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12 Essential Questions You Need to Ask When Selecting a Window Contractor

Hiring any third party contractor an letting them into your home can be a minefield, that’s why we recommend you do two things; firstly get a free quote from our approved list of contractors, secondly make sure you ask all of the following questions before hiring them.

The remainder of this Window guide article aims to provide you with the information you’ll require when it comes to understanding how to hire a window contractor.

Questions to Ask About the Company

Do You Have A License?

Most states require that the window contractor be licensed, check with your local authority what the licensing requirements are before you hire any contractor, then check if the contractor has the relevant documentation to back it up.

Can You Provide References?

Don’t just accept standard customer references, find out from local people if they’ve used this contractor before, also have a look at any jobs they’ve completed in the past.

Can You Provide Online References?

Find out if the contractor has any relevant online reviews. These are some of the strongest you’ll find, looking at places like Google Places reviews and Yelp provides you with a set of honest and unbiased reviews which will give you a good idea of the quality of the contractor you’re looking to hire.

Questions to Ask About the Project and the Product

Will You Carry Out A Structural Assessment Prior To Replacing Any Windows?

This is something people often don’t think about, however when replacing large load baring bay windows, correct structural support is required throughout the entire job. Failure to provide structural support can lead to long term serious damage to your home.

Will You Dispose Of The Old Windows?

Double check that the price quote you’re getting includes disposal of the old window products, the cost of disposing of windows can add $100′s of dollars onto your product budget if you do it yourself.

Is All Finishing Included?

By finishing we mean replacing any damaged plaster around the window and the addition of optional extras around the window. Check what’s included.

How Long Is The Product Warranty?

Find out how long the windows are covered under the manufacturers warranty, depending on who you buy with the warranty may be shorter than you think. Most window products offer a 10 year warranty up to a lifetime guarantee.

How Long Is The Labour Warranty?

Surely that’s the same as the product warranty, right? Wrong! The product may be covered by the manufacturer, e.g. Andersen Windows, however the labour of the third party contractor will be covered by their own company. Ask them how long they guarantee their work for, if you need to call them back for any reason you want to make sure you’re not going to have to pay for it.

Which Company Do You Supply Windows From?

Do your own research on the window company you’re going to be having your windows from, our window reviews section is useful to see what other people’s experiences were. Your contractor will get their windows from a company such as Andersen or Certainteed, make sure you’re happy with their products and their warranties before you allow the contractor to go ahead and purchase from them.

Are The Windows Certified Under The Energy Star Scheme?

Energy efficiency is massive all over the world today, not only are energy efficient window products environmentally friendly but they also save you money. So ask if your product is covered by the Energy Star rating.

What’s The Absolute Best Price You Can Do?

If you’re set on buying replacement windows and not just shopping around for a best price then tell them that, tell them you’re ready to buy providing they can give you the best price possible. You’ll often find that many contractors just get called out to do price quotes and will add a little onto their quote to allow for movement during negotiations. Tell them you’re ready to buy today, so what’s the best and lowest price they can offer.

Anything We’ve Missed?

The above list isn’t exhaustive, these are just the questions we’d ask when hiring a window contractor, do you have any questions you’d add to our list? If so then please feel free to add them into the comment box below.

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