Compare Door Prices & Costs for New and Replacement Doors

Replacing your exterior doors offers tremendous return on investment, makes your home more inviting and boosts curb appeal.

This page is all about residential door prices. We’ve priced doors by Type, Brand, Material and Typical Projects with Reader Submitted Door Prices that can help you gauge costs for projects like yours.

Our goal is to help you find competitive door prices on beautiful, high-performance doors, just as we’ve done with window prices.

The main exterior door types are front doors – single, double and with side lites, sliding patio doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and sliding pocket doors. Inexpensive steel doors such as used for garage entry are not included. Also, not all brands make all types of exterior doors.

These doors are produced in a range of materials with accessory options that allow you to tailor the look to the design and architecture of your home.

The most significant cost factors in residential exterior door prices are the manufacturer, the materials and quality of the doors, their size, style and complexity. Installation factors affect door cost too.

How Much Do Replacement Doors Cost?

They’re not cheap.

If you think of exterior doors, especially wood doors, as comparable to fine furniture, it will help alleviate sticker shock. Starting price is about $200 for a basic DIY fiberglass front door found at Home Depot. Door prices between $1,500 and $3,500 are more common. When premium door systems and installation is factored in, cost can exceed $10,000 per door.

Our tables are based on research, retail prices of doors and door prices submitted by users. Our tables typically include two columns:

Supply column is just the door and its accessories – hardware and blinds or light-dividing grilles, if included.

Installed column includes the cost of the door and labor to remove the old door, if needed, and install the new door.

What Are Our Door Prices Based On?

We use standard features to determine door prices. For example, glass or glazing is double pane, low-E glass, not more expensive triple-pane and Energy Star certified options.

Deck and patio doors, such as sliding and patio doors, are based on standard available sizes and two panels. Multi-Slide patio doors can have as many as 10 panels, but most have 4-6 panels. The point is that if you select something out of the norm, door costs might exceed what are found below.

Cost of New Doors Sorted by Door Type

Cost of New Doors
Door Types Supply Only Installed Average (1)
Sliding Patio Doors $800 – $4,950 $1,000 – $6,000 $3,200
French/Hinged Patio Doors $1,100 – $5,400 $1,450 – $6,250 $3,650
Bi-fold Patio Doors $1,250 – $6,000 $1,600 – $6,500 $4,175
Multi-panel Sliding Doors $1,500 – $6,000+ (2) $1,950 – $7,000+ $4,850
Single Entry $180 – $2,400 $330 – $2,800 $1,675
Single Entry w/ Side Lites $265 – $3,100 $500 – $3,700 $2,100
Double Entry $425 – $5,500+ $750 – $6,500+ $3,500
Double Entry w/ Side Lites $635 – $6,400+ $1,100 – $7,500+ $4,200
(1) Average Installed Price

(2) Some door types are made in custom, high-end styles at very high cost.
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Cost of New Doors with Prices Sorted by Brand

As with every component of a home, residential doors are made in basic, better and best grades.

What we have found is that a few brands like Jeld-Wen cover all three categories. Others, like Pella and Andersen, produce doors in the better and best grades – and door prices reflect that. Alside and several other brands specialize in affordable vinyl front and patio doors.

So, quality is a large price of door cost differences. Some high-end doors can be customized with a wider range of glass, hardware and additional options. Depending on the initial cost of the door, installation cost is 15% to 40% of the total cost.

We consistently fine-tune our door price tables to match current costs. We do this through product research online and by phone. Submitted costs from readers are a gold-mine of information too. When you’ve had your doors installed, consider returning to the Window Price Guide to share your door prices for the benefit of other readers.

Cost of New Doors by Brand
Brand Supply Installed
Alside Doors $675 – $1,650 $900 – $2,100
Andersen Doors $985 – $5,150 $1,250 – $5,990
Harvey Doors $485 – $1,785 $650 – $2,225
Jeld-Wen Doors $775 – $4,600 $1,000 – $5,375
Marvin Doors $800 – $4,850 $1,050 – $5,525
MI/CertainTeed Doors $515 – $1,850 $700 – $2,300
Milgard Doors $650 – $5,750 $925 – $6,650
Pella Doors $850 – $5,250 $1,100 – $5,900
Ply Gem Doors $695 – $5,000 $825 – $5,750
Revere Doors $550 – $2,450 $745 – $3,000
Simonton Doors $585 – $2,300 $760 – $2,925
Silverline Doors $550 – $1,150 $725 – $1,500
Window World Doors $480 – $1,765 $650 – $2,200
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An Overview of Door Prices by Materials

The material used makes a large difference in cost. There are more options than most homeowners realize. This last table lists door prices by material.

Door Prices by Material
Door Material Supply Installed
Aluminum $450 – $3,650 $625 – $4,500
Vinyl $475 – $2,400 $640 – $2,995
Wood $780 – $6,000+ $950 – $7,000+
Fiberglass $335 – $2,800 $515 – $3,485
Composite $380 – $3,150 $550 – $3,725

Some costs are lower than any listed on the Door Prices by Brand. These are typically low-end, builders grade doors, a cheap fix if you’re readying a home to sell or are on a very tight budget.

Comparison of Door Prices Per Project

As you can see, costs vary significantly by material and door type.

To clarify door prices, here are three “complete door replacement projects” in:

Economy (vinyl, low-cost aluminum and composite)

Mid-Range (premium vinyl, fiberglass, composite, entry-level wood)

High-End (premium aluminum and most wood doors)

These are installed prices. 

Door Prices by Project
Door Grade Economy Mid-Range High-End
Project Size Average Price
One or Two Doors $2,800 $5,400 $9,300
Three or Four Doors $5,100 $9,500 $14,200
Four Plus Doors $8,400+ $15,700+ $22,000+
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User Submitted New & Replacement Door Prices

The prices above are taken from retail price lists and reliable industry sources.

However, there’s nothing like actual project door costs submitted by readers of the Window Price Guide. They are accurate. These door prices help other readers and allow us to tweak our door cost lists to be up-to-date.

So thank you to all that have used our quick form to share prices for the benefit of other readers!

If you’d like to share your door prices, we’d appreciate that too. Your personal information is never sold or shared or displayed on our site. Only the project details and prices you provide are shown. This easy form allows you to do that.

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