outpacing wood replacement windows by more than two to one.

Here are the best replacement window brands and series made with vinyl frames.


Pella vinyl windows are a cut above the competition when it comes to all-weather performance. They keep out the elements while holding in treated air – air conditioned air in the summer and heated air in winter.

Pella vinyl window series include the budget-friendly Encompass by Pella windows plus the 250 Series and 350 Series.

Best Series: The top Pella vinyl window line is the Pella 350 Series. They are energy efficient and available in single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning and sliding windows. Bay and bow window options are offered too. Pella makes 350 Series patio doors too. All Pella 350 windows and doors are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Consumer Reports gives the Pella 350 Series its top mark as the best vinyl replacement windows available today, stating, “It earns an Excellent rating in our rain-resistance test, even with simulated gale-force winds—worth noting if you live in a rainy and windy area”. The windows receive the highest ratings for resistance to wind and moisture – including wind-driven rain.

Features: Choose from 11 solid-color frames or those with different colors inside and out.

Prices: Depending on the size and type window, Pella 350 vinyl replacement windows cost $275 to more than $700 installed. An average-size double-hung Pella replacement window costs about $575 installed.

If you like the Pella brand but want to spend a little less, consider the Pella 250 Series or Encompass vinyl windows by Pella.


This nationally sold brand offers a decent range of vinyl window series at prices competitive with brands like Jeld-Wen and Window World. Simonton is a Ply Gem company. Series options are the Reflections, Asure and Impressions windows.

Best Series: We recommend the Simonton Reflections 5500 vinyl replacement windows. It performs well in all climates, but gets especially high marks where winters are cold and windy. Triple pane glass is available, but not necessary, to achieve good energy efficiency. In fact, Simonton vinyl windows earned the 2020 Energy Star Award for energy efficiency.


The Simonton 5500 windows are produced in double-hung, casement, slider, awning and bay/bow options. Mix in a garden window and a range of fixed windows to create a customized package for your home. Simonton Reflections 5500 patio doors are also produced.

Features: Simonton replacement windows in the Reflections 5500 Series have a textured interior surface to simulate wood. You can choose from interiors in cherry, oak or maple make you look twice to realize they are not genuine wood. Solid colors like chocolate, driftwood and tan are available too, and slightly more affordable.

Check out the Reflections 5500 Style Guide for details on window styles, accessories, hardware and more.

Prices: Installed window prices start below $300 and range to about $800. Garden, bay and bow windows cost quite a bit more, as you would expect. Average Simonton 5500 window price is $500 with installation.


Milgard isn’t the household name Pella and Andersen, but it earns its place on the best replacement window brands 2020 / 2021 list. While a few lines are available from the Home Depot and other building supply stores, the top lines are sold by Milgard dealers throughout the country.

There are six Milgard window series including an aluminum series and the Ultra fiberglass series that makes our list of the top fiberglass replacement windows.

Best Series: When it comes to vinyl, the top choice from Milgard is the Trinsic Series windows. They’re a little pricey, but very stylish, energy efficient and resistant to the elements. Well-made, high winds won’t push through the frames to raise your heating and air conditioning costs.

These extruded vinyl replacement windows are backed by a lifetime warranty on the frames.

Features: Milgard Trinsic windows are decidedly contemporary in design. The product page says, “Its sleek modern style satisfies your desire for a modern look and the maximum available viewable glass area helps you enjoy amazing vistas outside.”

Choose from nine exterior frame colors including what Milgard calls “seven premium colors like bronze and classic brown.” White and tan are offered too.

Your options are single-hung, sliding, casement, awning, picture/fixed and half-round or radius windows. The most unique window in the line is the double horizontal slider – two sliding sashes with a fixed window between them.

Prices: Installed window cost ranges from $440 to $1,075. An average Milgard Trinsic casement window costs about $800 installed. The double sliders cost a little more. Cost details for Trinsic and the other series are found in our Milgard Window Cost Guide.


Jeld-Wen has significantly altered its product lines and improved the quality of its windows – so much so that Jeld-Wen vinyl windows make many lists of the best replacement windows for 2020/2021. They are competitively priced too.

You have five vinyl window series options to fit any budget: V-2500 ($), Brickmould ($$), Flat Casing ($$), Premium V-4500 ($$$) and Premium Atlantic ($$$). Not all lines are available everywhere.

Best Series: The best value from Jeld-Wen is the V-2500 Series that takes the third spot on the CR list of top replacement windows. It certainly deserves the high ratings from homeowners and independent testing labs.

The V-2500 windows are marketed by Jeld-Wen as a “builders” window meaning that it is affordable – the kind of windows a builder might put in a “spec home” when trying to maximize profit. Don’t let that scare you. The high test scores speak for themselves.

Features: Your style options are single-hung, double-hung, sliding, bay, bow and a range of fixed shapes. Choose from five color combinations using three interior and five exterior color choices. Four grille styles are available plus two latch options in six finishes. This Jeld-Wen vinyl window series comes with a lifetime warranty.

Prices: The installed cost of most V-2500 Jeld-Wen windows is $175 to $700 with an average cost of about $385. Bay and bow windows cost more.

Top Vinyl Replacement Windows – Also Worth a Look

  • Window World 4000 Series
  • Ply Gem Pro Series

Best Wood Replacement Windows

Wood windows remain the choice of homeowners looking for classic good looks ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.

Here are the best home replacement windows made from wood. All have either vinyl or aluminum cladding on the exterior to protect the windows from moisture. As a result, most of them have good warranties.


Andersen wood windows have been the gold standard for decades, and they continue to impress with their beauty, quality and durability. Series produced are the E-Series, A-Series, 400 Series and 200 Series.

Best Series: Andersen 400 Series. This is Andersen’s best-selling window. Excellent reviews push these Andersen wood windows past premium lines like the Andersen A-Series and E-Series windows. The 400 Series standard and Woodwright Series are elegant and yet more affordable too. They are available from Andersen window dealers, though some styles of the 400 Series are sold at home improvement stores.

Features: Your style choices are double-hung, casement, awning, sliding (gliding), fixed, picture, bay and bow windows. Andersen 400 Series hinged and gliding patio doors are also manufactured to complete your package.

Interiors are bare pine, white, black and dark bronze. Vinyl clad exteriors come in seven colors. You have the option to mix and match some colors while a few are only available with the same color inside and out.

Complete your window design with a good selection of hardware styles and finishes, grille patterns, screens, trim choices, sash options plus smart home sensors. You can learn more in our Andersen Windows Prices & Installation Cost Guide.

Prices: Installed cost of the Andersen 400 Series windows starts at about $300 for a small, fixed windows. Bay and bow windows top $2,500. The average cost for double-hung and casement windows is about $800 installed.


Marvin windows has changed its lineup recently. The popular Marvin Ultimate windows are now called the Signature Ultimate Series. The Marvin Elevate wood windows have wood interiors and fiberglass exteriors. Finally, the Marvin Tilt Pac double-hung sash replacement system is also a wood product.

Best Series: The Marvin Signature Ultimate wood windows are among the best available from any manufacturer. They compare well with the Pella Architect and Andersen A-Series wood windows.

Features: Marvin produces these windows in casement, awning and double-hung. Wood species include unfinished pine or finished wood options like cherry, Douglas fir and several others. The exteriors are aluminum clad for outstanding weather protection.

Prices: Prices range from about $500 to $1,400 installed. Expect estimates of about $900 per window for the most popular styles.


Pella might be the overall best window replacement company because it offers top vinyl, wood and fiberglass replacement windows that are outstanding. Pella has revamped its wood window lines: Pella Architect Series ($$$) and Pella Reserve ($$$$) in Traditional and Contemporary designs.

Best Series: Pella Lifestyle Series, which was long called the Pella 450 Series, is elegant and stylish yet more affordable than the other premium wood series.

Features: The Pella Lifestyle Series is produced in double-hung, awning and casement styles plus patio doors for a coordinated look. You’ve got six interior wood options including natural, dark mahogany and red mahogany.

The aluminum-clad exteriors are available in six colors, mostly light in tone. Choose from a good range of hardware, finishes, grille patterns and more. Pella includes its Insynctive monitors/sensors as an option on this window.

Prices: The installed cost of casement, awning and double-hung Lifestyle windows start at about $400 but can top $1,000 pretty quickly. The average cost is around $800 for the window and installation.

Top Wood Replacement Windows – Also Worth a Look

  • Harvey Majesty
  • Andersen A-Series

Best Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass offers good strength in a wood-look window. They are strong enough to hold a lot of glass, meaning some styles can be larger than vinyl window options. Fiberglass is low-maintenance and some brands can be painted.


Milgard makes one line of fiberglass windows – Milgard Ultra Series fiberglass windows.

The Ultra Series fiberglass windows are very tough and durable, backed by a lifetime warranty. They offer good energy efficiency too.

Features: Milgard Ultra windows are offered in many styles – single-hung, horizontal, casement, awning, picture, bay and bow windows. Four window colors are manufactured, mostly in dark tones. Ultra Series French doors are available too.

Prices: The cost range is from $370 to $935 installed with an average cost of about $650 for popular sizes and styles.


Marvin Elevate windows have wood interiors and Marvin Ultrex fiberglass exteriors. The Essential windows are all Ultrex fiberglass.

Best Series: Marvin Essential windows are all fiberglass. Marvin claims they are about 8 times stronger than vinyl windows.

Features: These top fiberglass replacement windows are manufactured in casement, glider/sliding and double-hung. There are several shaped fixed windows too. Sliding patio doors are also produced.

Tones are mostly dark – bronze and ebony interiors – and a handful of exterior colors. You’ve got decent options for hardware and finish, grilles and screens.

Prices: Windows and installation prices range from about $295 to more than $800. Typical cost for installed windows is about $550.


The Impervia Series is Consumer Reports top-rated fiberglass window, and it is certainly worthy to be on our best replacement windows list.

Features: Pella Impervia Series windows are manufactured in double-hung, casement, awning and single-hung. Complete your look with Impervia patio doors.

Three colors – brown, white and tan – and a good range of accessory options are available.

Prices: Cost begins at about $350 installed and ranges to about $600. An average window cost is about $485 installed.

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