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Average Price Of Replacement Window Installation

Average price of window installation

Replacing windows within your home can turn out to be a costly exercise and trusting a window contractor to give you the right information and a fair quote is not always the best thing to do. You nee to understand what costs are involved with replacement windows for yourself, get your knowledge up to date.

In this Window Price Guide, we want to provide you with the information and guidance you need to understand what things are considered when you’re working out the average window installation prices for your home.

Be aware that this page is for average guidance only, the following prices are estimates based upon industry averages as taken from the main window installers from across the main U.S states. The best way to get a 100% accurate window installation price is to get a quote from a local contractor.

Average Installation Prices By Type Of Window

The following table gives an overview of the industry average installation costs for windows by window type, this excludes the cost of the window unit itself. If you’re looking for a detailed breakdown of window prices by type including installation, then check out our window prices section.

Table 1: Average Price Of Window Installation By Window Type

Window Type Window Installation Prices
Single Hung Windows $72 – $140
Casement Windows $80 – $250
Double Hung Windows $115 – $200
Bay Windows $610 – $960
Awning Windows $100 – $202
Bow Windows $620 – $980
Fixed Frame Windows $110 – $185
Sliding/Gliding Windows & Doors $75 – $310

If you’re looking for full window prices specific to a particular window brand (including & excluding installation), please check out our window brands page, choose from the brands we currently have available and check out the prices listed on that page. If you’re looking for full window prices (including & excluding installation) for a particular type of window, please see our window types page.

What Effects The Window Installation Price?

The price of window installation will vary depending on who you go to for a quote, however when you’re looking at window installation, regardless of the contractor there will always be a standard set of variables to take into account when pricing up. In general though, you should work out the window installation cost based upon 30% of the total cost of your window units. Example: If a window costs $200 to buy then in general you should expect around $60 extra to have it fitted, bringing the total cost for that window to $260.

A breakdown of how the window installation cost is effected have been detailed below.

The Size Of The Windows & Their Location

This really goes without saying, but the larger the window to be fitted then the longer it’s going to take to fit it and the more expensive it’s likely to be as a result. In addition to that, larger windows usually mean the openings are bigger in size and so more care and support will be needed when removing the old window to prevent structural damage to your home.

It’s also worth noting that the locations of windows can also affect the price. Obviously, top floor windows are harder to fit due to the need for scaffolding, the same can be said for hard to reach locations as well.

The Number Of Windows

The more windows you need fitting then the more expensive your overall installation cost will be, however this may also reduce the installation cost per window if you’re buying in bulk from the one contractor. Be sure to ask your contractor if you can have a discount on larger purchases.

The Type Of Windows

Some windows are more complex to install than others, for example bay windows will take a lot longer to install than a single casement window, equally a bow window will usually take longer to install than a bay window. For this reason you will find that the price of bay window installation or the price of bow window installation will be higher than most other types of window.

Window Disposal

The removal of your old windows and disposal of the units is usually factored into the installation price. The cost of disposal will be affected by the company your installer is using to dispose of the old windows, find out from them and see if you know anywhere cheaper.

Have We Missed Anything?

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