Best Casement Windows, New Construction and Replacement Rated & Compared

Best Casement Windows

The best casement windows are well made, produce  weather-tight seal, are attractive and give you years of smooth cranking performance when opening and closing.

This guide to the best rated casement windows includes who makes the best casement windows, and what series, such as the Andersen 400 Series or Marvin Signature Series, are among the best to consider. If you’re considering other window types, don’t forget to check out our guides on more of the best new and best replacement windows.

The Best Casement Windows – Material Options

We’ve divided the top rated casement windows by materials – Wood, vinyl, composite and fiberglass. Where feasible, the window lines are also listed by Basic (affordable), Better (mid-priced/average) and Best (premium quality and higher cost).

The Best Casement Windows – Vinyl

The best vinyl casement windows are among the very best sellers from all the major brands due the popularity of the material and window type. It’s a great combination whether you’re looking for window replacement or new construction vinyl windows.

vinyl casement window

Best Rated Vinyl Casement Windows by Brand & Series

  • Pella 350 Series (Basic)
  • Window World 4000 (Basic)
  • Alside Mezzo (Better)
  • Ply Gem 1500 Series (Better)
  • Simonton Reflections 5500 (Best)
  • Milgard Tuscany (Best)

Vinyl Casement Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Pella 350 Series $475 Both
Window World 4000 $495 Replacement
Alside Mezzo $440 Replacement
Ply Gem 1500 $580 New
Simonton Reflections 5500 $690 Replacement
Milgard Tuscany $800 Both

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl windows are the best value in the window industry. By this, we mean they deliver an excellent combination of reasonable cost and high quality and durability.

Most vinyl windows – and all those on our list – are backed with a Lifetime warranty against window failure such as the frame cracking or coming apart.

Vinyl is tough, stable and needs almost no maintenance beyond washing the frames as needed.

While your color options are still limited in most of the best casement window lines made from vinyl, that is slowly changing. For example, the Ply Gem 1500 casement windows are offered in 3 interior and 6 exterior colors. Simonton Reflections are made in 7 exterior colors plus simulated woodgrain interiors like oak, cherry and maple. The best casement windows in vinyl give you options not available a decade ago.

The Best Casement Windows – Wood

If natural beauty is at the top of your list of window priorities, then wood is your material. Even basic pine can be lovely when stained in your favorite tone.

Beyond pine, the best casement windows made from wood offer species like oak, mahogany, black walnut and cherry.

Most of the best rated casement windows in wood are clad on the outside with vinyl or aluminum for better protection against the elements. Cladding color options range from about a dozen to more than 40 depending on the window series.

wood casement windows

Best Rated Wood Casement Windows by Brand & Series

  • Andersen 400 Series (Basic)
  • Pella Lifestyle Series (Basic)
  • Jeld Wen W-5500 (Better)
  • Simonton Madeira (Better)
  • Marvin Signature Ultimate (Best)
  • Andersen E-Series (Best)
  • Pella Reserve (Best)

Wood Casement Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Andersen 400 Series $650 Replacement
Pella Lifestyle Series $770 Replacement
Jeld Wen W-5500 $850 Both
Simonton Madeira $975 Replacement
Marvin Signature Ultimate $1,050 Both
Andersen E-Series $1,200 Replacement
Pella Reserve $1,000 Both

Why Wood?

Classic beauty is the top reason to choose wood. Plus wood offers you the most opportunities to customize the look of your windows.

As you go from Basic to Better to Best, your options increase in terms of wood species, glass/glazing, stain colors for the interior and aluminum or vinyl cladding colors for the exterior.

In addition, more accessory options for frame design, grilles, screens, hardware and between-glass blinds and shades are available.

You and your neighbor could both choose Andersen E-Series windows, for example, and based on your choices, end up with very different looks for your home. Why? For starters, the E-Series comes in both traditional crank-out casement windows and push-out casements in 10 wood species with your choice of 50+ exterior cladding colors.

The Best Casement Windows – Fiberglass / Composite

Fiberglass is gaining popularity for a few reasons. It is affordable, very tough and can be given a wood-like texturing more effectively than vinyl. The result is the look and feel of painted wood in a tough, dependable casement window.

Who makes the best casement windows in fiberglass or fiberglass composite?

fiberglass casement windows

Best Rated Fiberglass Casement Windows by Brand & Series

  • Pella Impervia (Better)
  • Milgard Ultra (Better)
  • Marvin Infinity (Best)
  • Andersen A-Series (Best)

Fiberglass Casement Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Pella Impervia $550 Both
Milgard Ultra $625 Both
Marvin Infinity $835 Replacement
Andesen A-Series $900 Both

Andersen A-Series windows are unique. Their interior is wood; the exterior is proprietary Andersen fiberglass composite material.

Why Fiberglass?

The painted wood look is probably the main reasons homeowners choose fiberglass and composite windows. It’s something not available in vinyl. Plus, fiberglass is lighter than vinyl but stronger too.

The top rated casement windows in fiberglass are backed with a Lifetime warranty.

The Best Casement Windows – Aluminum

It is difficult to find aluminum casement windows. While there are a few on the market, the only ones that meet the criteria to be top rated casement windows are:

  • Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum | A250

Aluminum Casement Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Milgard Thermally Improved A250 $550 Both

A polyurethane channel in these windows gives them better insulation value, stopping the transfer of heat through the frame. Even then, we don’t recommend aluminum windows for regions with either extreme hot or cold. An Energy Star rated vinyl window is a better option in extreme temperatures.

The Best Casement Windows – Storm Resistant

If you live in a hurricane zone (HVHZ), then you know the value of stormproof windows with impact-resistant glass. We have also compared the best hurricane impact windows, in addition to those discussed below.

Best Rated Storm Resistant Casement Windows by Brand & Series

Storm Resistant Casement Windows

Storm Resistant Casement Window Costs by Brand & Series

Brand & Series Average Cost New/Replacement
Simonton StormBreaker Plus $600 Both
Andersen w/ Stormwatch Protection $545 – $1,000 Both

The Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are distinct window line. The Andersen Stormwatch windows are a range of Andersen lines that can be built with impact-resistant glass.

The Stormwatch package is offered on Andersen A-Series, E-Series, 400 and 100 windows.

Replacement vs New Construction Casement Windows

Windows are manufactured in one of two ways.

  • New construction windows have a nailing flange around the perimeter which is used to fasten the window frame to the home’s exterior sheathing. They’re installed when the home is built or when the siding has been removed during remodeling.
  • Replacement windows are designed to fit into the opening left when an old window is removed. They are fastened through the side of the frame into the opening.

What to Look For in Best Rated Casement Windows

Here are features to consider when shopping for the best casement windows for your home.


The warranty a manufacturer backs its windows with tells you what it thinks of their quality and durability.

Design Options

As noted, the more you’re willing to pay for casement windows, the better your range of options will be. This is most true with the best wood casement windows, but is increasingly the case with vinyl casement windows.

Complementary Styles

Most homeowners that choose casement windows also select other window styles for their homes. Fixed windows complement casement windows very nicely. They’re often installed above or below, depending on the home’s design. Awning windows beneath casement windows is another popular choice. These are just a few of many window design options that look great with casement windows!

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