Best Double Hung Windows for Replacement & New Construction

best double hung house windows

What are the best double hung windows? Double hung windows are the single most popular window style. They offer excellent ventilation – heat is released through the upper sash while cool air from outside flows in through the lower sash.

The Best Double Hung Windows – Material Options

This guide to the best double hung windows names brands and specific window series lines like the Jeld Wen V-4500, one of the best vinyl double hung windows.

In addition to the best vinyl double hung windows, this guide covers options in wood, fiberglass and composite plus storm-rated double hung windows.

The best double hung windows aren’t always the most expensive option in any given material. That’s why we’ve included basic, better and best options in each section. For guides on other types of the best windows, check out our guides on the best windows.

Best Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Vinyl offers some of the best rated double hung windows available. They offer good value – they’re very durable and backed with Lifetime warranties, yet they are significantly less expensive than the best wood double hung windows.

Best Rated Vinyl Double Hung Windows by Brand & Series

  • Champion 365 (Basic)
  • Window World 4000 (Basic)
  • Pella 350 (Better)
  • Ply Gem 1500 Series (Better)
  • Jeld Wen V-4500 (Best)
  • Alside UltraMaxx (Best)
  • Milgard Tuscany (Best)

Vinyl Double Hung Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Champion 365 $435 Replacement
Window World 4000 $470 Replacement
Pella 350 $500 Both
Ply Gem 1500 $565 New
Jeld Wen V-4500 $680 Both
Alside UltraMaxx $750 Replacement
Milgard Tuscny $775 Both

Pros and Cons of Vinyl

Vinyl offers some of the best double hung windows for new construction and for replacement. You’ve got good options. The warranties on top rated vinyl double hung windows are excellent, and the windows will perform well for decades.

The only drawback to vinyl double hung windows is that your color options are limited compared with wood. Interior and exterior color choices range from 2 to about 10 depending on the specific window series. For example, the Jeld Wen V-4500 vinyl windows are produced in 3 interior and 5 exterior colors.

Best Wood Double Hung Windows

Vinyl, composite and fiberglass windows all try to mimic the look of wood – because wood is the most visually appealing choice.

Among the best double hung replacement windows and new construction windows made in wood, you’ll find pricing ranging from affordable pine to elegant and expensive mahogany and black walnut. For example, the Andersen A-Series premium wood windows are offered in 6 wood species.

Most of the best rated double hung windows in wood are clad on the exterior of the window with vinyl ($$-$$$) or aluminum ($$$-$$$$). This improves their performance against weather where you live in a particularly hot or cold climate, and these windows are generally backed with better warranties than those with stained wood exteriors.

Best Rated Wood Double Hung Windows by Brand & Series

  • Andersen 200 Series (Basic)
  • Pella Lifestyle (Basic)
  • Jeld Wen W-5500 (Better)
  • Harvey Majesty (Better)
  • Marvin Elevate (Better)
  • Pella Architect (Best)
  • Andersen E-Series (Best)

Wood Double Hung  Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Andersen 200 $795 New
Pella Lifestyle $770 Replacement
Jeld Wen V-5500 $835 Both
Harvey Majesty $975 Both
Marvin Elevate $900 New
Pella Architect $1,100 Both
Andersen E-Series $1,185 Both

Pros and Cons of Wood

The upside is obvious – the superior beauty of the interior frames. Plus, clad wood gives you more exterior color choices than either vinyl or fiberglass/composite.

The biggest drawback to genuine wood double-hung windows is the price, which can be double the cost of other materials.

Best Fiberglass / Composite Double Hung Windows

While fiberglass and composite double hung windows don’t have a large market share, it is growing year over year. Why? Because these materials look more like painted wood than most vinyl options – and fiberglass can be two to four times stronger.

Best Rated Fiberglass Double Hung Windows by Brand & Series

  • Andersen 100 Series (Basic)
  • Pella Impervia (Better)
  • Milgard Ultra (Better)
  • Marvin Infinity (Best)
  • Andersen A-Series (Best)

Fiberglass/Composite Double Hung Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Andersen 100 $535 New
Pella Impervia $550 Both
Milgard Ultra $610 Both
Marvin Infinity $715 Replacement
Andersen A-Series Both

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass and Composite

Fiberglass and composite windows closely mimic the look of painted wood, right down to the wood-grain texture most frames have. Both offer excellent strength and durability too, at a lower cost than wood – and with very good warranties.

These materials aren’t wood, of course, even though some composite is made with wood fiber. If you want the look of genuine wood windows stained in a gorgeous hue, then it is no surprise that real wood is your only choice.

Best Aluminum Double Hung Windows

None of the major window manufacturers make double hung aluminum windows. If you’re sold on aluminum windows, we suggest two options.

First, check out the Milgard line called Thermally Improved Aluminum A250 Windows. They’re offered in single-hung, sliding, casement, awning and picture window styles.

The second option is to contact a local window contractor to ask about regionally available Double Hung aluminum windows from Panorama, Newtec and other brands.

If you decide to contact a contractor who can source and install the windows, consider using the Free Quotes service offered on this page – You’ll receive written estimate at no cost or obligation from local, prescreened installers who are licensed and insured.

Best Double Hung Storm Resistant Windows

Do you live in a high velocity hurricane zone, an HVHZ? Then knowing your window glass won’t shatter dangerously if hit by wind-driven debris gives you peace of mind.

Best Rated Storm Resistant Double Hung Windows by Brand & Series

There are two good options for storm-resistant Double Hung windows:

Storm Resistant Double Hung Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Andersen w/ Stormwatch $525 – $1,200+ Both
Simonton StormBreaker Plus $600 Both

Andersen Stormwatch glass is available as on option on several series including 100, 400, A-Series and E-Series Andersen windows.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are a unique line of sturdy frames and shatterproof glass. In addition to Double Hung windows, this line offers horizontal roller/sliding, casement, awning and fixed/picture/shape windows.

Replacement vs New Construction Double Hung Windows

The information above lists which type window each series offers. Many offer both new and replacement options.

  • New Construction Windows – These are ideal for new homes and when the siding is being replaced too. The best double hung windows for new construction feature a nailing fin around the window perimeter that is used to firmly attach the frame to the sheathing and framing of the house.
  • Replacement Windows – The benefit of choosing the best double hung replacement windows is that they fit into the opening left when an old window is removed. In some cases, just the sashes of the old window are taken out. Part of the frame remains, and the replacement window is secured into the opening and fastened through the sides. This prevents the installers from having to disrupt the siding on the house – and these windows are installed from inside the home.

Choosing the Best Rated Double Hung Windows

Here are a few considerations when choosing the best double hung windows for your home.

Should You Choose New or Replacement?

Obviously it starts here. Window series might be for new construction, like most Andersen windows series, for replacement, or for either – meaning both styles are produced.

What Material is Right for You?

Is wood in the budget? Then it is the top choice. If you want a more affordable window, then vinyl and fiberglass offer excellent value in a range of styles.

What about Warranty?

Pay attention to the warranties of the windows you’re considering. How long are they? Are they prorated after two to ten years? Vinyl and fiberglass warranties are the best; wood warranties vary quite a lot, usually from 5-20 years with a few lifetime options, especially on the best double hung windows made in wood.

Complementary Windows

Many homes feature double-hung windows exclusively. However, if you have other types planned – sliding, casement, picture/fixed or other options, be sure to view the whole collection in the series. Not all series have a wide range of style options.

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