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Home Replacement Window PricesWhen it comes to making repairs on your home every homeowner is looking to save as much money as possible by completing works themselves and by obtaining the best price possible when it comes to purchasing materials. The process of replacing your home windows is no different.

Overall, window prices and their associated costs are often higher than you’d first expect, particularly when you’re looking at replacing all of the windows within your home and not just a single unit. This is particular true during complete home renovations and such.

Window prices are controlled and influenced by multiple factors, two main ones being the manufacturer you buy the window from and the second being the type of window you buy, e.g. casement, bay, bow, fixed frame etc. So, if you’re to stay within your own budget you need make sure you get the absolute best price possible, that’s where this window price guide comes in handy.

Our windows price guide aims to provide you with an overview of the average prices for the main types of replacement window and the cost of windows supplied by the various main stream window brands. All of our main prices have been divided down into “supply only” and “fully installed” so that you have a clear picture of how much window installation is likely to cost you for the main types of windows and for each major manufacturer.

At the bottom of this page you will also find a list of user submitted prices which have been kindly provided by consumers who have recently had some or all of their windows replaced.

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Last Updated: March 1st 2015

Prices Sorted By Window Type


The following price tables have been compiled from the information we have received from window suppliers and from our visitor submissions. We have included prices for supply only windows which essentially excludes the cost of old window removal, the installation of new windows and the cost of any additional extras such as expanding foam, filler or tools.

We have also gone ahead and included prices for supply and installation, this includes the supply of the window unit, the removal of the existing unit and the installation of the new window unit into the existing aperture.

What Our Average Prices Are Based Upon

In order for us to provide you with the average cost of the window replacement within your home we’ve had to set a baseline for the types of window units you’re likely to have. This includes the size of the window, the number of units, the glazing type and the material of the window unit. In this instance, each of the prices listed below is based upon a single window unit, made from vinyl material with standard double glazing, prices do not include triple glazing or the addition of further energy efficiency options such as window tinting or gas fills.

In the case of bay and bow windows, we have provided our prices based upon a complete bay or bow window unit of an average size, consisting of 5 sections.

Window Types Supply Only Supplied & Installed
Basement Windows $200 – $2,000 $270 – $3,000
Garden Windows $750 – $2,400 $1310 – $3,240
Single-Hung Windows $98 – $220 $170 – $360
Storm Windows $198 – $320 $270 – $460
Casement Windows $195 – $550 $275 – $750
Double-Hung Windows $195 – $620 $310 – $820
Bay Windows $900 – $2,550 $1510 – $3,510
Awning Windows $325 – $555 $425 – $757
Bow Windows $900 – $2,550 $1520 – $3,530
Fixed-Frame Windows $210 – $670 $320 – $855
Sliding & Gliding Windows $245 – $990 $320 – $1,300
Average Window Cost: $1236 $1648

Prices Sorted By Brand Or Manufacturer

The manfufacturer or brand who you choose to purchase your replacement windows from WILL have an effect on the cost of your windows, certain brands are well known for being more costly than others due to many reasons such as the overall quality of the product or additional options they offer.

The windows price list below provides you with information for all the major window brands. The average prices provided give you an overview of the average cost from ALL main window ranges on sale from that particular brand. Installed prices are based upon the industry average of a 30% markup, since not all window manufacturers provide an complete installation service.

We are constantly developing a more in depth price list of each range from all of the major brands listed below, these are obtained from user submissions to our website and around the web. So be sure to bookmark the page and come back again if you don’t see what you’re looking for today.

Window Brand Or Manufacturer (Click Link For Detailed Pricing Supply Only  Supplied & Installed
Alenco Windows $170 – $2,900 $226 – $3866
Alside Window Systems  $87 – $4,500 $116 – $6,000
Andersen Windows $99 – $3,900 $139 – $5,200
Jeld-Wen Windows $142 – $880 $189 – $1,173
Marvin Windows $253 – $730 $337 – $973
Milgard Windows $189 – $989 $252 – $1,131
Pella Windows  $49 – $3,000 $65 – $4,000
Revere Windows  $146 – $1,100  $194 – $1,466
Simonton Windows $300 – $900 $400 – $1,200
CertainTeed Windows $350 – $1,450  $466 – $1,930

Comparison Of Window Prices Per Project

When you’re purchasing new or replacement windows for your entire home, having the average prices of the single window units is often not enough to give you a good idea of how much your project is likely to cost you. That’s why we’ve formulated a “complete project” price list to give you an overview of the average project cost for new construction and replacement windows.

Comparison Of New Window Prices Based On Budget Type & Project Size

The table below provides an overview of the total price of new construction windows for a small, medium and large home window replacement project. For ease, we have also further divided these prices down into the three main categories of window which include “Economy”, “Mid-Range” and “High-End”. It’s important to note that “Economy” windows are the very basic as supplied, they often have no additional energy saving features, trims or extras. “High-End” windows often include extras such as window glass tinting, triple glazing, gas fills and aesthetic trims. Most commonly, the consumer will opt for “Mid-Range” windows for their replacement project.

 New Construction Windows Economy  Mid-Range High-End
Project Size Average Price
Small Project (5 Windows) $2,250 $3,750 $6,000
Average Project (10 Windows) $3,000 $7,500 $12,000
Large Project (15 Windows) $4,500 $11,250 $18,000

Comparison Of Replacement Window Prices Based On Budget Type & Project Size

The following table provides you with an overview of the average price of replacement windows for a small, medium and large home window replacement project. These prices have been further divided down into the three most common window price ranges, which include  “Economy”, “Mid-Range” and “High-End”.

Replacement / Insert Windows Economy  Mid-Range High-End
Project Size Average Price
Small Project (5 Windows) $1,500 $2,500 $4,000
Average Project (10 Windows) $3,000 $5,000 $8,000
Large Project (15 Windows) $4,500 $7,500 $12,000

User Submitted New & Replacement Window Prices

The information and prices provided on this page are taken from up to date industry resources and price lists, however it’s still helpful for us to receive information and prices from consumers who’ve had window projects completed themselves. If you’ve recently had a window replacement project completed either for new construction or replacement windows, no matter how small or big, we’d like to hear from you through our short project submission form. Your personal information is never shared or displayed here, we simply display the details of your project in order to help other users with their own window projects.

Date Location Brand Installation Included? Cost
11/10/2012  Phoenix, AZ Andersen Replacement Yes $1,104
Details: We had to renew 3 double-hung sash windows within our home, we chose the Andersen 200 Series Double Hung windows due to their mid-range price and seemingly good quality.
09/09/2012 Des Moines, IA  CertainTeed MIWD Replacement  Yes  $2,350
Details: A single bay window at the front of our house, including installation. The window was from the BrynMawr III range.
01/08/2013  Chicago, IL Andersen Replacement Yes $250
Details: Had a large single mid-range casement window installed, paid $250, looks good.
12/08/2013 Des Moines, IA  Pella Glass Repair  N/A  $125
Details: Single window, needed broken glass removing and replacing with new for that particular Pella picture window.
12/10/2013 Hudson, OH  Simonton Replacements  Yes  $16,000
Details: 15 windows, replaced windows with Simonton.
12/11/2013 Gilroy, CA Simonton Replacement Daylight Max  Yes  $5,390
Details: 8 windows (2 double hung obscure glass, 6 single sliders) and 1 sliding patio door. These come standard color of either white or tan vinyl. Chose tan and am so pleased with it. Doesn’t stand out from street and scream of remodel. Blends in with exterior color scheme. An installer is as important as your window choice. You want a perfectionist. We used Kevin at Efficiency Window Replacement in Soquel, Ca. We couldn’t be happier with our installation. Upon completion, there was no evidence he was here. He is that good.
03/01/2015 Charlotte,NC Andersen Replacement  Yes  $7,700
Details: 5 double hung windows from Renewal by Andersen, this included installation using a local window contractor.

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